The Bachelorette – The first dates

It’s episode two of The Bachelorette, and the boys are moving into their digs.  Most of them are relegated to the “guesthouse” with bunk beds and an outdoor shower.  Three of them will get to live in the mansion with Deanna.

The first date takes place at a “magic show”.  All the boys are jokeying for her attention and for some alone time. 

The second date is a one on one with Graham, a day at the beach.

The third date is at Dodger Stadium, and it is in this group date that my old college buddy Eric is a part of. 

Eric?  Not talking much.  In fact, we’re about an hour into the two hour episode and I don’t think he’s said a word yet.  What a disappointment, how am I supposed to enjoy the fact that one of my old buddies is on the show if he doesn’t say a word?

Well, before we get to the roses, let’s get to some of the feelings about the guys so far.  There’s Graham, the one she went on a one on one date with, and called smokin’ hot.  I’m not quite feelin’ him as much as she is.

Jeremy is adorable but he reminds me of someone I’d rather not remember, so that works against him for me.  However, since Deanna won’t have that issue, I think he actually seems like a really good guy, and I think they could be a good match, possibly.

Eric?  I’m not at the end of the show yet, but he’s SO going home tonight.  Dude, we know you’re greek, get over it.  But then, when I knew him back then, in college, it was also always all about the Greek thing, so it’s no surprise.

Ryan is adorable, love him. 

Robert,the chef, is, in my opinion, a jackass.  He hasn’t done anything specifically bad yet, but just some of the things that have come out of his mouth so far, I think he’s a bit sleazy.

Jason, the single father, is HOT.  I love him.  If she doesn’t want him, I’ll take him.

Richard, the “geek” is a sweetheart.  Twilley bugs me for some reason, he sort of reeks used car salesman to me.

Ron got ugly real fast, getting really mad about Jeremy receiving a rose a second time in a row.  The jealousy is understandable, but getting ugly is not going to win him any pointers.  But he could still redeem himself.

Jesse, the pro-snow boarder, seems fun and laid back.  I didn’t get him at first, but he’s growing on me.  I like how real and down to earth he is.

So, then it is time for the rose ceremony, who’s going home?  Paul, Graham and Jeremy have already received roses from their dates earlier on, so not only are they safe, but they’ll be living in the mansion with Deanna for the next three days.

Also safe for another week?  Ron, who’s jealousy didn’t get the best of him yet.  Jesse, the free spirit.  Robert, the chef, who I think is sleazy.  Bryan, who I don’t really know enough about to comment on yet.  Jason, the single dad.  Fred (who?).  Sean, the martial arts guy. Richard the self-proclaimed “geek”.  And Twilley (really?).

Which means that going home tonight, are Ryan, Chris, and Eric, my old college buddy.  I told you all he wasn’t going to last.  He just didn’t have any personality, and didn’t really show her that he had anything to offer besides his Greek heritage.

Thus ends another episode.  My old friend is gone, but now I’m hooked, so I’ll keep watching and ‘ll keep re-capping.


4 responses to “The Bachelorette – The first dates

  1. One thing I’m very aware of is how lousy the dates are compared to what the bachelor has with the girls.

    Do you think they are running out of money.
    Gee… a magic show. Looked boring.
    A day on the beach. Yes, nice- but it was so ordinary. Singing the Natl Anthem. Sleazy.

    Oh. I must be in a poor mood

  2. I’m so completely addicted to the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows and am so glad you’re doing a weekly recap! One of my former bosses was one of the finalists to be the last Bachelor but was beat out by the British guy.

    I’m with you pretty much completely on the guys. The chef is bugging the crap out of me. Twilley? Really? I can’t figure out why she’s keeping him around. I would have been creeped out to find him waiting at the front door for me when I came home.

  3. Pamela, I agree with you, the dates are pretty lame (although I’ve never watched the Bachelor, so I can’t compare).

    Saunering Soul, Exactly…Twilley? The Chef? Really? YUCK!

  4. OhMyGosh, you knew the Greek guy – what a hoot! He is certainly into his Greekness, eh?

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