When you were born


Let’s get to it…the theme tonight was “The Year they were born”.

 Ramiele Malubay, born in 1987, kicked things off with “Hearts Alone”.  A powerful performance, showing the strong vocals we know she has, but I still felt it fell a bit short.  The judges kept talking about how sick she is, and how she has no voice to even speak, so maybe that was why it wasn’t as good as I was hoping.  It wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great…it was okay.

 Next up, also born in 1987, was Jason Castro singing Sting’s “Fragile”.  I really like this kid.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think he has a purity to his voice, and his overall personality, that just appeals to me.  I know that this song tonight is something I would download (and just might) and listen to regularly.  I thought he did a great job with it, I loved it.  Paula actually said “Those are the songs that are your niche”, and I think that’s true, and that’s what I like about him…maybe they are right, maybe it’s not enough for “America” to fall in love with him, but I like it, and I hope he sticks around because I want to hear more.

Syesha Mercado, also born in 1987 is next up (is anyone else feeling really old?).  She’s singing “If I were your woman”.  I’m still not entirely sure why it is that I’ve heard so many people say they’re not big fans of this girl, because I think she’s incredible, and tonight’s performance was spectacular.  That’s it, that’s all I have to say.  Flawless.

 We go to commercial and I take a second to ask you…what in the world is Paula Abdul doing wearing rubber fingerless gloves on national television?  And what’s with her dress?  Doesn’t one of the sleeves look like it was torn off?  Oh, the wonders of celebrity wardrobes.

Back to the singing and it’s Chikezie’s turn.  Born in 1985 he’s singing “If Only for One Night”.  I really wish this kid would lose the “grandpa” look, and loosen up a bit with his wardrobe (I know, I know, let it go already Karina), but I thought he actuall sounded really good tonight.  This was professional crooner style singing.  I was very impressed.  However, I’m pretty sure that exchange with Simon at the end will send him right home.

Next up is Brooke White, born in 1983 and singing “Every Breath You Take”.  After a bit of a false start, she had a great performance.  Nothing “unique” about it, this song has been done a million times so it’s kind of hard to do anything different with it, but I thought she sounded great and delivered.

Up next is Michael Johns, born in 1978 (thank God he’s legal, and in fact, not that much younger than me…so it’s okay for me to crush on him).  He’s doing a bit of a medley with “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”.  This definitely is his niche, and it was fun to listen to and to watch (but then, he’s always fun to watch, isn’t he?)  I really enjoyed it.  The girls in the audience had a bit of a Beatle-esque frenzy attack, and the judges loved it as well.  Nothing negative to say.

Carly Smithson, born in 1983, and singing one of my all time favorite songs “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.   This girl in no way deserved to be in the bottom three last week, and this week, she blew me away.  I have no idea what the hell Randy and Simon were talking about.  Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if the judges have a bit of a hidden agenda before they even hear the performances.  Or if we’re watching the same performances.  I thought she was fantastic tonight.

Next up, the youngest of the group, born in 1990 (wow, 1990), David Archuletta,  singing “You’re the Voice”.  You all know I love this kid, but this was not my favorite performance by him.  It’s not that it wasn’t good, because it was, but it just wasn’t great.  I think for me it was definitely song choice, I didn’t love it.  But it’s okay, little David is loveable, he’ll be okay.

 Side note…if you have been following the media coverage of this show at all, then you’ve heard all about how David A’s father is big time “Stage Dad” making little David cry and all that other stuff.  I thought Simon’s last comment to him was interesting.  “I’d be surprised if you chose that song yourself”, a dig at the father perhaps?  Hmmm….

Next up is Kristi Lee Cook (is this girl still here?), born in 1984 and singing “God Bless the USA”.  I think this was a perfect song choice for her, and in my opinion her best performance so far.  It wasn’t perfect, and it was certainly pitchy, and I still don’t think she’s up to par with the rest of the contestants, but good performance.  This may have saved her this week.

Last up, David Cook, born in 1982, (yes folks, he’s legal too).  He’s singing “Billy Jean”, and doing it his way.  Well, he’s done it.  I’ve been warming up to him little by little as the weeks go by, and tonight he did it, he won me over.  I’m a David Cook fan, through and through now.  Stellar performance.  He’s a rockstar!

So, bottom three tomorrow night?  OOH Lordy, this is a tough one this week.  With the surprise of Carly being in the bottom three last week, it’s hard to think anyone is safe.  I think Chikezie will definitely be in the bottom three.  I also think that although she may not go home, Kristi Lee Cook will also be in the bottom three.  The third person to bethere with them?  Unfortunately I think it could actually be Jason Castro, though I think the little girl vote will keep him safe, or  Ramiele Malubay and even possibly Carly because well…you just never know now do you?  Were it up to me, I’d still send Kristi Lee Cook home, but I think it could very well be the end of the road for Chikezie.

We’ll see, come back tomorrow for the results, and if you’re wondering when your favorite television shows are coming back, now that the writer’s have been back to work for a few weeks, come back on Friday, I’ll have all that dirt for you. 


3 responses to “When you were born

  1. I think Kristi sounded great and I don’t think she will be going anywhere (how do we feel about that?) Michael finally picked a good song that didn’t fall flat, but then I think he was upstaged by David Cook and even though I am trying hard to remember Michael’s performance it has been pushed into the back crevices of my mind. It will be interesting to see who goes. I feel less confident for my favs than I have in the past. (Brooke and Jason) But I now also have a new fav in David C.

  2. I haven’t posted my recap yet for last night’s show, but I love your comment on Paula’s atrocious outfit, and was she sick or doped? Really why be there if you can’t give a constructive comment?

  3. hubby and I need to go out and find the performances & listen to them.

    You’ve got me going again!!

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