We’re through with you


So, last night was the last results show before the top twelve move to the brand new stage in Hollywood.  Kicking off the show is Blake Lewis, runner up last season and actually one of my favorites all the way through.  No, he most definitely didn’t/doesn’t have the best voice, but he’s got that other thing…the “X-Factor” that the judges love so much.  And he’s just fun to watch and listen to.

But of course, as it was a results show, there was the typical filler, what they call to call the recap, what I like to call “fast forward” (thanks Tivo).

So, first off would be one of the boys.  David Cook, even Lionel Richie loved his rendition of “Hello”, so yes, he’s safe.  David Archuleta (have I mentioned that I LOVE HIM), SAFE.  Jason Castro, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites, is safe.

A little more torture for the guys, a commercial and a recap of the girls’ performances (fast forward again), and it’s time to let a few of the girls know they’re standing.  Brooke White, he judges love her, I like her, but she hasn’t completely won me over yet, but she’s safe, so there’s still time to convinceme.  Syesha Mercado, all the judges say yes, she’s through, the public also said yes, she’s safe. 

And then it was Kady Malloy, it showed on her face that she knew it was all over for her, and I was convinced she’d be going home.  I was right.  She was the first to be cut last night.

Back to the guys, and it’s David Hernandez turn.  He’s through.  Michael Johns is next, there’s no way America will send the hot Aussi home yet, will they?  NO, of course not, he’s safe.

And so we’re left with the bottom three guys, the three I picked for my bottom, by the way.  Luke Menard, he’s all done, it’s over for him.

Back to the girls.  Ramiel Malubay, one of my favorite girls, who had not the best night this week, but she is safe.  Carly Smithson, she’s everyone’s darling, no way she’s going home.  She’s safe.  Amanda Overmeyer, who in my opinion has run her course, but I knew America wouldn’t send her home yet…sure enough, she’s safe. 

So we’re left with Kristi Lee Cook and Asia’h Epperson.  My choice, Kristi Lee Cook would go home.  She had a great night this week, but before this, I don’t even remember much about her othe performances.  Whereas Asia’h didn’t have the best night, but before this week, she was one of my top girls.  So, who would it be?

After a small amount of torture, and another commercial, Asia’h Epperson is going home.  Do we call it the first shocker of the season?  Not particularly, but I am disappointed, I like this girl and think she is certainly more talented than some of the girls who are still in it.  Still, this is American Idol, and it’s just part of the show that some of our favorites will go home too soon.

And we’re down to the bottom two guys…Danny Noriega and Chikezie.  Which way did America vote?  Keep the moreconservative and quiet Chikezie, or the way out there Danny Noriega?  WOW, here’s my first shocker of the season for sure.  Mind you that I thought Danny Noriega should go home, but never did I think America would agree with me, but there it is, Chikezie is safe, Danny is out.  Worry not, this kid has a Hollywood career in front of him.

So, we’ve got the top 12.  Now it really gets interesting.

I’m taking the weekend off from the Cafe, to celebrate my birthday, but I’ll be back next week to recap AI, and will start with my commentary on other Pop Culture items as well.

Have a great weekend everyone.


3 responses to “We’re through with you

  1. Yo dog…sorry I channeled Randy there…we agreed for the most part on the results. Next week will be interesting.
    Okay love, I need to know are you a mom or no? Drop me an email so I ensure you are on the correct blogroll…not home so cannot check right now if I have you rolled or not yet.

  2. I’m actually watching this darn show all because I started reading about it … HERE.

    Well.. here and with Candid.

    I haven’t voted, however. Never — not even on Dancing with the Stars, which I love.

  3. dude, seriously, do NOT sucker punch David Cook with the eleanor rigby song. i thought it was going to SUCK, but couldnt believe it. It’s like Metallica doing ‘whiskey in the jar’ – for whatever reason, it totally worked!

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