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The results are Unwritten

Yeah, okay, that title is a bad play off of Natasha Beddingfield’s song title…whatever. 

I’m obviously watching the show late tonight, as I was out for dinner with friends…benefits of unemployment, late dinners on weeknights and no set bedtime.  Gotta look at the positives.

Okay, Okay, back to the show.  We start off with a tribute to Neil Diamond, and let’s be honest, the whole thing sounds karaoke and weird, except for David Cook’s part, which he rocked.  The rest of it…just bad.  Bad…real bad.  Yikes.

I have to hand it to Ryan for squashing the Paula rumors (even though we’ll still believe them anyway) in a classy and sweet way.

Okay, so, results time.  Jason Castro is out first, and he’s safe, as I said he would be.  I’m telling you, the little girls love him.

Up next is Little David…Archuletta that is.  And he is, of course, safe as well.

I’d say it’s time for some time wasting now, but HELLO, it’s a segment on my FAVORITE REALITY competition, So You Think You Can Dance, so I can’t possibly say that.  Oh man, I couldn’t even take my eyes off the screen.  I can’t even explain to you how much I’m looking forward to this show.  I can’t wait!!

Back to the results, and David Cook is up next.  He is safe, as if there was any doubt.

So, once again, the girls are in the bottom two.  I called this, and if you remember, I said that although I believed Brooke should go home, I thought Syesha would go.  Was I right?  Well, we’ll find out later, because now it is time for some more time wasting.

Natasha Beddingfield is on the show performing her song “Pocket Full of Sunshine”.  I love her and her music.  Fun!  And how cute was it that she wanted to go over and hug “Little David”?  Cute.

And the there was that stupid segment with the call in questions.  Although, it was cute that Simon’s first crush called in.  He seemed to be genuinely glad to hear from her…a side of Simon we don’t often see.  Cute.

And then it was time for Neil Diamond to perform one of his new songs.  It’s Neil Diamond, what can you say?  Even if you’re not a fan, you have to admit he’s a legend for a reason.  And I actually really enjoyed this song.

And finally, it’s time for the results.  And hey, I was wrong…Brooke White is going home.  I can’t really say I’m too disappointed, as I felt she should be the one to go home.  I don’t think Syesha will make it to the end, but I do think vocally, she’s the strongest contestant left in the competition.

Well folks, that’s a wrap for this week.



Next week is Rock and Roll “Hall of Fame” week.


Five by five, times two.

It’s Neil Diamond night on American Idol, and the top five will be singing two songs a piece.  This could make for quite the interesting evening, don’t you think?

Sporting a fancy fauxhawk, Ryan starts off the show, with a plug for Neil Diamond’s new cd, andwe get a glimpse at the contestants’ meeting with the legend.

Jason Castro kicks off the show with “Forever in Blue Jeans”.  I enjoyed this performance, I thought the song choice worked for him, and he seemed to have fun with it.  I thought it was a bit disjointed with one verse being “high” the other being “low” in his “register” (isn’t that what the pros call it?), but overall, I liked it.

David Cook is up next singing “I’m Alive”.  Rockstar!  He nailed this one easily.  I still think he needs to watch his cockiness so he doesn’t become over-confident and annoying, but he can deliver.

Brooke White is next with “I’m a Believer”.  What is it that Simon says?  Oh right, (Imagine the accent, if you will) “That was all, a bit…karaoke”.  I STILL don’t get the fascination with this girl, and this song did nothing for me.

Next up is David Archuletta with “Sweet Caroline”.  Now, I have to tell you, as a Red Sox fan, this song is sort of our anthem, so we’re partial to it.  I liked what he did with the arrangement, and I really think he made the song his own, and it worked for him.  I also liked that he was smiling through the whole performance and looked comfortable, like he was having fun, and not “awkward” like he has a tendency to look.

Syesha chose “Hello Again” for her first song.  I think of the five contestants left, Syesha has the best “vocal” ability.  She has a beautiful voice, and this song was simply that…beautiful.

A quick recap by the judges and Paula Abdul reveals she’s HIGH as a kite, thinking they’ve all already sang twice.  Right…okay.

Back to the show and Jason Castro with “September Morn”.  I will say what I think I’ve been saying from the beginning, I know not everyone loves this kid, and I don’t necessarily think he’s the best singer in the competition, but I love him.  I love his voice, his charm, and I really think I could and will buy his albums.  That said, this wasn’t my favorite by him.

David Cook with “All I Really Need is You” is up next.  Okay, I LOVED the beginning of this song.  His voice was very reminiscent of “Lifehouse”, which is my favorite band out there today.  In fact, the whole song sounded like a lifehouse hit, I LOVED LOVED it.  I think he took the judges words to heart and put his ALL into it, and it showed.  It was beautiful.  ROCKSTAR.  This kid WILL win it all.

Brooke White makes attempt number two with “I am I said”.  Well, I definitely liked this performance better than her first, I actually thought it was very nice.  I still don’t love her, or get her, and I think she’s phony as all get out, but it was very nice.

Little David Archuletta is “Coming to America” next.  Snore.  Don’t get me wrong, he sounded great as always.  He has a great voice, and always nails the vocals, but…BO-RING.  He just doesn’t excite me like he did in the beginning.  He’s talented, just…blah…

And finally, Syesha closes the show with “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime”.  What a fun performance.  She sounded great, and had so much fun with it.  I really loved it.  Although, America doesn’t love her, so was it enough to keep her in?  Simon doesn’t seem to think so, and I’m not really sure either.

Okay, here’s my take…after tonight’s performances, I think only the two David’s are safe, and I really do think it’ll be a battle of the David’s at the end.  That said, Jason Castro gets the “little girl” vote, because they adore him, so he could be safe too.  Brooke White should MOST DEFINITELY go home this week, but I don’t think she will, I think it’ll be Syesha who goes.

What did you think?  I’ll be back with results tomorrow, and I’ll have a Thursday Thirteen up here this week, come on back, won’t you?


Awkward Idol

Did Ryan really just kiss Simon on the head?  Did Simon look completely appaled or was it just me?  AW-KWARD!

It’s results night, and the show kicks off with the top six doing a rendition of “That’s all I ask of You”, with Andrew Lloyd Webber at the piano.  As far as the group performances go, it was alright.

A chat with Lord Webber himself, and then the President and Laura Bush with a message of thanks for Idol Gives back.

And then, the results begin, with two stools reserved for the bottom “two”.  The two Davids get called out on stage, and of course, they are both safe.  No major surprises here.

We come back to a bit about all the old Idol contestants working on Broadway.  What in the world has happened to Clay Aiken?  Yikes.

And then a performance by Leonna Lewis, who I absolutely love.  This girl is amazing, her voice gives me chills.

And then we are back to the results and Syesha Mercado and Brooke White are called out on stage.  And Brooke White is safe yet again.  I really don’t get American’s fascination with this girl, but what do I know?  I did say I believed Syesha could be in danger, because America has not shown her much love at all this season.  I don’t agree, but I am not surprised.

And then it’s down to Carly Smithson and Jason Castro.  And Jason is safe.  Again, not at all surprised. And as much as I love Jason, I completely disagree with the results this week. 

The two girls with the best voices in the bottom two…just goes to show that Idol is definitely a popularity, not a talent contest.  But that is how Idol works, therefore, if we watch, we must accept it.

So, going home this week, Carly Smithson is finally going to be put out of her misery of being beat up by the judges week after week.  Completely wrong in my book, but again, I’m not even that surprised.

Well, who will the judges beat up on now?  Carly herself will be fine, she’ll get herself another record deal, and this time, she’ll sell millions.

Next week is Neil Diamond week.  Oh boy, the things that could happen with that.  Stay tuned.

The Phanthom of the Idol

It’s time for the top six to do their thing with the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber…it’s Broadway on Idol folks.

Syesha Mercado is up first, singing “One Rock N’ Roll Too Many”.  I loved this performance.  She had loads of fun with it, and it was fun to watch.  She had a couple of “pitchy dawg” spots, but overall sounded pretty good.  I really enjoyed it.

Up next is Jason Castro singing “Memories”, which, by the way, is one of my ALL TIME favorite songs.  I actually think his style and voice is perfect for this song, and I though he nailed it.  There was a bit of an expectation that it would “take off” and it never did, but I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the judges seemed to think.  I didn’t “love it”, but I certainly didn’t hate it.

Brooke White was next singing “You Must Love Me” from Evita.  OOOH, and she butchers it, and actually asks the band to start over.  I believe the bell has tolled for this girl.  And here’s the thing, this is probably her first performance that I actually liked.  I’ve never been a Brooke fan, and don’t get the fascination the judges have with her, but this performance felt a bit more real than any of her other ones.  That said, will America forgive her blunder at the beginning?

Now, let me just quickly ask you all a question…if it had been Carly Smithson who butchered the lyric and stopped and started again, would Simon and Randy been as “accepting” of it, or would they have shred her to pieces?  I’m just sayin’.

David Archuletta is next, how will he fare with Broadway and “Think of Me”.  Will he keep his eyes open long enough to make it through the song?  He sounded fantastic, as usual, if a bit predictable in his delivery.  And he did manage to keep his eyes open…well…sort of…a bit more than usual at least.  It was another great “little David” performance.

And then it’s time for Cinderella herself, Carly Smithson, singing “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  LOVED. IT.  LOVED. IT.  That’s it, that’s all I have to say.  I’m not even going to comment on how the judges had to sneak in negative comments even when saying they love it.  Nope, I’m just going to say: LOVED. IT!

And last, but most certainly not least it’s David Cook with “The Music of the Night” from Phanthom.  This is a tough one for me.  I was kind of all over the place with it.  I hated it in parts, and I absolutely loved it in other parts.  I think overall, I really liked it though.  He stepped outside of his “rock boy” persona, and really did deliver a “broadway” performance.  I just don’t think I see him as a broadway performer in any way, shape or form, so it was weird for me.

Still, he’s undoubtedly safe this week, as is Archuletta.  I think this week Carly could also find herself safe, but it could be Syesha as well.  I think Brooke White and Jason Castro will find themselves in the bottom two, and Brooke will go home.

But then, I could be totally wrong about every single one of those predictions, because this IS American Idol. 😉 



Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

It’s elimination night, and it’s Mariah Carey week, so the top seven kick off the show with their own rendition of my all time favorite Mariah (and Boys II Men) song, “One Sweet Day”.  With the exception of Brooke White, who only had one little line in the song, and I thought butchered even that small line, I thought the rest of them sounded great.

Not a whole lot of time wasting in the front part of this show tonight, we get right to the results.  Jason Castro is up first and he is sent to one side, but not told whether or not he is safe.  David Cook comes out next, and is sent to a separate side to form a new group.  Leading us to believe, therefore, taht one of them is safe, one of them is not.  Which is which?

Carly Smithson is out next, and she at least tells Simon that he’s been hard on her.  He states that he thinks she is “great”, and that is why he does it.  But is it too late for her?  She joins Jason Castro, and I’m thinking, maybe, it just might be.

Nine Lives is out next (Kristi Lee Cook), and she joins David Cook.  Is this her 5th life or is she in the bottom group?

Short commercial break, cute Ford commercial, and they’re back.  But first, a performance frm Elliot Yamin.  I can’t really tell you how his performance was, because after about the first stanza, I rememebered why I wasn’t a fan when he was on the show, and I fast forwarded.

Back to the results.  Syesha Mercado comes out next and is sent to join Jason and Carly.  And I’m thinking there’s out bottom three.  Not my picks, but America’s picks.

Brooke White comes out next, and man, I don’t really like her, I’m sorry.  But, she is sent to join the Cooks.  Could this be the bottom three?  David Cook being in this group could make one think not, but then, Michael Johns was sent home last week.

Commercial break and lets take a moment to celebrate the fact that So You Think You Can Dance begins in May.  LOVE THIS SHOW!!

And then we have the lovely waste of time segment with the question and answer segment, followed by a Mariah Carey performance of her new song “Bye, Bye”.  In a word?  Awkward.  I don’t want to say she was lipsynching, but…was she lipsynching or was it just…awkward?

And then we’re back with the results.  David Archuletta is left to determine which group will consist of the bottom three, and which will not.  Where will he be sent?  He is told, no big surprise that he is safe, and as is customary, Ryan begins to play games with the contestants.  He sends David Cook to swap with Syesha, leaving David Cook, Jason Castro and Carly Smithson in one group, and my pick for the bottom three, Syesha, Kristi Lee Cook and Brooke White in the other.  Knowing how America and I tend to always disagree on this show, this does not at all make me feel any sense of relief.  And then, of course, Ryan asks David to join the group he thinks is safe, and adorable little David takes a seat in the middle of the stage. 

And then the annoncement is made, and amazingly enough, my personal picks for the bottom three were dead on.  Kristi Lee Cook, Brooke White and Syesha Mercado.

But who will go home?  And Syesha is sent to safety, making me utter an audible “YES”…for the first time this season, America got it right in my book.  Either of these two girls can leave for me, and I won’t shed a tear.

And Nine Lives has run out of lives folks.  Kristi Lee Cook is going home.  Give the girl her credit, she left gracefully.  Fret not for Ms. Cook, she’s a beautiful girl, and will definitely find herself a career in Hollywood.  Her 15 minutes are not up just yet.

Next week the mentor is Andrew Lloyd Webber…should be interesting.




Lucky Number 7 – American Idol

It’s Mariah Carey night on American Idol,  and Mariah is actually showing up to mentor the kids.  ow I know different folks have all sorts of opinions about Miss Mariah, and  do too, but overall, I really like her.  I think she’s a bit crazy, and a bit cooky, but she has an amazing voice and there’s just something about her that I really like.  But, she has some really tough songs so how will these kids fare? 

David Archuletta is up first and are those LEATHER PANTS he’s wearing?  Well then, check you out little David!  Singing “When You Believe”, he sounded great.  I think this was a great song choice for him, showcasing his voice, and really right along his style of song.  And I really do think he has a wonderful voice, but I just might be getting a tad bit bored with him.  Just a wee bit.  Still love him, I’m just not as excited about him as I used to be.

 Next up is Carly Smithson, who I’ve taken to calling “Cinderella” as I feel Simon, Paula and Randy are like the mean stepmom and ugly stepsisters treating her like the outcast family member.  She’s singing “Without You” and I thought she sounded “bloody fantastic”.  This girl has an amazing voice, and I’m really getting sick of the judges beating up on her.  SERIOUSLY?  They’ve really got to stop beating up on her. I’ve been saying it for weeks, and I need to know if I’m the only one who feels this way…the judges ARE trying to get her voted out, right?  It’s not just me is it?

Next up is Syesha Mercado, singing “Vanishing”, one of my favorite Mariah songs.  After two weeks tackling two other “major” songstresses’ songs, how would she fare with Mariah Carey?  I don’t know.  I think Syesha has a great voice, but I wasn’t in love with this arrangement.  I didn’t feel so much that she was “singing it” as she was trying to just showcase her voice.  It wasn’t a bad performance, I just didn’t completely love it.

It is Brooke White’s turn with “Hero” on the Piano.  Sorry folks, I just don’t get the fascination with this girl, she doesn’t do it for me.  And besides being slightly bored with this performance, I actually thought it was BAD.  She didn’t sound good.  She was “pitchy” dog, and it was just weird – Kinda rough…  I didn’t like it.

 And now it’s Nine Lives…uh, Kristi Lee Cook, singing “Forever”.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….boring.  I mean, okay, it was “alright”.  But…eh.  I think her time has come.

David Cook chose “Always Be My Baby” in order to “rock it up” a bit.  LOVED IT.  He almost lost me for a moment, I loved how he startd, but then, I thought the beginning part went on “softly” just a bit too long, but HOLY CRAP, he brought it back and completely won me over.  LOVED IT!!  And I believe this is his second performance of the season that I plan to download.  As soon as I geta job, and can spend money frivolously again that is. 

And finally its Jason Castro, singing “I Don’t Want to Cry”  (another of my fave Mariah songs).  Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?  I really think he’s unique, and has a beautiful soulful voice.  I can completely understand that he’s not for everyone, but his style is by far my style of music and I love him.  I thouht he was fantastic and I would also buy this song right now.

So, who’s in danger?  Were it up to me it would be between Brooke White and Kristi Lee Cook to go home.  That said, it is not up to me, and oh America, how you disappointed me last week!  So, I think Syesha or Carly could be in danger this week.

What did you think? 


Idol Giveth, and Idol Taketh It Away.

Last night was the big “Idol Gives Back” night.  I did watch, and I actually really enjoyed the show.  There were some fantastic performances (Carrie Underwood, Fergie and Heart, Miley Cyrus to name a few), some really funny bits (Jimmy Kimmel roasting Simon, the sound technician miking Brad Pitt), and of course, lots of emotional moments (pretty much the whole rest of the show when they did the segments in the poor areas of both Africa and the U.S.).  My favorite performance of the night, of course, was the opening number with the Idols singing, and the cast of “So You Think You Can Dance” dancing.  LOVED it. 

As of tonight, Idol has raised over 60 million dollars.  Not bad for a night’s work!

Tonight, however, was all about sending someone else home.  I realize that on Tuesday I never picked a bottom three…oh well, my reviews of the performances shoud speak for themselves I get.

The show started with a recap of last night, and then a gospel performance by the top 8.  They actually sounded pretty good, the group performances are certainly improving as the group gets smaller.

A cute celebrity video, and then it was time for the results. 

Brooke White is out on stage first, and she will miss her sister’s wedding on Saturday, but she’s safe.

Next is David Cook, and although he certainly had an off night, he too is safe.

And then there’s David Archuletta.  Everyone said his performance was one of his best yet, and sure enough, he is safe.

And then we get yet another video of Forrest Whitaker’s visit to Luanda, Angola.  Luanda, the beautiful city I was born in, before war devastated it completely.  My heart breaks watching these images.

Next, just to make sure the remaining five hopefuls sweat it out just a bit more, we get a performance from Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.  Probably one of my favorite “celebrity” performances on this show to date.  It was a really great performance.

Back to the results, and Jason Castro, who the judges loved this week, is safe.

Kristi Lee Cook is next, and for the first time this season, it seems, she is not in the bottom three.

Which means that Syesha Mercado, Michael Johns, and Carly Smithson are in the bottom three.  Let me take a second to say: “WHAT THE HELL AMERICA?”  Seriously?  What show are you watching?

Okay, deep breaths.  The show comes back with Bono and some more “change the world” messages, including words from the presidential candidates.

And back to the results.  And shocker of shocks, Michael Johns has received the lowest number of votes and is going home.  First big shocker of the season for sure.  Man, did America get this one wrong.  Seriously?  Michael Johns is going home before Kristi Lee Cook?  Before Syesha?  Before Jason Castro?  Wow…it is a shocker.  But, that is American Idol for you. 

Damn it, the hot Aussie is gone!  There goes the only bit of eye candy on this season.

And that’s all folks, see you next week.