I’m feeling uncomfortable with this

 With what you ask?  With this: 

Why?  Because there’s just something inherently wrong with watching a couple of 16 year olds trying to be sexy and make a steamy music video.  What?  Oh, I know Jesse McCartney is not really 16, in fact, because I was so completely creeped out by this video, I looked him up.  He is, in fact, going to be 21 on April 9th.  I’m still sort of creeped out.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that I think in a few years he could totally be hot?  Yep, creepy.

 Damn, I’m old.


One response to “I’m feeling uncomfortable with this

  1. Your “creepy” responses only get worse the older you get.

    The things that our children (and children’s children) are exposed to now just makes my head spin.

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