The Stage is a Battlefield


It was all about the girls last night.  Tuesday night the guys tackled 80’s music, Wednesday, it was the top 8 ladies.

Kicking things off is Asia’h Epperson with some seriously high waisted pants on…uh, I mean, singing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.  Good grief, high waisted pants should be banned, they look good on exactly NOBODY.  But the performance?  It was fun, she sounded great, and looked like she was at home on that stage.  I enjoyed it.  But I love her voice and would have loved to hear her tackle a tougher song.

 Kady Malloy is next, and even she knows she should have gone home last week, so she’s got to BRING IT this week.  I have no idea what song she was singing, I think it was something by Queen, but I think there was a potential for something great here, but I was bored, and thought she was a bit screechy.  Not impressed.  Just because she can hold a note really loudly doesn’t mean it sounds good.  Here’s where I agree with Simon, he nailed it, she had no personality when she was singing it, (said in my best Simon accent) “sort of like a robot”.

Amanda “I think I’m a rockchick” Overmeyer is next.  Singing one of my favorite 80’s rock songs, “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett.  I don’t now, I still don’t get it with this chick.  Her voice sounds exactly the same to me no matter what she’s singing, and I don’t love it.  I don’t know, it’s not that she’s not good, because she is, it’s just…I just don’t know.  And why did she look so freakin’ miserable when the judges were complementing her?  Sorry folks, I guess I’m just not a fan.

Next up is Carly Smithson.  Her song choice, “I Drove All Night”, I though was an excellent song choice for her, and I liked what she did with it.  I thought it was fantastic.  I won’t even comment on the high waist pants.  I’ll leave them alone, she was that good.

Is it just me or is Simon exceptionally cranky this season?  Good grief, somebody give that guy a cookie or something.

 Moving on to Kristy Lee Cook singing Journey’s “Faithfully” she surprised me.  I haven’t been a fan of hers to date, but I actually really enjoyed this performance.  I think she did a beautiful job. 

And next was Ramiele Malubay, with her own interpretation of Phil Collins’ “Take a Look at Me Now”.  Loved it.  This girl has a power voice, and she used it wisely with this song.  Loved it.  It wasn’t a “wow” performance, but it was a very good one.

I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but it was nice to see Simon genuinely crack up for a bit.

Brooke White takes the stage next with Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield”.  Another one who I think has a power voice, but I don’t know.  I’m not sure I got it.  I almost felt like she was speaking it.  I mean, she sounded great, but I kept expecting it to pick up and it didn’t. 

Syesha Mercado closed the show out with anothe Whitney song, “Saving all my love for you”.  Finally, a performance I actually REALLY enjoyed.  She nailed it.  But folks, really, what is it with the high waisted pants on this show?  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not about the pants, but I can’t help it, I’m sorry. 

Okay, so here’s the thing, I think I might just not have been feeling it last night because I couldn’t find excitement in any of the performances…maybe I should have skipped the recap on this one.  So, that said, my picks for the two going home?  Definitely Kady Malloy, she squeaked through last week, but won’t be so lucky this week, and in my opinion, manda Overmyer…but I doubt that’ll actually happen, so I’ll go with Kristi Lee Cook, even though I don’t think she should actually go home this week.

What do you think?  Check back tomorrow for the results post.


3 responses to “The Stage is a Battlefield

  1. Going home is the tough one from last night….we did disagree a lot on the girls.
    I think Kady didn’t do enough to come back from the bottom, so I suspect she will go home…I would love to see Amanda gone, but I don’t think that will happen…so the other will be a surprise for me.

  2. We wore high waisted pants back in the 80’s…I hope that they are just trying to be in character and not bring those things back!

    I liked Amanda in the beginning, but she’s getting old…fast. Of all the girls, I think I like Brooke the most. I have no idea why.

    I hope this season heats up soon.

  3. Well you were half right! I DISAGREE with Susan, the highwaisted jeans are coming back “into fashion” for the little people, and I mean that in 2 ways, one you have to be tiny to wear them with any aplomb, and 2, they are making the pants that way for ‘common’ people not would be superstars as well…

    needless to say its a bad time for that, as most of us couldnt pull them off if we tried!

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