So You Think You Can Meet the Dancers?

It’s here, it’s here!  The competition finally, officially, kicks off tonight.  With two Chelsea’s, two Courtney’s, a Mark a Marquis, and some other funky named dancers (Comfort, Rayven, Gev and Twitch?), the show is ON.

We start, of course with ten girls and ten guys, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do tonight.

 The first couple dancing are Rayven and Jamie.   Rayven is a 28 yr. old “contemporary ballett” dancer.  Jamie is a West Coast Swing Dancer.  Together they are performing a hip-hop routine.  LOVED IT!  The ballerina and ballroom dancer totally pulled it off.  It was a fun routine, and I thought they did great.

Next up were Susie and Marquis.  Susie the high school teacher and salsa dancer, and Marquis the contemporary dancer, dancing the Smooth Waltz.  Yikes, that was a rough one.   They looked beautiful moving across the floor, but the lifts at the end were…yikes.  Still, it was a tough thing to do, and they pulled it off pretty well.  I did think they moved beautifully.

Dancing next were Kourtni Lind (who from the auditions was my favorite) and Matt, a contemporary dancer.  They are tackling a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore.  LOVED IT.  They were extremely sexy together, I thought.  The routine was fun, and they were really very sharp, I loved it.  I disagreed with Nigel’s comment about Matt being too “upright”, I thought he had beautiful lines and they did a great job.

 Next up the second Chelsea (T.), and Thayne, both contemporary dancers.  (really, what’s with these names?)  Tonight they’re doing the Cha-Cha.  HOT, HOT, HOT!  I thought they were HOT!  LOVED IT.

The second Chelsea (H) is up next with her partner Mark, doing a Mia Michaels contemporary piece.  For the record folks, a side note, Mia Michaels annoys the CRAP out of me, and I really really don’t like her.  That said, I think she’s an amazing choreographer and I love most of her routines.  So, that said…I thought this was another beautiful piece, and I thought they did a great job with it.  I really did like it, a lot.  I thought Chelsea was absolutely beautiful in this.  Loved it.

 With the most unique names perhaps, in the competition, the next couple are Twitch the hip-hopper who lost out on his top 20 spot to Hawk last year, and Kherington the 18 year old contemporary dancer.  And this Broadway piece was another HOT performance.  Very sexy, they were great!  The b-boy did a great job, put on a great show, and Kherington was sexy and beautiful!    LOVED IT!  It may actually be my favorite performance of the night so far!

 And then it was Comfort the hip-hop girl, and Chris, a contemporary dancer, doing the Jive.  Well, check out the little hip hop girl doing the JIVE, all “gussied up”.  I thought it was a pretty good performance.  They did well.

Next up is Katee, who almost didn’t make it to the top 20, and Joshua, the popper who just looks like he has a heart of gold, doesn’t he?  They’re doing a hip hop routine.  Wow.  There’s my first WOW of the season.  I loved, loved, loved this piece.  I thought it was absolutely beautiful.  Wow!  Katee did a fantastic job with something that I don’t know she knew she could do.  Joshua is fantastic!  WOW!!  I LOVED it.

 Jessica a contemporary dancer and Will a contemporary dancer who actually kind of resembles Will Smith a bit, doesn’t he?  Dancing a tango, trying to keep it hot and steamy, can they do it?  A few unsteady steps, mostly on her part, but overall, I thought it was a pretty good performance.  Will is pretty hot himself, and I thought he was great.  It was good.

 Courtney G, a contemporary dancer, and Gev, the b-boy from Kazikstan (seriously), are last doing a disco routine.  Eh…something was “off” with this one.  They weren’t bad, but I just felt like they kept “pausing” or something.  Unsure of their steps perhaps?  EH.

Unlike with my Idol posts, I’m not going to focus on the “bottom” here, I’m just going to tell you my favorites.  Maybe that’ll chance as the competition moves on, but for now, I’ll stick with the positive.  Tonight it was Kourtni and Matt, in their sexy leather routine, Chelsie and Mark with Mia Michaels contemporary routine, Twitch & Kherington with the Broadway number and my top pick of the night Katee & Joshua with the hip hop routine. 

What did you think?  Come on back tomorrow for the results show…if all goes according to plan, I’ll have videos of my favorite routines.





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