SYTYCD – Dance For Your Life!

It’s results night on So You Think You Can Dance.  Things run a little bit differently on this show, and although the audience votes, it is the judges who decide who will go home, after the bottom three guys, and bottom three girls “dance for their lives”.

The show kicked off with a REALLY WEIRD, yet strangely entertaining “group” number, which left Nigel tied up and gagged…uh…I did say weird, right?

And then we moved right along to the results.  The first three couples head out on the stage, and there is Twitch and Kherrington, who were HOT last night; so hot they skate right on through.  They are safe.  Chelsea and Thayne were next, along with Chelsie and Mark…how cute they paired the two Chelsea’s together…are they both safe?  They are.

Four more couples take the stage to find out their fates.  Matt and Kourtni, who I picked as one of my favorites last night, are the first couple in the bottom three.

Susie and Marquis are next and they are safe.  Now I would have picked them for one of the bottom couples, but hey, what do I know?

Comfort and Chris and Rayven and Jaime are the next two up.  Rayven and Jaime are in the bottom three, the other two are safe.

And then there were three…more couples that is.  Left to learn if they’ll be dancing for their lives are Katee and Joshua, and let’s be honest…not a chance, they were AMAZING last night.  Sure enough, they are safe.

So, it’s between Jessica and Will and Courtney and Gev.  Neither of these two couples blew me away, but I would definitely NOT have picked Courtney and Gev to be safe over the other two, but…that’s how it played out.

So, now the bottom six dancers all have solos to perform, to try to convince the judges to keep them around. 

But before that, a dance number by guest performers and poppers The Electric Bugaloos.

And now to the solos.  First up Kourtney Lind.  I loved this girl’s audition, but this dance “for her life” wasn’t my favorite.  Then it’s Matt.  He’s got beautiful lines, lovely.  Next up is Rayven, who does a funky, yet beautiful ballet routine.  And then Jaime takes the stage, and I think he really leaves it all out there, but I’m calling it, he’s going home on the boys’ side.  Last girl up is Jessica, who also put it all out there, but I’m not sure it was enough.  Last guy up is Will, and there is NO WAY this guy is going home yet.

So, who will it be?  As I said, I think for the boys it’ll be Jaime, but could be Matt, definitely NOT Will.  The girls?  It’s a toss up, but I’d say Rayven is safe, and I think the judges like Kourtni too much to send her home yet, but her solo wasn’t really strong, and the judges hate that…so, who knows?

But first, it’s The PussyCat Dolls, with a uh…yeah, right, whatever that was.  The guys in the audience sure enjoyed it.

And on with the results…Kourtni is safe, the judges loved her solo (what do I know?)  The judges are disappointed with the other two girls’ solos, bu tthey choose Jessica to stay, so it is Rayven who goes home tonight.

As to the guys?  As predicted, Will is safe.  Matt and Jaime?  It’s Matt’s technique versus Jaime’s personality, and technique wins out.  Jaime is going home.  I called that one, didn’t I?  I guess I know a little something at least. 😉

So, that’s it folks, more dancing next week.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!




One response to “SYTYCD – Dance For Your Life!

  1. I was so out of it I really did not catch much of this week’s shows, but was not disappointed in who went home, I felt their dance was trashy.
    I hate that so many have the same first names.

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