And nine become eight


Results night once again on Idol.  Tonight the group opens the show with their “high school musical” rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five”.  As far as these contrived “group” performances go, this one wasn’t all that bad.  Still not great, but not horrible either.

 Michael Johns, David Archuletta and Carly Smithson are given the “all clear” and sent to the safety couch.  And then it’s time for the complete waste of time very entertaining call-in questions section of the show.  A musical guest performance, some commercials and the weekly Ford commercial, we’re back for more results.

David Cook is safe.

Ramiele Malubay is in the bottom three, not surprisingly.  As is Kristy Lee Cook.

Syesha Mercado is safe as well, and it’s down to Brooke White and Jason Castro.  And the shocker…Jason Castro is safe, Brooke White is not.  I know there are a lot of you out there who will be outraged that she’s in the bottom three, but I don’t see it with her, so I’m okay with this choice. 

So, the bottom three, Ramiele, Kristy and Brooke.

An emotional tale about the good Idol Gives Back has done so far, a Dolly Parton performance (how can you not love Dolly?), and it’s time for the results.  Brooke is sent to safety, as she should be.  And then Kristy Lee Cook, Ms. Nine Lives herself, is safe as well.

It’s the end of the line for Ramiele Malubay.

Next week is the big Idol Gives Back show…even if you don’t watch Idol, do tune in for that episode, you won’t regret it.


4 responses to “And nine become eight

  1. It was Ramiele’s time. I liked her in the beginning, but her last several performances haven’t been very good. Kristy, at least, has gotten a little better even if not up to the level of the other contestants.

    I really appreciate how fast you get the results posted, Sonia. I tend not to watch the results show, and you save me from having to search all over for spoilers. 🙂

  2. I watched most of last nights show – Simon made me angry when he was so hard on Carly. We thought her performance was tingling.

  3. You hit it right on the head with your guesses at who’d be in the bottom 3! I never liked Ramalama, but it was so sad last night. I felt sorry for the poor little thing. And “little” is right! I never realized how damn tiny she is!

    Anyway…The one thing I hate about Idol is that when it gets closer and closer to the end, everyone who gets sent home is GOOD. And it’s hard to see them leave. Like whatshisname said in that clip they showed last night about previous non-winners, you DO NOT have to win this show to make it! Not at all. So if the rest of the ones being sent home are serious about making it in the business, they will.

  4. tonight (8th) I think that Kristy Lee and Syesha did the best. and that’s saying something.. sigh!

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