So You Think You Can Make Me Shed a Tear?

If you don’t know me by now, here’s a little peek into my soul.  A really good dancer can bring me to tears.  There is something about dance that touches me in the depths of my soul.  I wanted to be a dancer growing up, and not pursuing that dream is probably my only true regret in life.  It is not something that I dwell on, or even think about regularly, but whenever there is quality dance going on, I will stop in my tracks and breathe it in.  I have no words to describe how the art form of dance touches me, so I won’t even try, I’ll just tell you that a really good dancer can bring me to tears.

This is why “So You Think You Can Dance” is one of my favorite reality shows on television today.  This is also why watching the audition process is so incredibly painful for me.  The bad auditions not only annoy me, they downright piss me off.  These morons are taking up space on my television that could be much better filled with actual talented dancers, and that completely irks me.

Yeah, I get how these shows work, and I know that somebody out there must enjoy these farces, otherwise they wouldn’t keep putting them on.  After all, it’s all about ratings, isn’t it?  Still, it gets old really fast, and I want to see the other dancers, the ones who can take your breath away with their incredible moves.  The ones who can move their bodies in ways most of us can only imagine.  The ones who can reach right into my chest, pull out my heart and pull on the heart strings.  They are the reason I watch this show, and I suffer through the bad auditions for them, counting down the days until the real competition begins.

Until then, I’ll have to settle for the snippets of the good, the amazing, the incredible.

In the first hour of tonight’s episode, there were plenty of those moments, and one even brought a few tears to my eyes with how beautifully she moved.  (If you’re curious, it was the choreographer’s daughter, the 18 year old who was in High School Musical).

There were several other dancers who were put through to Vegas that I am looking forward to seeing more of. 

Tomorrow night we get another two hours of auditions, the good, the bad and the really really ugly.

Still, I’ll be watching just to get a glimpse of the next “wow” moment.

Do you have a favorite yet?


3 responses to “So You Think You Can Make Me Shed a Tear?

  1. I’ve never danced (long story)

    I thought that the judges ofttimes ‘agitated’ the contestants who did poorly just to make camera fodder …?

  2. I don’t plan to blog until they narrow down the field but I felt so sorry for the guy who tore his hamstring last night.
    Auditions are difficult because they don’t show us everyone they send to Vegas. I just cannot believe that Sex showed up yet again. That woman last night too was just bizarre. I had hoped to be a dancer, but my body wasn’t made for it.

  3. I always wanted to be an actress – sigh I know how you feel.
    Waving at you from New York

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