The Bachelorette – Sing a little song for me

There are nine bachelors left, and their first challenge tonight is to write and perform a song for Deanna.  The prize?  A one on one date with the Bachelorette.

Up first is Fred the lawyer with a country version of a little kid song…Randy would have said he was “pitchy dawg”, but thankfully this isn’t American Idol.

Graham’s wasn’t very memorable.  Robert was actually pretty good.  Twilly I STILL DON’T GET.  Jeremy rapped.  Wait…let me say that again…Jeremy rapped?  Yikes.  Sean…eh.  And Jason didn’t actually sing, but you know, he’s still cute.  Jesse the skaterboy was cute too.  Brian kind of “rocked it out” a bit.  All in all it wasn’t horrible, and it was funny as hell.

When it was all said and done, Skaterboy took the one on one date.

His one on one takes place at a theatre, with a small table set up for a romantic dinner for two.  Jesse showed a different, more serious, even slightly romantic side of himself on this date tonight.  I really like this guy.  I think he’s a real down to earth guy, but really sweet too.  And then Natasha Benningfield (Beddingfield? whatever) serendaded the two of them while they danced…all together now…AWWWW.  Cute.

Meanwhile, back at the “outhouse”, the guys find out who will be going on the group date, and which two guys will be “battling it out” on a “two on one” date with her.  Those two are Robert the chef and Fred the lawyer.

The group date, with Brian, Jeremy, Graham, Jason, Sean and Twilly is at a stock car race track.  The winner of the “speed race” for some one on one time with Deanna is Sean, the martial arts guy.  Honestly gals, I realized tonight that this guy is still here.  I had one of those “OH, he’s still here?”  He seems like an alright guy, but he hasn’t had much screen time, so I don’t really have too much of an opinion on him yet.

I’m still having issues with Jeremy…I think it really does have a lot to do with the fact that he reminds me A LOT of Mr. Vain, but it’s more than just that, he just comes across as…too much.

Graham might have blown it tonight, showing his green.  Jealousy is an ugly ugly beast, and you enter a game like this, you have to be able to “control” that somewhat, at least in front of her.

At the end of the group date, Sean gets the rose.

After an impromptu party thrown by the “outhouse” boys, which backfires RIDICULOUSLY and results in Deanna leaving the party in tears, it is time for the Two on One date with Fred and Robert.

Okay, Robert?  I’m going back to my first thought about him…I don’t like him.  I don’t like him even a little bit.  I think he’s sleazy and slick and ick.

Fred however?  He’s kind of sweet.  He could grow on me.

ICK!!!  Oh sorry, just a delayed reaction to Robert.  ICK.

Good for Deanna for realizing that ICK factor, and kicking Robert to the curb!  SEE YA!!!  With his crocodile tears.  Spare me!

And yet, Deanna chooses NOT to give the rose to Fred either.  Not seeing a long term connection with him, she chooses to send him home.  Fallen into the “friend” zone, Fred suffers from the “good guys finish last” syndrome in this situation. 

AH, chemistry is a bitch, ain’t it?  If it ain’t there, it ain’t there, you can’t force it, you can’t fake it, and you can’t make it up.

And bonus points to Jason, who was at the mansion ALONE after Deanna sent the other two home, to comfort her. 

So, it’s time for the rose ceremony, who will stay and who will go?  There is only one guy going home tonight, so who will be the odd man out?

Jason, the single dad, is safe.  As is Jeremy.  And Twilley?  Really?  Okay.  So, the final rose will either go to Brian or Graham, who will it be?  Graham it is.  Brian is going home.

That’s all folks!







4 responses to “The Bachelorette – Sing a little song for me

  1. Jason is a good guy…I know his ex-wife Hilary. She left him out of the blue for no other reason that she didn’t want to be married or be a mom anymore. She decided Art classes were more important than her son. He is a wonderful father and has full custody. He was left broken hearted but has handled everything amazingly. He is a genuine person that deserves real love.

  2. do you watch nashville star? i wrote about it on my blog. man those guys pissed me off.. whatever. 😉

  3. Seriously, a12, you know Jason? In case you didn’t read my previous “recap post”, I put it out there that if Deanna doesn’t pick him, I totally will offer my shoulder for him to cry on, so…if you want to pass that along. 😉 Honestly though, he really does seem like a good guy, genuine and sweet.

    Jill, no, I don’t watch nashville star…I’ll drop by your blog tomorrow and check out what you had to say! 😉

  4. I’m late to comment on this, but once again I completely agree with you on everything in your recap. I was so happy to see Robert go. Ick is right!

    And I’m glad to hear from a12 that Jason is a great guy because I’m really digging him.

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