Idol Giveth, and Idol Taketh It Away.

Last night was the big “Idol Gives Back” night.  I did watch, and I actually really enjoyed the show.  There were some fantastic performances (Carrie Underwood, Fergie and Heart, Miley Cyrus to name a few), some really funny bits (Jimmy Kimmel roasting Simon, the sound technician miking Brad Pitt), and of course, lots of emotional moments (pretty much the whole rest of the show when they did the segments in the poor areas of both Africa and the U.S.).  My favorite performance of the night, of course, was the opening number with the Idols singing, and the cast of “So You Think You Can Dance” dancing.  LOVED it. 

As of tonight, Idol has raised over 60 million dollars.  Not bad for a night’s work!

Tonight, however, was all about sending someone else home.  I realize that on Tuesday I never picked a bottom three…oh well, my reviews of the performances shoud speak for themselves I get.

The show started with a recap of last night, and then a gospel performance by the top 8.  They actually sounded pretty good, the group performances are certainly improving as the group gets smaller.

A cute celebrity video, and then it was time for the results. 

Brooke White is out on stage first, and she will miss her sister’s wedding on Saturday, but she’s safe.

Next is David Cook, and although he certainly had an off night, he too is safe.

And then there’s David Archuletta.  Everyone said his performance was one of his best yet, and sure enough, he is safe.

And then we get yet another video of Forrest Whitaker’s visit to Luanda, Angola.  Luanda, the beautiful city I was born in, before war devastated it completely.  My heart breaks watching these images.

Next, just to make sure the remaining five hopefuls sweat it out just a bit more, we get a performance from Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.  Probably one of my favorite “celebrity” performances on this show to date.  It was a really great performance.

Back to the results, and Jason Castro, who the judges loved this week, is safe.

Kristi Lee Cook is next, and for the first time this season, it seems, she is not in the bottom three.

Which means that Syesha Mercado, Michael Johns, and Carly Smithson are in the bottom three.  Let me take a second to say: “WHAT THE HELL AMERICA?”  Seriously?  What show are you watching?

Okay, deep breaths.  The show comes back with Bono and some more “change the world” messages, including words from the presidential candidates.

And back to the results.  And shocker of shocks, Michael Johns has received the lowest number of votes and is going home.  First big shocker of the season for sure.  Man, did America get this one wrong.  Seriously?  Michael Johns is going home before Kristi Lee Cook?  Before Syesha?  Before Jason Castro?  Wow…it is a shocker.  But, that is American Idol for you. 

Damn it, the hot Aussie is gone!  There goes the only bit of eye candy on this season.

And that’s all folks, see you next week.




2 responses to “Idol Giveth, and Idol Taketh It Away.

  1. Flippin’ ridiculous wasn’t it! I was in shock and then pure awe when Ryan said the girls were safe. Definitely there were more deserving people who should have been in the bottom three even.

  2. we were stuck hiding in the laundry room due to a tornado. i was surprised the next day to learn of his leaving but he’ll have success like some of the others.
    i think its funny on country night they showcased phil stacy, who’s never had a single out even, and bucky covington who’s just recently started out, and yet to this day they’ve never mentioned josh gracin, who has had 2 top 10 hits on country radio. whuzzup with that? he wsa in the top 10 wasn’t he? but they’ve steadfastly ignored his success. whatever.

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