And then there were two

Keeping the recap short and sweet tonight, because I have lots to do getting ready for a little “get-away” weekend.

Tonight on Idol we find out who the final two will be.  The show opens with the three hopefulls performing “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”…a decent performance considering how different their styles are, and the fact that this song didn’t fit any of them.

Then a pretty powerful and fun performance by a red haired Fantasia Barrino.

And then we took a look at videos of all three and their trips home last week, as well as their “journey” on Idol.  Some of these were pretty moving and sweet, actually.

Finally, it was results time.  Would it be a shocker, or would it be the Two Davids as expected?  David Archuletta is announced as safe first, and then it would be…David Cook.

Indeed, it’ll be a battle of the Davids next week.  Syesha going home tonight.  There you have it.



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