A Tale of Two Davids

Tonight begins the two night Finale of American Idol, and it’ll be a battle of the Davids.  David Cook the rocker and David Archuletta the 17 year old boy wonder. 

In true American Idol fashion, the show was full of extras and special guests.  With a “boxing” theme to the show, kicked off with an “In this corner” type announcement, and three rounds to fight it out, since they’ll be doing three songs each, the final challenge is here.

David Cook kicks off the show with the Clive Davis song choice of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.   Right off the bat Cook has made this song his, and I love it.  As this season has progressed I’ve become more and more a fan of his voice, and with this song he’s done it again.  Regardless of the outcome, his will be a cd that will no doubt be added to my collection.  Loved this performance, I thought he nailed it. 

David Archuletta’s first song, and Clive Davis song choice is “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John.  I though he had a bit of a rough start, but once he got going, he sounded great.  This kid does have a fantastic voice.  That said, he’s just not very exciting to watch or listen to, is he?  He sounded great, no question about it, but it was just…eh for me.

And then to song number two, which is the contestant’s choice from the top ten songs America has written for the winner to sing.

David Cook chose “Dream Big” by William (I think) Shackleton.  This was a rough one for him.  I thought he started rough, and had a hard time connecting with the song.  And the final note was a bit “pitchy dawg”.  But I still love his voice and still enjoyed the performance, it was fun to watch.

David Archuletta chose “In this Moment” by Ryan Gilmore.  Another slow song for the teenage crooner.  Again, he has a beautiful voice and sounded great, and yet, I had to force myself not to press the fast forward button.  He just doesn’t “grab me”, you know?  Still, it was a very beautiful performance from him and pretty much flawless.

And for Round Three it’s “Contestant’s Choice”, they can sing anything they want. 

David Cook picked “The World I know” by Collective Soul, not a very well known song, and not a song he’s performed before, but a beautiful song, and I think, perfect for his voice and style.  I loved it.  Again, I just love the quality of his voice and what he does with it, and can’t wait to see this kid BLOW UP on the music scene.  He was very emotional at the end of this song, and I think he did a beautiful job.

David Archuletta chose to sing “Imagine” once again.  Smart choice for the boy wonder, no doubt, as the first time he did this song it was one of his best performances.  Tonight he was fantastic, and this performance was the first time tongight I wasn’t tempted to reach for my remote to fast forward through it.  It was beautiful…simply beautiful.

So, predictions?  Well, as we’ve always seen with American Idol, it really is anyone’s game, because who knows how the audience will vote?  That said, based on tonight’s performances alone, I think David A. took it.  For me, personally, I still think David Cook has more of the “it” factor, and I’ve wanted to see him win it for weeks now.  Still, I think Little David has this one in the bank.  And really, between the two Davids, they’re both great in their own way, so, let the best man (or boy) win it tomorrow night. 

David Cook will outsell David Archuletta once their albums are out though, I’m calling that one.

Come on back tomorrow night, I’ll recap the star-studded results show.  And then starting Thursday my favorite reality show returns.  Stay tuned for So You Think You Can Dance recaps.  Also, I wasn’t going to watch it or recap it, but I’ve learned that a friend of mine is one of the bachelors on this season’s Bachelorette, so I will be telling you all about which one he is, and I’ll begin recapping the show next week as well.

Till tomorrow!


One response to “A Tale of Two Davids

  1. hubby and I watched. We both agree that DA can get tiresome — like you said, beautiful voice. So many songs sound the same.
    The DC last song was fantastic. We thought that he nailed it. But did you notice that when they played the little “spot” they chose one where he went off key? weird.

    We’ll see both no matter what the outcome

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