So You Think You Can Dance?

Tonight was the season premiere of my favorite reality competition “So You Think You Can Dance”.  I’ll save my “play by play” recaps until the actual competition begins, because you can’t really recap the audition process.  But, can I just tell you, I LOVE this show.  As with American Idol, you have your fair share of the idiot auditions, but there is also so much incredible talent in these auditions.  Already, within the first hour of auditions I fell in “dance” love with three dancers who’ve made it to the Vegas auditions, which is the “You’re Going to Hollywood” of Dance.

In the second hour I fell in dance love with a few more, and laughed until I almost cried during the last audition of the day.  In a good way, not a bad way.  This kid was amazing and fun to watch. 

This is no doubt going to be a fantastic season of the show. 




3 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance?

  1. I thought I would give the show a try just to see what it’s like. I am not all that into dancing, but you and a friend of mine convinced me to give it a watch. I’m so out of my element. I think I will enjoy it more once they get to Vegas, and so I may skip most of the early auditions.

  2. LF, Yeah, don’t give up on the show based on the auditions, because this part is painful even for me…once the actual competition really kicks off, it’s amazing!

  3. Regina says : I absolutely agree with this !

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