Five by five, times two.

It’s Neil Diamond night on American Idol, and the top five will be singing two songs a piece.  This could make for quite the interesting evening, don’t you think?

Sporting a fancy fauxhawk, Ryan starts off the show, with a plug for Neil Diamond’s new cd, andwe get a glimpse at the contestants’ meeting with the legend.

Jason Castro kicks off the show with “Forever in Blue Jeans”.  I enjoyed this performance, I thought the song choice worked for him, and he seemed to have fun with it.  I thought it was a bit disjointed with one verse being “high” the other being “low” in his “register” (isn’t that what the pros call it?), but overall, I liked it.

David Cook is up next singing “I’m Alive”.  Rockstar!  He nailed this one easily.  I still think he needs to watch his cockiness so he doesn’t become over-confident and annoying, but he can deliver.

Brooke White is next with “I’m a Believer”.  What is it that Simon says?  Oh right, (Imagine the accent, if you will) “That was all, a bit…karaoke”.  I STILL don’t get the fascination with this girl, and this song did nothing for me.

Next up is David Archuletta with “Sweet Caroline”.  Now, I have to tell you, as a Red Sox fan, this song is sort of our anthem, so we’re partial to it.  I liked what he did with the arrangement, and I really think he made the song his own, and it worked for him.  I also liked that he was smiling through the whole performance and looked comfortable, like he was having fun, and not “awkward” like he has a tendency to look.

Syesha chose “Hello Again” for her first song.  I think of the five contestants left, Syesha has the best “vocal” ability.  She has a beautiful voice, and this song was simply that…beautiful.

A quick recap by the judges and Paula Abdul reveals she’s HIGH as a kite, thinking they’ve all already sang twice.  Right…okay.

Back to the show and Jason Castro with “September Morn”.  I will say what I think I’ve been saying from the beginning, I know not everyone loves this kid, and I don’t necessarily think he’s the best singer in the competition, but I love him.  I love his voice, his charm, and I really think I could and will buy his albums.  That said, this wasn’t my favorite by him.

David Cook with “All I Really Need is You” is up next.  Okay, I LOVED the beginning of this song.  His voice was very reminiscent of “Lifehouse”, which is my favorite band out there today.  In fact, the whole song sounded like a lifehouse hit, I LOVED LOVED it.  I think he took the judges words to heart and put his ALL into it, and it showed.  It was beautiful.  ROCKSTAR.  This kid WILL win it all.

Brooke White makes attempt number two with “I am I said”.  Well, I definitely liked this performance better than her first, I actually thought it was very nice.  I still don’t love her, or get her, and I think she’s phony as all get out, but it was very nice.

Little David Archuletta is “Coming to America” next.  Snore.  Don’t get me wrong, he sounded great as always.  He has a great voice, and always nails the vocals, but…BO-RING.  He just doesn’t excite me like he did in the beginning.  He’s talented, just…blah…

And finally, Syesha closes the show with “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime”.  What a fun performance.  She sounded great, and had so much fun with it.  I really loved it.  Although, America doesn’t love her, so was it enough to keep her in?  Simon doesn’t seem to think so, and I’m not really sure either.

Okay, here’s my take…after tonight’s performances, I think only the two David’s are safe, and I really do think it’ll be a battle of the David’s at the end.  That said, Jason Castro gets the “little girl” vote, because they adore him, so he could be safe too.  Brooke White should MOST DEFINITELY go home this week, but I don’t think she will, I think it’ll be Syesha who goes.

What did you think?  I’ll be back with results tomorrow, and I’ll have a Thursday Thirteen up here this week, come on back, won’t you?



2 responses to “Five by five, times two.

  1. i think i agree with you about who will go home etc. the only thing i liked about castro was the ‘shrek song’ — its a fave of mine even though i’ve never heard the whole thing, its just soft and sweet “i heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don’t really care for music do you”… whatever that is, he sang that really well but the rest, meh.

    anyway, i think they’re ALL rapidly approaching mass fakeness and I still dont dig the little one.. archuleta? but oh well.

    i agree cook will probably win and do fairly well for himself. he seems to take any song and make me dig it including Eleanor Rigby, I about sheit and fell off of my sofa when he started singing that. my hubby wasn’t impressed at first but then the second time he heard it he liked it.

  2. It’s getting tougher and tougher, but for some weird reason, I am thinking it’ll be Jason to leave tonight. Should be Brooke, but I think Jason.

    I’m at the point that I’d really like to see David A. leave. Yes, he’s got one helluva voice, but he is SO “boyband”. David Cook will be this season’s winner.

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