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And then there were nine

Results night again on American Idol.  Before we get to revealing who was in the bottom three, and who got the boot, a few thoughts:

 – These peppy group performances at the beginning of results night?  They just don’t work for me.  I know it’s got to be tough to choose a song that all 10 or 11 or 12 singers can participate in, and I know they do a fairly good job with them, but they just come across very “High School Musical” to me, and I mean actual high school musicals, not the movie.

– Is anyone out there actually downloading any of the Idol songs?  I’m thinking there’s a few I might just have to get, and I’m just curious who else is doing it, and if so, who are you downloading?

– I for one, am extremely glad that Carly Smithson was safe.  I think she got a really bum rap from the judges last night.  It’s not so much that I had and or have a problem with negative feedback from the judges, it’s just that I felt they were almost personall attacking her instead of her performance.  I explained it better earlier today when talking to my coworker.

– The Ford commercial tonight was probably one of my favorites so far.  It was cute, and I enjoyed the moving pictures on the t-shirts, the posters, the jackets, cute.

– I’m still not a fan of the “call in” section of the show.  It’s weird, its awkward, and it’s a true time waster we could do without.

 – Did Paula Abdul raid her 80’s closet this week for her outfits or what?

– Okay, I’m going to just say this, because she sounded great, and I’m happy that she’s happy about all the weight she’s dropped…but Kimberly Locke…from one busty girl to another…that dress?  Sometimes, you have to give in to your bustiness and choose NOT to wear certain things.  There’s cleavage, and then there’s Cleveland, sometimes the girls want to come and play and you just have to say “no, not tonight ladies”.  I’m speaking from personal experience here, so don’t take it too hard.

So, for the bottom three, Chikezie (which I expected would happen), Syesha Mercado (I can’t say I’m shocked, as America hasn’t shown her much love all along, but I don’t agree with the votes.  I think she has one of the best voices on this show, and had a fantastic performance last night) and Jason Castro (sadly, I’m not surprised, I love this kid, but was expecting this turn of events).  Once again, Kristi Lee Cook has managed to escape elimination.  Granted, she really had a good night last night, but I still don’t think she’s as good as some of the other contestants, including Syesha Mercado.

Jason Castro was put out of his misery soon enough and told he was safe.  Hopefully this will light a fire under him to step it up a bit. 

And I called it last night folks…It’s all over for Chikezie.

That’s it, good night.  Don’t forget to come back on Friday, I’ve got the scoop for you about what shows are coming back when, now that the writer’s strike is over.


When you were born


Let’s get to it…the theme tonight was “The Year they were born”.

 Ramiele Malubay, born in 1987, kicked things off with “Hearts Alone”.  A powerful performance, showing the strong vocals we know she has, but I still felt it fell a bit short.  The judges kept talking about how sick she is, and how she has no voice to even speak, so maybe that was why it wasn’t as good as I was hoping.  It wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great…it was okay.

 Next up, also born in 1987, was Jason Castro singing Sting’s “Fragile”.  I really like this kid.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think he has a purity to his voice, and his overall personality, that just appeals to me.  I know that this song tonight is something I would download (and just might) and listen to regularly.  I thought he did a great job with it, I loved it.  Paula actually said “Those are the songs that are your niche”, and I think that’s true, and that’s what I like about him…maybe they are right, maybe it’s not enough for “America” to fall in love with him, but I like it, and I hope he sticks around because I want to hear more.

Syesha Mercado, also born in 1987 is next up (is anyone else feeling really old?).  She’s singing “If I were your woman”.  I’m still not entirely sure why it is that I’ve heard so many people say they’re not big fans of this girl, because I think she’s incredible, and tonight’s performance was spectacular.  That’s it, that’s all I have to say.  Flawless.

 We go to commercial and I take a second to ask you…what in the world is Paula Abdul doing wearing rubber fingerless gloves on national television?  And what’s with her dress?  Doesn’t one of the sleeves look like it was torn off?  Oh, the wonders of celebrity wardrobes.

Back to the singing and it’s Chikezie’s turn.  Born in 1985 he’s singing “If Only for One Night”.  I really wish this kid would lose the “grandpa” look, and loosen up a bit with his wardrobe (I know, I know, let it go already Karina), but I thought he actuall sounded really good tonight.  This was professional crooner style singing.  I was very impressed.  However, I’m pretty sure that exchange with Simon at the end will send him right home.

Next up is Brooke White, born in 1983 and singing “Every Breath You Take”.  After a bit of a false start, she had a great performance.  Nothing “unique” about it, this song has been done a million times so it’s kind of hard to do anything different with it, but I thought she sounded great and delivered.

Up next is Michael Johns, born in 1978 (thank God he’s legal, and in fact, not that much younger than me…so it’s okay for me to crush on him).  He’s doing a bit of a medley with “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”.  This definitely is his niche, and it was fun to listen to and to watch (but then, he’s always fun to watch, isn’t he?)  I really enjoyed it.  The girls in the audience had a bit of a Beatle-esque frenzy attack, and the judges loved it as well.  Nothing negative to say.

Carly Smithson, born in 1983, and singing one of my all time favorite songs “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.   This girl in no way deserved to be in the bottom three last week, and this week, she blew me away.  I have no idea what the hell Randy and Simon were talking about.  Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if the judges have a bit of a hidden agenda before they even hear the performances.  Or if we’re watching the same performances.  I thought she was fantastic tonight.

Next up, the youngest of the group, born in 1990 (wow, 1990), David Archuletta,  singing “You’re the Voice”.  You all know I love this kid, but this was not my favorite performance by him.  It’s not that it wasn’t good, because it was, but it just wasn’t great.  I think for me it was definitely song choice, I didn’t love it.  But it’s okay, little David is loveable, he’ll be okay.

 Side note…if you have been following the media coverage of this show at all, then you’ve heard all about how David A’s father is big time “Stage Dad” making little David cry and all that other stuff.  I thought Simon’s last comment to him was interesting.  “I’d be surprised if you chose that song yourself”, a dig at the father perhaps?  Hmmm….

Next up is Kristi Lee Cook (is this girl still here?), born in 1984 and singing “God Bless the USA”.  I think this was a perfect song choice for her, and in my opinion her best performance so far.  It wasn’t perfect, and it was certainly pitchy, and I still don’t think she’s up to par with the rest of the contestants, but good performance.  This may have saved her this week.

Last up, David Cook, born in 1982, (yes folks, he’s legal too).  He’s singing “Billy Jean”, and doing it his way.  Well, he’s done it.  I’ve been warming up to him little by little as the weeks go by, and tonight he did it, he won me over.  I’m a David Cook fan, through and through now.  Stellar performance.  He’s a rockstar!

So, bottom three tomorrow night?  OOH Lordy, this is a tough one this week.  With the surprise of Carly being in the bottom three last week, it’s hard to think anyone is safe.  I think Chikezie will definitely be in the bottom three.  I also think that although she may not go home, Kristi Lee Cook will also be in the bottom three.  The third person to bethere with them?  Unfortunately I think it could actually be Jason Castro, though I think the little girl vote will keep him safe, or  Ramiele Malubay and even possibly Carly because well…you just never know now do you?  Were it up to me, I’d still send Kristi Lee Cook home, but I think it could very well be the end of the road for Chikezie.

We’ll see, come back tomorrow for the results, and if you’re wondering when your favorite television shows are coming back, now that the writer’s have been back to work for a few weeks, come back on Friday, I’ll have all that dirt for you. 

Call the Exterminator


It is results night, and tonight is also the end of Beatlemania on American Idol.  Who will go home tonight?  And what will they use for filler tonight?  Let’s get to it.

 Time to reveal who the mentors will be this season: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond.  Interesting mix.

 And again they are offering up the competition to write the finale song, the one the winner gets to sing after they are announced as the winner.

A somewhat awkward group performance (it was weird right?), and a few commercials, and it’s time for a recap of last night’s show before they get down to business.

Brooke White is first up, and she gets a free pass over to the cushy couch.  She’s safe.

First HUGE shocker of the night…of the season, I’d say.  Carly Smithson, bottom three!  Whoa!  Seriously?  Come on folks, what are you thinking???

Next up is David Archuletta, safe as well, he’s in the top 10.

Michael Johns, very nervous, but safe.

Time for some more filler, a behind te scenes look at the making of the Ford commercial.  It was actually really cute.

Back to the results and David Cook, who may be getting a bit cocky, but is safe.

Kristi Lee Cook, also in the bottom three.  Personally she’s my choice to go home (only because I don’t think America will send Amanda Overmeyer home yet), so I’m okay with this.

Jason Castro, safe.

Ramiele Malubay, very nervous, looking quite scared and meek, but she’s made it through to the top 10.

Some more commercials and now we’re taking those damned phoned-in questions.  A dig at Simon’s wardrobe, some stupid question about the Paula/Simon Kiss Scene (and Simon admitting Paula is a good kisser), and a bunch more random and useless questions, and can we get on to the results yet?  No, not yet.

It’s time for Kellie Pickler and a totally innapropriate boob job joke from Ryan, as well as her performance of Red High Heels.

 After that performance we get to see what happened to some of the money donated trhough Idol Gives Back last season, and I have to tell you, this is where I stop calling it filler.  I donated last year, hoping I coud make a small difference, so I’m interested in seeing where the money went.  Well, imagine my surprise and my pleasure at discovering that some of the money went to my very birthplace, Angola.  A war and poverty ravaged land that I may never get to know, that I left behind as a baby.  The land where my parents both came of age, met, were married, and speak of fondly with memories of a paradise, sadly replaced by a warzone they had to flee.  I was touched, and am not ashamed to tell you that I had tears in my eyes.  Yes, I will donate again this year.

Okay, back to the results and Syesha Mercado, who is safe.

And then there were two, Amanda Overmeyer and Chikezie.  Chikezie is safe, Amanda is in the bottom three.

So, two out of my three choices for the bottom three, and Carly Smithson, who so does not deserve to be there.  Who will be sent to safety next?

Well, American didn’t get it completely wrong, and Carly is sent to the couch, with the rest of the top 10.  At this point, with these two, I could take it or leave it with either one.  And as much as I can’t believe it…because I just didn’t think America was as sick of her as I am…Amanda Overmeyer is going home.

Such is life on American Idol folks.  Another one bites the dust.  What did you think?

Oh, and scroll on down to the post below this one, if you will, for my very first (but definitely not last) “non-Idol” related post here at Cafe Karina.

I’m feeling uncomfortable with this

 With what you ask?  With this: 

Why?  Because there’s just something inherently wrong with watching a couple of 16 year olds trying to be sexy and make a steamy music video.  What?  Oh, I know Jesse McCartney is not really 16, in fact, because I was so completely creeped out by this video, I looked him up.  He is, in fact, going to be 21 on April 9th.  I’m still sort of creeped out.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that I think in a few years he could totally be hot?  Yep, creepy.

 Damn, I’m old.

The Beatles are still rockin’ American Idol


I’ve never been a huge Beatles fan, so I have to admit I’m just about at my limit for Beatles songs on American Idol.  And yet, supposedly by popular demand (though I think it has a whole lot more to do with some contractual obligation than actual audience requests), it’s another week of Beatles songs on American Idol.  Fair enough, let’s get on with the show.  We’re down to 11 finalists, and two hours, which means, of course…lots of filler.

 A little background on who the Beatles were (just in case we’ve all been living under a VERY large rock), some of that oh so not funny back and forth between Ryan and the judges, and it’s on to the singing.

 Amanda Overmeyer is first with “Back in the U.S.S.R.”, you all know how I feel about this girl by now, so let’s see if she can win me over. Seriously?  NO.  I mean, really, come on folks, why is this girl still on this show?  Somebody explain it to me, because I just don’t get it.  Take all the audio from all the songs she’s done to date, put them up against each other and tell me if you can tell a difference, because to me, it doesn’t matter what song she’s singing, she always sounds exactly the same, and she does NOT have a good singing voice.  It’s not that she’s bad, it’s just that she’s nothing above average.  I just don’t get it.  Close your eyes, take in the audio…hear what I’m saying?  NOT there.  Finally the judges seem to be taking the earmuffs off and actually hearing what I hear.  Simon actually said “same thing week after week after week”…couldn’t agree more.

Next up is the girl who in my opinion escaped elimination by sheer luck last week, Kristi Lee Cook.  She’s tackling “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” a song she’d never even heard before (uh, me neither).  She started off fairly well, and just when I was beginning to think “Hmm…maybe she’s not as bad as I thought”, she lost me.  Didn’t love it.  And you know when Paula complements the way you look, you had a bad performance.

I’m going to completely leave alone her bad choice of words when telling Simon she could blow his socks off…at least, I think that’s what she meant.  Uh…yeah, skipping that.

David Archuletta, who butchered the lyrics on his last attempt at the Beatles, is up next with “The Long and Winding Road”.  And YES, he’s back in full form.  This kid just has an amazing voice, and I’m so glad he survived last week to come back with this performance.  I still love him.  Love him!  LOVE.HIM!  That’s it, that’s all I have to say.

And now we’re doing iphone commercials right in the middle of the show?  Seriously??  Seriously??

Up next is Michael Johns with “A Day in the Life”.  He started off and I thought, “perfect song choice”, it worked well with his voice, his style…then there was this weird thing in the middle, and I’m not really sure how I felt about that…but then he went back to the same stuff I liked from the beginning and got me back. So, overall, kind of a weird arrangement, but I really liked the beginning and he end.  When he was good, he was really good, but unfortunately, it wasn’t good all the way through.

And now it’s Brooke White, with “Here Comes the Sun”.  This girl has a thing for starting off a song sitting on stairs, doesn’t she?  It was alright.  I mean, she has a great voice, but I just thought it was a bit boring. (I just said in Simon’s voice and accent in my head).  But yeah, she sounded good, but it was just alright for me.  And that ugly yellow dress with banana looking ruffles dangling from it? Not pretty.  And I’m not sure how much I buy the innocent, accepting “it’s okay, it’s okay” act after the judges comments either.  But that’s just me being cynical, isn’t it?

 Next up was David Cook with “Day Tripper”.  It’s been brought to my attention that I was way off base last week with my thoughts about his performance, and that I haven’t given him a fair chance so tonight, I decided to try and do just that.  I was going to close my eyes and just listen, but before I had the opportunity to do so, he stared singing, and pulled me in wihthout me having to do so.  Maybe it was the song I didn’t love last week…because I thought he sounded amazing tonight.  This was reminiscent of 3 Doors Down or even my favorite favorite band Lifehouse, and I loved it.  Of course, Simon hated it…so, I guess we’re on different pages.

Carly Smithson with “Blackbird” is next.  I love this girl.  I think she has an amazing voice, and incredible control of that voice.  She sounded fantastic, and it was a beautiful performance.  Love her.

Next is Jason Castro, the boy with an angelic voice (in my opinion).  His song this week is “Michelle”, can he handle the bi-lingual-ity of it all?  I like what he was trying to do, stepping away from the folksy stuff to show a different side, and overall, it wasn’t bad.  There was some awkwardness in the beginning, but toward the end, I thought it got better.  Not his best peformance for sure, and I didn’t even get to enjoy his voice like I have in the past, but I still like him a lot.

Syesha Mercado next on stage with “Yesterday”.  I thought it was beautiful.  Simple, powerful, clean, and beautiful.  Loved it.

Chikezie is next.  Chikezie!  You gotta love this guy’s name!  Tonight he is singing “I’ve just seen a face”, using a harmonica for the first time ever.  You know what?  I actually really enjoyed this performance.  I thought he sounded great.  I loved the slow start, he sounded great, the harmonica was a bit weird, and the country jig in the middle was kind of strange too, but then it turned almost rocker toward the end, and I loved that.  It was kind of strange, but at the same time, I kind of liked it.  It was fun.  However, when Simon said “gimicky”, I kind of had to agree.

And last up we have Ramiele Malubay with “I Should Have Known Better”.  She’s adorable, and has a great voice, but I’m not sure this song was the best choice for her.  Or maybe it’s just that these aren’t the best song choices for me…I’m pretty much done with the Beatles, I think.  She sounded great though, with the song she chose anyway.  It’s not as if she was off tune, or pitchy or anything of that sort, she just didn’t wow me.

So, bottom three this week? Amanda Overmeyer (please), Kristi Lee Cook (I mean, honestly?) and hmm…I hate to say it but it could be Ramiele Malubay.  Though, it could also be Chikezie.  Or sadly, Jason Castro…Then again, this is American Idol, and we all know with the audience voting, it could be anyone.

For me, going home would have to be either Amanda or Kristi.

The elephant in the room


It’s results night, and we’re all waiting on pins and needles (or not really) to see who will be sent home tonight.  So, let’s get the show going, right?  UH…wrong.  First, we need to waste a little bit of time plugging a Jim Carey/Fox movie.  I’m not a fan of Jim Carey’s, so I could have down without that bit.  Then we get a mixed performance of a Lennon/McCarthy Songbook medley by the top twelve.  Some good moments, some not so good moments, but it’s always hard when you’re mixing 12 completely different voices to sing a slew of random songs together.  And of course, then we need to waste a little bit more time recapping the show we ALL watched just last night.  As if we didn’t already know what happened. A few commercials, and we finally get to the results.

Sort of.  Carly Smithson is of course, safe.  As are Michael Johns and Jason Castro.  Unfortunately Syesha Mercado isn’t so lucky, and she’s in the bottom three.  So, let’s waste a little more time, and have her sing again. I think she sounded better tonight than last night, though.  Isn’t that always the way?

Another commercial, and a corny “Ford Music Video” later, and it’s back to the results, right?  No, not yet, time for some more interview videos about how AI has changed the contestants lives (and yet another shameless plug for that movie).  Well, as long as it gives me a chance to hear Michael John’s Aussie accent, I’m okay with th interview segments.  Keep ’em coming.

Up next are Chikezie, Amanda Overmeyer, Kristi Lee Cook and David Cook.  Chikezie is safe.  Amanda – safe.  David Cook, who is growing on me every moment (including in tonight’s opening performance) is safe.  And then there was one…and even she knew it.  Kristi is in the bottom three.  I give her credit for having a sense of humor about the situation, apologizing to the judges that they’ll have to hear her song again.  (Thanks to Tivo, I did not).

And now, for a brand new time waster segment, phone calls from the audience to the contestants and judges.  Perfect fodder for some uncomfortable…uh…interesting moments.

But, before we get back to more results, it’s Katherine McFee and David Foster performing another song from the Lennon/McCarthy Songbook.  I always did like this girl, she has a beautiful voice, for sure.

And now, it’s David Archuletta, Brooke White, David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay…who will be going home?  David Archuletta, who forgot his lyrics last night, but was thankfully spared and is safe.  (Yes, I did a little happy dance).  Brooke -also safe.  Ramiele is safe, David Hernandez is in the bottom three.

So, I had two of the bottom three picked out, David Hernandez and Kristi Lee Cook.  Although not one of my favorites, I didn’t think Syesha should go home yet tonight, and I guess I was right.  So, who will it be?

And it’s David Hernandez going home.  Kristi Lee Cook has managed to hang on by the skin of her teeth.  Personally, I would have picked Kristi to go home over him, but there you have it.  There can only be one winner, the rest of them are all…uh…not winners.

Good Night folks!

It’s the top twelve – American Idol Recap


Well, here we are, the first week on the brand new Hollywood stage, where the guys and girls come together at least, and the real competition begins.  Tonight, it was the top 12.

The show kicked off with the unveiling of the much hyped new set.  Flashy, grand, and exciting, yes, but did anyone watch that other reality show “Grease, You’re the One that I Want”?  Because he set looks pretty similar to that set.  I’m just sayin’.

Okay, so, I’m going to say this AGAIN….the deal with Ryan and Simon? What is all that about?  It’s not funny, it’s awkward and it’s annoying.  Enough already.

So the theme tonight was music from the newly acquired Lennon/McCarthy songbook that AI has managed to get their hands on, and has been hyping for weeks.

Up first was Syesha Mercado with “Got to Get You Into My Life”.  I have to admit, I don’t know this song, therefore can’t comment as to whether or not she made it her own.  That said, I think she has a great voice, and did a reasonably good job with it.  I thought she started off pretty rough though, so I wasn’t in love with.  Still, I like her, and I think she can do well in this competition.

Next on stage was the man who escaped getting the boot last week by the skin of his teeth, Chikezie.  Dressed like a grandfather, again, he sang “She’s A Woman”.  I tell you what, he certainly made this one his own.  I’m not sure I was completely on board with what he did with the song, but he definitely rocked it out.  He looked like he was having a blast out there and I loved that about it.  It was fun to watch, and he sounded good.  This week, I’ll give him props, he rocked it out.

Next was Ramiele Malubay with “In My Life”.  I was disappointed.  For a little girl with a great big voice, this was a bad song choice for her, never giving her the opportunity to showcase her voice.  It was meek, and reserved and just not that good.  Randy said it best when he said “It was pretty, but it was pretty boring too”.  She may be in the danger zone tonight, and that’s too bad because I think she has a power voice, and would hate for this to be what sends her home.

Taking the stage next, with his trusty guitar is Jason Castro singing “If I Fell”.  I love this kid.  I think there is something inherently beautiful about both him and his voice.  That said, I don’t think this was his strongest performance, and there were moments where I wasn’t sure he did it on purpose or if his voice cracked.  Still, overall, I thought it was beautiful to listen to, and actually listened to it twice (thanks Tivo).  I loved it.

And then it was Carly Smithson, taking on “Come Together” with a bit of a rock twist.  This girl is fantastic!  In my opinion, she’s the real rock chick in this batch of contestants.  She sounded great, looked very at home on stage, and completely rocked it out.  LOVED it. 

Next was Jason Cook singing his own version of “Eleanor Rigby”.  I’m not sure how I felt about this one.  I thought he started off really rough, and took way too long to catch up with it, but by the end, he rocked it like a pro.  I’m split on this, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.  I certainly didn’t like it as much as Simon did.

Kicking off the second half of the contestants was Brooke White on the piano, with “Let it Be”.  One of my favorite Beatles songs, so could she do it justice?  The answer for me is an emphatic yes.  I thought it was beautiful, very raw and moving.  She’s still not one of my favorite contestants, but she won me over a little bit more with this performance.

David Hernandez was next with “I Saw Her Standing There”.  Great song, but was it a good song choice for David?  Eh.  I don’t really have much to say about this performance, it was…eh.  Nothing special.  I didn’t think he sounded bad, but he didn’t sound all that great either.  He didn’t do anything particularly inovative with a song that has been done over and over again…eh.  Didn’t love it…I think he’s in the danger zone this week at well.

It was then time for Amanda Overmeyer to take the stage.  “You Can’t Do That” is her song choice this week, and of course, as the self-proclaimed rocker, she added a rock twist to it.  Okay, here’s the thing, I’ve been saying this from the beginning, but I’ll say it again…I don’t get it.  I don’t get the fascination with this girl.  I think she sounds exactly the same no matter what song she’s singing….uh…screaming.  I don’t know, she just doesn’t do it for me.  Tonight was no different.  She did a good enough job with it, I guess.  She had fun with it and made it her own, but…I don’t think she sounded all that great, and I didn’t love it.  Whatever it is that the judges see, I don’t get it.

OOH, Taye Diggs.  Did you all see Taye Diggs in the audience?  Yummy.

Sorry, back to our regularly scheduled programming with Michael Johns.  Singing “Across the Universe”, he reminded me why I like him so much.  He sounded great, and looked beautiful.  I loved it.  He sounded and looked like he was digging in deep with this one, and I loved it.  Maybe I’m biased because I think he’s hot though. Could be. Heh!

And then it was Kristi Lee Cook, singing “Eight Days a Week” and countryfying it.  Um, it sounded exactly like someone took a regular song, and played some fiddles, sped up the lyrics and called it country.  It didn’t work for me.  Sehe didn’t sound bad, but she didn’t sound great either…it was a weird arrangement to me, felt like she was “racing” to sing it…weird.  I didn’t like it.  And I think she too is in the danger zone this week.  I actually thought Paula made sense (wait, let me say that again)…I agreed with Paula Abdul on this one.

And last, but not least was David Archuletta, with “We Can Work It Out”.  I always have high expectations for this kid, so I keep expecting to be disappointed.  Unfortunately, this week as that week, but the sad thing was it wasn’t because he didn’t sound good or because he didn’t “work it out”, it was because his nerves go the bet of him and he commited the cardinal sin on American Idol of forgetting the lyrics.  AUGH….heart breaking.  It definitely was NOT his best week at all, but I still love him and I’m hoping that the fact that he is an incredible singer and so freakin’ adorable will mean he is not in the danger zone this week.  I for one, refuse to put him there.

Going home tomorrow night? Unfortunately, I think Ramiele Malubay could be in that dreaded bottom three.  Along with her I’d say Kristi Lee Cook and David Hernandez (although for the record, I’d place Amanda Overmeyer there as well, because I just don’t get her).  But, this is American Idol, anything can happen, surprises and shocking results abound.