Call the Exterminator


It is results night, and tonight is also the end of Beatlemania on American Idol.  Who will go home tonight?  And what will they use for filler tonight?  Let’s get to it.

 Time to reveal who the mentors will be this season: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond.  Interesting mix.

 And again they are offering up the competition to write the finale song, the one the winner gets to sing after they are announced as the winner.

A somewhat awkward group performance (it was weird right?), and a few commercials, and it’s time for a recap of last night’s show before they get down to business.

Brooke White is first up, and she gets a free pass over to the cushy couch.  She’s safe.

First HUGE shocker of the night…of the season, I’d say.  Carly Smithson, bottom three!  Whoa!  Seriously?  Come on folks, what are you thinking???

Next up is David Archuletta, safe as well, he’s in the top 10.

Michael Johns, very nervous, but safe.

Time for some more filler, a behind te scenes look at the making of the Ford commercial.  It was actually really cute.

Back to the results and David Cook, who may be getting a bit cocky, but is safe.

Kristi Lee Cook, also in the bottom three.  Personally she’s my choice to go home (only because I don’t think America will send Amanda Overmeyer home yet), so I’m okay with this.

Jason Castro, safe.

Ramiele Malubay, very nervous, looking quite scared and meek, but she’s made it through to the top 10.

Some more commercials and now we’re taking those damned phoned-in questions.  A dig at Simon’s wardrobe, some stupid question about the Paula/Simon Kiss Scene (and Simon admitting Paula is a good kisser), and a bunch more random and useless questions, and can we get on to the results yet?  No, not yet.

It’s time for Kellie Pickler and a totally innapropriate boob job joke from Ryan, as well as her performance of Red High Heels.

 After that performance we get to see what happened to some of the money donated trhough Idol Gives Back last season, and I have to tell you, this is where I stop calling it filler.  I donated last year, hoping I coud make a small difference, so I’m interested in seeing where the money went.  Well, imagine my surprise and my pleasure at discovering that some of the money went to my very birthplace, Angola.  A war and poverty ravaged land that I may never get to know, that I left behind as a baby.  The land where my parents both came of age, met, were married, and speak of fondly with memories of a paradise, sadly replaced by a warzone they had to flee.  I was touched, and am not ashamed to tell you that I had tears in my eyes.  Yes, I will donate again this year.

Okay, back to the results and Syesha Mercado, who is safe.

And then there were two, Amanda Overmeyer and Chikezie.  Chikezie is safe, Amanda is in the bottom three.

So, two out of my three choices for the bottom three, and Carly Smithson, who so does not deserve to be there.  Who will be sent to safety next?

Well, American didn’t get it completely wrong, and Carly is sent to the couch, with the rest of the top 10.  At this point, with these two, I could take it or leave it with either one.  And as much as I can’t believe it…because I just didn’t think America was as sick of her as I am…Amanda Overmeyer is going home.

Such is life on American Idol folks.  Another one bites the dust.  What did you think?

Oh, and scroll on down to the post below this one, if you will, for my very first (but definitely not last) “non-Idol” related post here at Cafe Karina.


3 responses to “Call the Exterminator

  1. I find it quite curious we both used the terminology of another one bites the dust in our recap posts.
    I did like the stuff on Idol Gives Back 2007, it was nice to see the money made a difference. The commercial was quirky.

  2. Nice place you’ve got over here at Cafe Karina. Isn’t it wild how the Idol Gives Back money went to Angola? And you with your personal connection to it. Weird. And yet not.

  3. I’m watching dancing with the stars, so I have to come over her to find out about the idols.

    We watched them 3 weeks — so I have an idea about everyone. I never cared for Amanda.

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