Lucky Number 7 – American Idol

It’s Mariah Carey night on American Idol,  and Mariah is actually showing up to mentor the kids.  ow I know different folks have all sorts of opinions about Miss Mariah, and  do too, but overall, I really like her.  I think she’s a bit crazy, and a bit cooky, but she has an amazing voice and there’s just something about her that I really like.  But, she has some really tough songs so how will these kids fare? 

David Archuletta is up first and are those LEATHER PANTS he’s wearing?  Well then, check you out little David!  Singing “When You Believe”, he sounded great.  I think this was a great song choice for him, showcasing his voice, and really right along his style of song.  And I really do think he has a wonderful voice, but I just might be getting a tad bit bored with him.  Just a wee bit.  Still love him, I’m just not as excited about him as I used to be.

 Next up is Carly Smithson, who I’ve taken to calling “Cinderella” as I feel Simon, Paula and Randy are like the mean stepmom and ugly stepsisters treating her like the outcast family member.  She’s singing “Without You” and I thought she sounded “bloody fantastic”.  This girl has an amazing voice, and I’m really getting sick of the judges beating up on her.  SERIOUSLY?  They’ve really got to stop beating up on her. I’ve been saying it for weeks, and I need to know if I’m the only one who feels this way…the judges ARE trying to get her voted out, right?  It’s not just me is it?

Next up is Syesha Mercado, singing “Vanishing”, one of my favorite Mariah songs.  After two weeks tackling two other “major” songstresses’ songs, how would she fare with Mariah Carey?  I don’t know.  I think Syesha has a great voice, but I wasn’t in love with this arrangement.  I didn’t feel so much that she was “singing it” as she was trying to just showcase her voice.  It wasn’t a bad performance, I just didn’t completely love it.

It is Brooke White’s turn with “Hero” on the Piano.  Sorry folks, I just don’t get the fascination with this girl, she doesn’t do it for me.  And besides being slightly bored with this performance, I actually thought it was BAD.  She didn’t sound good.  She was “pitchy” dog, and it was just weird – Kinda rough…  I didn’t like it.

 And now it’s Nine Lives…uh, Kristi Lee Cook, singing “Forever”.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….boring.  I mean, okay, it was “alright”.  But…eh.  I think her time has come.

David Cook chose “Always Be My Baby” in order to “rock it up” a bit.  LOVED IT.  He almost lost me for a moment, I loved how he startd, but then, I thought the beginning part went on “softly” just a bit too long, but HOLY CRAP, he brought it back and completely won me over.  LOVED IT!!  And I believe this is his second performance of the season that I plan to download.  As soon as I geta job, and can spend money frivolously again that is. 

And finally its Jason Castro, singing “I Don’t Want to Cry”  (another of my fave Mariah songs).  Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?  I really think he’s unique, and has a beautiful soulful voice.  I can completely understand that he’s not for everyone, but his style is by far my style of music and I love him.  I thouht he was fantastic and I would also buy this song right now.

So, who’s in danger?  Were it up to me it would be between Brooke White and Kristi Lee Cook to go home.  That said, it is not up to me, and oh America, how you disappointed me last week!  So, I think Syesha or Carly could be in danger this week.

What did you think? 



3 responses to “Lucky Number 7 – American Idol

  1. The three girls who were not Carly weren’t worth air time tonight and aren’t worth commenting on either; one of them will go, and none too soon for me.

    Poor Carly gets reamed when she finally did some really smart things-covered her tattoos, smiled, relaxed, enjoyed herself, and sang quite well. Simon has a hate-on for her that kills me and he’s making himself look like an ass this season by it. But other people hate her too; I don’t get why. I think she is great.

    David Archuleta is boring me with his never-ending string of ballads and is really a one trick pony that just happens to be giving preteen girls wet dreams and thus is garnering votes. Yes, he can sing, but does it have to be soulful and sappy and inspirational every week? Give him a Nickelodeon show, I say, and call it quits.

    David Cook was remarkably good; that little grin he gave at the start made me like him, and Simon was right, a breath of fresh air. I thought Mariah week would be a clunker for him but he really brought it. Still, the rocker dude thing gets old fast on this show and he needs to get FUN next week and show a lighter side to continue to do well, I think. But he is capable.

    I can’t say enough good about Jason Castro. I thought he was great tonight, original, smart, great arrangement (Randy’s remarks prove to me that he has substance abuse habits to rival Paula’s at times-luau? WTF?), and I think he’s got wonderful potential, and he got away from the coffeehouse style he’s been pegged for with this-smart boy. His biggest stumbling block is his shyness and he’s growing on people slowly and opening up nicely; I still don’t think he will win, but I think he could sneak up and best one of the Davids out of the way of the top 2, that’s a real possibility if he keeps this up.

    I really want Jason to win, as I think he’d be the only Idol to just grin and give the camera a thumbs up when Ryan told him he was it 🙂 I like his laid back shy guy ways 🙂

  2. you are right about carly. the judges are unreasonably hard on her for no reason. i am really annoyed by it. if they want her to lighten up and have confidence then give complements where compliments are due. i think they hold her to a higher standard than the others and it’s just not fair. they have their favorites and carly is obviously not one of them.

  3. Suzanne, well, you were right, one of the three girls (besides Carly) did go tonight. None too soon for Kristi either, she stayed much longer than she should have.

    I’m glad someone agrees with me about Jason Cook. I just love him and hate that others don’t see what I see in him, you know? I’d love for him to win too, but I don’ think it’ll happen. Only time will tell, I guess.

    Jan, exactly! It really does annoy me to no end!

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