It’s the top twelve – American Idol Recap


Well, here we are, the first week on the brand new Hollywood stage, where the guys and girls come together at least, and the real competition begins.  Tonight, it was the top 12.

The show kicked off with the unveiling of the much hyped new set.  Flashy, grand, and exciting, yes, but did anyone watch that other reality show “Grease, You’re the One that I Want”?  Because he set looks pretty similar to that set.  I’m just sayin’.

Okay, so, I’m going to say this AGAIN….the deal with Ryan and Simon? What is all that about?  It’s not funny, it’s awkward and it’s annoying.  Enough already.

So the theme tonight was music from the newly acquired Lennon/McCarthy songbook that AI has managed to get their hands on, and has been hyping for weeks.

Up first was Syesha Mercado with “Got to Get You Into My Life”.  I have to admit, I don’t know this song, therefore can’t comment as to whether or not she made it her own.  That said, I think she has a great voice, and did a reasonably good job with it.  I thought she started off pretty rough though, so I wasn’t in love with.  Still, I like her, and I think she can do well in this competition.

Next on stage was the man who escaped getting the boot last week by the skin of his teeth, Chikezie.  Dressed like a grandfather, again, he sang “She’s A Woman”.  I tell you what, he certainly made this one his own.  I’m not sure I was completely on board with what he did with the song, but he definitely rocked it out.  He looked like he was having a blast out there and I loved that about it.  It was fun to watch, and he sounded good.  This week, I’ll give him props, he rocked it out.

Next was Ramiele Malubay with “In My Life”.  I was disappointed.  For a little girl with a great big voice, this was a bad song choice for her, never giving her the opportunity to showcase her voice.  It was meek, and reserved and just not that good.  Randy said it best when he said “It was pretty, but it was pretty boring too”.  She may be in the danger zone tonight, and that’s too bad because I think she has a power voice, and would hate for this to be what sends her home.

Taking the stage next, with his trusty guitar is Jason Castro singing “If I Fell”.  I love this kid.  I think there is something inherently beautiful about both him and his voice.  That said, I don’t think this was his strongest performance, and there were moments where I wasn’t sure he did it on purpose or if his voice cracked.  Still, overall, I thought it was beautiful to listen to, and actually listened to it twice (thanks Tivo).  I loved it.

And then it was Carly Smithson, taking on “Come Together” with a bit of a rock twist.  This girl is fantastic!  In my opinion, she’s the real rock chick in this batch of contestants.  She sounded great, looked very at home on stage, and completely rocked it out.  LOVED it. 

Next was Jason Cook singing his own version of “Eleanor Rigby”.  I’m not sure how I felt about this one.  I thought he started off really rough, and took way too long to catch up with it, but by the end, he rocked it like a pro.  I’m split on this, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.  I certainly didn’t like it as much as Simon did.

Kicking off the second half of the contestants was Brooke White on the piano, with “Let it Be”.  One of my favorite Beatles songs, so could she do it justice?  The answer for me is an emphatic yes.  I thought it was beautiful, very raw and moving.  She’s still not one of my favorite contestants, but she won me over a little bit more with this performance.

David Hernandez was next with “I Saw Her Standing There”.  Great song, but was it a good song choice for David?  Eh.  I don’t really have much to say about this performance, it was…eh.  Nothing special.  I didn’t think he sounded bad, but he didn’t sound all that great either.  He didn’t do anything particularly inovative with a song that has been done over and over again…eh.  Didn’t love it…I think he’s in the danger zone this week at well.

It was then time for Amanda Overmeyer to take the stage.  “You Can’t Do That” is her song choice this week, and of course, as the self-proclaimed rocker, she added a rock twist to it.  Okay, here’s the thing, I’ve been saying this from the beginning, but I’ll say it again…I don’t get it.  I don’t get the fascination with this girl.  I think she sounds exactly the same no matter what song she’s singing….uh…screaming.  I don’t know, she just doesn’t do it for me.  Tonight was no different.  She did a good enough job with it, I guess.  She had fun with it and made it her own, but…I don’t think she sounded all that great, and I didn’t love it.  Whatever it is that the judges see, I don’t get it.

OOH, Taye Diggs.  Did you all see Taye Diggs in the audience?  Yummy.

Sorry, back to our regularly scheduled programming with Michael Johns.  Singing “Across the Universe”, he reminded me why I like him so much.  He sounded great, and looked beautiful.  I loved it.  He sounded and looked like he was digging in deep with this one, and I loved it.  Maybe I’m biased because I think he’s hot though. Could be. Heh!

And then it was Kristi Lee Cook, singing “Eight Days a Week” and countryfying it.  Um, it sounded exactly like someone took a regular song, and played some fiddles, sped up the lyrics and called it country.  It didn’t work for me.  Sehe didn’t sound bad, but she didn’t sound great either…it was a weird arrangement to me, felt like she was “racing” to sing it…weird.  I didn’t like it.  And I think she too is in the danger zone this week.  I actually thought Paula made sense (wait, let me say that again)…I agreed with Paula Abdul on this one.

And last, but not least was David Archuletta, with “We Can Work It Out”.  I always have high expectations for this kid, so I keep expecting to be disappointed.  Unfortunately, this week as that week, but the sad thing was it wasn’t because he didn’t sound good or because he didn’t “work it out”, it was because his nerves go the bet of him and he commited the cardinal sin on American Idol of forgetting the lyrics.  AUGH….heart breaking.  It definitely was NOT his best week at all, but I still love him and I’m hoping that the fact that he is an incredible singer and so freakin’ adorable will mean he is not in the danger zone this week.  I for one, refuse to put him there.

Going home tomorrow night? Unfortunately, I think Ramiele Malubay could be in that dreaded bottom three.  Along with her I’d say Kristi Lee Cook and David Hernandez (although for the record, I’d place Amanda Overmeyer there as well, because I just don’t get her).  But, this is American Idol, anything can happen, surprises and shocking results abound.


5 responses to “It’s the top twelve – American Idol Recap

  1. we’re watching it right now.. on the west coast

  2. My thoughts: My husband and I both thought that David Cook sounded incredible, but the band is what held his performance back. I love that guy’s voice. Michael Johns is my favorite of the men, but David Cook definitely is up there along with Jason Castro.

    I’m a big fan of Carly’s and Ramiele’s voices. I wasn’t quite as critical of Ramiele’s performance as were the judges, but this definitely wasn’t her strongest performance. I also like Syesha but wasn’t blown away by her performance tonight. I am one of those who happens to like Amanda, but I also get what you are saying. She hasn’t shown much flexibility, and I think that’s what’s going to keep her from moving up too much farther.

    And David A. Poor David A. My husband and I were cringing each time he forgot the lines. I do hope his fans will see him through this because he has such great talent. I think he his place is in jeopardy though.

    Chikezie impressed me quite a bit this round. I was ready to send him home last week, but this week, I wouldn’t mind at all if he stayed a little longer.

    David Hernandez or Kristi Lee Cook would be my pick for who goes home tomorrow if I was the one deciding all by my lonesome. Although I would have been a little nicer in how I said it, I agreed with Simon about both of their performances. Not that the American people will agree with me, but I think they are the weakest performers at this point. Neither of them have impressed me this season.

  3. As a ajor Beatle’s afficiando because my parents literally raised me on the songs, I was expecting a lot from the show….and did not get that. Just posted my review.
    I was so sad to see poor David Archuleta’s performance and wanted to cry as he forget the lyrics, but when you are looking for a star, that is a key thing…thus my ranking him so low. I don’t want him to go home yet though, but you said it….anything can happen.
    Seriously my picks for heading home should be, Kristy Lee Cook or David Hernandez.

  4. I didn’t see the show, but I gotta say you write a heck of review.
    Have to write in and ask them to make you one fo the judges 😉
    Waving at you wildly from New York,

  5. you’re doing a great job as always. you didnt love Eleanor Rigby? I was all set to mute it, but HEY I totally liked it. weird, huh? and I agree with you on the countryFRIED version of KLC’s song. it was like it was too fast, the band drowned her out, and there were 10 too many fiddles in there. it could have been much better. and as i see you didnt watch it the second time, it DID sound better, they slowed it down quite a bit..

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