The results are Unwritten

Yeah, okay, that title is a bad play off of Natasha Beddingfield’s song title…whatever. 

I’m obviously watching the show late tonight, as I was out for dinner with friends…benefits of unemployment, late dinners on weeknights and no set bedtime.  Gotta look at the positives.

Okay, Okay, back to the show.  We start off with a tribute to Neil Diamond, and let’s be honest, the whole thing sounds karaoke and weird, except for David Cook’s part, which he rocked.  The rest of it…just bad.  Bad…real bad.  Yikes.

I have to hand it to Ryan for squashing the Paula rumors (even though we’ll still believe them anyway) in a classy and sweet way.

Okay, so, results time.  Jason Castro is out first, and he’s safe, as I said he would be.  I’m telling you, the little girls love him.

Up next is Little David…Archuletta that is.  And he is, of course, safe as well.

I’d say it’s time for some time wasting now, but HELLO, it’s a segment on my FAVORITE REALITY competition, So You Think You Can Dance, so I can’t possibly say that.  Oh man, I couldn’t even take my eyes off the screen.  I can’t even explain to you how much I’m looking forward to this show.  I can’t wait!!

Back to the results, and David Cook is up next.  He is safe, as if there was any doubt.

So, once again, the girls are in the bottom two.  I called this, and if you remember, I said that although I believed Brooke should go home, I thought Syesha would go.  Was I right?  Well, we’ll find out later, because now it is time for some more time wasting.

Natasha Beddingfield is on the show performing her song “Pocket Full of Sunshine”.  I love her and her music.  Fun!  And how cute was it that she wanted to go over and hug “Little David”?  Cute.

And the there was that stupid segment with the call in questions.  Although, it was cute that Simon’s first crush called in.  He seemed to be genuinely glad to hear from her…a side of Simon we don’t often see.  Cute.

And then it was time for Neil Diamond to perform one of his new songs.  It’s Neil Diamond, what can you say?  Even if you’re not a fan, you have to admit he’s a legend for a reason.  And I actually really enjoyed this song.

And finally, it’s time for the results.  And hey, I was wrong…Brooke White is going home.  I can’t really say I’m too disappointed, as I felt she should be the one to go home.  I don’t think Syesha will make it to the end, but I do think vocally, she’s the strongest contestant left in the competition.

Well folks, that’s a wrap for this week.



Next week is Rock and Roll “Hall of Fame” week.


2 responses to “The results are Unwritten

  1. how do you know what the theme is? i never hear them say. anyway, thanks for the update.

  2. I think we are Syesha fans now at this house.

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