Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

It’s elimination night, and it’s Mariah Carey week, so the top seven kick off the show with their own rendition of my all time favorite Mariah (and Boys II Men) song, “One Sweet Day”.  With the exception of Brooke White, who only had one little line in the song, and I thought butchered even that small line, I thought the rest of them sounded great.

Not a whole lot of time wasting in the front part of this show tonight, we get right to the results.  Jason Castro is up first and he is sent to one side, but not told whether or not he is safe.  David Cook comes out next, and is sent to a separate side to form a new group.  Leading us to believe, therefore, taht one of them is safe, one of them is not.  Which is which?

Carly Smithson is out next, and she at least tells Simon that he’s been hard on her.  He states that he thinks she is “great”, and that is why he does it.  But is it too late for her?  She joins Jason Castro, and I’m thinking, maybe, it just might be.

Nine Lives is out next (Kristi Lee Cook), and she joins David Cook.  Is this her 5th life or is she in the bottom group?

Short commercial break, cute Ford commercial, and they’re back.  But first, a performance frm Elliot Yamin.  I can’t really tell you how his performance was, because after about the first stanza, I rememebered why I wasn’t a fan when he was on the show, and I fast forwarded.

Back to the results.  Syesha Mercado comes out next and is sent to join Jason and Carly.  And I’m thinking there’s out bottom three.  Not my picks, but America’s picks.

Brooke White comes out next, and man, I don’t really like her, I’m sorry.  But, she is sent to join the Cooks.  Could this be the bottom three?  David Cook being in this group could make one think not, but then, Michael Johns was sent home last week.

Commercial break and lets take a moment to celebrate the fact that So You Think You Can Dance begins in May.  LOVE THIS SHOW!!

And then we have the lovely waste of time segment with the question and answer segment, followed by a Mariah Carey performance of her new song “Bye, Bye”.  In a word?  Awkward.  I don’t want to say she was lipsynching, but…was she lipsynching or was it just…awkward?

And then we’re back with the results.  David Archuletta is left to determine which group will consist of the bottom three, and which will not.  Where will he be sent?  He is told, no big surprise that he is safe, and as is customary, Ryan begins to play games with the contestants.  He sends David Cook to swap with Syesha, leaving David Cook, Jason Castro and Carly Smithson in one group, and my pick for the bottom three, Syesha, Kristi Lee Cook and Brooke White in the other.  Knowing how America and I tend to always disagree on this show, this does not at all make me feel any sense of relief.  And then, of course, Ryan asks David to join the group he thinks is safe, and adorable little David takes a seat in the middle of the stage. 

And then the annoncement is made, and amazingly enough, my personal picks for the bottom three were dead on.  Kristi Lee Cook, Brooke White and Syesha Mercado.

But who will go home?  And Syesha is sent to safety, making me utter an audible “YES”…for the first time this season, America got it right in my book.  Either of these two girls can leave for me, and I won’t shed a tear.

And Nine Lives has run out of lives folks.  Kristi Lee Cook is going home.  Give the girl her credit, she left gracefully.  Fret not for Ms. Cook, she’s a beautiful girl, and will definitely find herself a career in Hollywood.  Her 15 minutes are not up just yet.

Next week the mentor is Andrew Lloyd Webber…should be interesting.





2 responses to “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

  1. thanks again for the updates. I tried to watch an episode on line – and it was like wrestling with the three judges (not to mention I got spiked with eleventy jillion adwares trying to get there)
    so, I gave up.

  2. I personally think that KLC is better than Kellie Pickler, and KP got a gig in Nashville and recently won 3 music video ‘buckles’ — Kellie was ‘cuter’ in an awe shucks kind of way but KLC can out sing her any day. I was kind of hoping she wouldnt go home because I thought the past 3 or 4 weeks she had gotten a lot better. oh well. and I hated that Ryan shuffled everyone. messed with my head. shucks. guess its time to move on.. peace!

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