And then there were nine

Results night again on American Idol.  Before we get to revealing who was in the bottom three, and who got the boot, a few thoughts:

 – These peppy group performances at the beginning of results night?  They just don’t work for me.  I know it’s got to be tough to choose a song that all 10 or 11 or 12 singers can participate in, and I know they do a fairly good job with them, but they just come across very “High School Musical” to me, and I mean actual high school musicals, not the movie.

– Is anyone out there actually downloading any of the Idol songs?  I’m thinking there’s a few I might just have to get, and I’m just curious who else is doing it, and if so, who are you downloading?

– I for one, am extremely glad that Carly Smithson was safe.  I think she got a really bum rap from the judges last night.  It’s not so much that I had and or have a problem with negative feedback from the judges, it’s just that I felt they were almost personall attacking her instead of her performance.  I explained it better earlier today when talking to my coworker.

– The Ford commercial tonight was probably one of my favorites so far.  It was cute, and I enjoyed the moving pictures on the t-shirts, the posters, the jackets, cute.

– I’m still not a fan of the “call in” section of the show.  It’s weird, its awkward, and it’s a true time waster we could do without.

 – Did Paula Abdul raid her 80’s closet this week for her outfits or what?

– Okay, I’m going to just say this, because she sounded great, and I’m happy that she’s happy about all the weight she’s dropped…but Kimberly Locke…from one busty girl to another…that dress?  Sometimes, you have to give in to your bustiness and choose NOT to wear certain things.  There’s cleavage, and then there’s Cleveland, sometimes the girls want to come and play and you just have to say “no, not tonight ladies”.  I’m speaking from personal experience here, so don’t take it too hard.

So, for the bottom three, Chikezie (which I expected would happen), Syesha Mercado (I can’t say I’m shocked, as America hasn’t shown her much love all along, but I don’t agree with the votes.  I think she has one of the best voices on this show, and had a fantastic performance last night) and Jason Castro (sadly, I’m not surprised, I love this kid, but was expecting this turn of events).  Once again, Kristi Lee Cook has managed to escape elimination.  Granted, she really had a good night last night, but I still don’t think she’s as good as some of the other contestants, including Syesha Mercado.

Jason Castro was put out of his misery soon enough and told he was safe.  Hopefully this will light a fire under him to step it up a bit. 

And I called it last night folks…It’s all over for Chikezie.

That’s it, good night.  Don’t forget to come back on Friday, I’ve got the scoop for you about what shows are coming back when, now that the writer’s strike is over.


2 responses to “And then there were nine

  1. Ditto on the corny opening songs – too Disney for my tastes! Kristy Cook should have been gone LONG ago, along with milquetoast Jason. Poor Chikezie – he was just too old school.

    I like David Archuleta – but that David Cook? HOTTER than Daughtry, as far as his vocal ability. Not the prettiest boy, with his stubby arms and five-head, but LOVE his voice. I hope he wins!

  2. Okay here’s the thing – I never watch the show but I love to read your reviews.
    It’s like I get the TV Guide, but I don’t own a TV – LOL

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