The elephant in the room


It’s results night, and we’re all waiting on pins and needles (or not really) to see who will be sent home tonight.  So, let’s get the show going, right?  UH…wrong.  First, we need to waste a little bit of time plugging a Jim Carey/Fox movie.  I’m not a fan of Jim Carey’s, so I could have down without that bit.  Then we get a mixed performance of a Lennon/McCarthy Songbook medley by the top twelve.  Some good moments, some not so good moments, but it’s always hard when you’re mixing 12 completely different voices to sing a slew of random songs together.  And of course, then we need to waste a little bit more time recapping the show we ALL watched just last night.  As if we didn’t already know what happened. A few commercials, and we finally get to the results.

Sort of.  Carly Smithson is of course, safe.  As are Michael Johns and Jason Castro.  Unfortunately Syesha Mercado isn’t so lucky, and she’s in the bottom three.  So, let’s waste a little more time, and have her sing again. I think she sounded better tonight than last night, though.  Isn’t that always the way?

Another commercial, and a corny “Ford Music Video” later, and it’s back to the results, right?  No, not yet, time for some more interview videos about how AI has changed the contestants lives (and yet another shameless plug for that movie).  Well, as long as it gives me a chance to hear Michael John’s Aussie accent, I’m okay with th interview segments.  Keep ’em coming.

Up next are Chikezie, Amanda Overmeyer, Kristi Lee Cook and David Cook.  Chikezie is safe.  Amanda – safe.  David Cook, who is growing on me every moment (including in tonight’s opening performance) is safe.  And then there was one…and even she knew it.  Kristi is in the bottom three.  I give her credit for having a sense of humor about the situation, apologizing to the judges that they’ll have to hear her song again.  (Thanks to Tivo, I did not).

And now, for a brand new time waster segment, phone calls from the audience to the contestants and judges.  Perfect fodder for some uncomfortable…uh…interesting moments.

But, before we get back to more results, it’s Katherine McFee and David Foster performing another song from the Lennon/McCarthy Songbook.  I always did like this girl, she has a beautiful voice, for sure.

And now, it’s David Archuletta, Brooke White, David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay…who will be going home?  David Archuletta, who forgot his lyrics last night, but was thankfully spared and is safe.  (Yes, I did a little happy dance).  Brooke -also safe.  Ramiele is safe, David Hernandez is in the bottom three.

So, I had two of the bottom three picked out, David Hernandez and Kristi Lee Cook.  Although not one of my favorites, I didn’t think Syesha should go home yet tonight, and I guess I was right.  So, who will it be?

And it’s David Hernandez going home.  Kristi Lee Cook has managed to hang on by the skin of her teeth.  Personally, I would have picked Kristi to go home over him, but there you have it.  There can only be one winner, the rest of them are all…uh…not winners.

Good Night folks!


3 responses to “The elephant in the room

  1. I really am not up to staying up tonight and watching the show, and so this recap was perfect. Thanks, Sonia! Hubby did a little happy dance when I told him who the bottom three were–he picked ’em. I am with you in that I would have preferred Kristi to go before David H., but I’m okay with him going at this point if it couldn’t be her. Until next week . . .

  2. I agree the phone calls were a waste of time and I think a set up…too convenient.
    Also could have done without Jim Carrey there. Did you see Sanjaya was in the audience too?

    I have to say I am glad David A got another chance but he needs to step up big time to overcome his performance this week.

    I think it should have been Kristy Lee who went home but it was not to be.

  3. You know what? You’re going to get me to start watching this show!
    Happy St Paddy’s Day 🙂

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