The Bachelorette Tells All

Two hours of The Bachelorette tonight.  The first hour is a sitdown with Deanna and the host, going over the stuff that’s been aired, that she felt, that she saw, and that she didn’t see.  Interesting to see what she was thinking…but I won’t be recapping the recap….I mean, really…that’s a bit of overkill, don’t you think?

I will, however, make a few comments: I really really like Jason.  I really really don’t like Sean.  AT ALL, not even a little bit.  A guy who is THAT MUCH into his own appearance…I don’t know, I’ve always had this rule about the guys I date, if they spend more time getting ready than I do, wear more jewelery than I do, use more beauty products than I do?  I’m just not feeling it.  It’s just not right.

Jeremy and Graham?  I’m still not sure about the two of them.  I think both of them are probably nice guys, but I think both of them are capable of breaking her heart.  But I think after the show tonight, and the “going home with him” portion, I like Jeremy a little bit more than I did before this.

Jesse I still love.  Twillie (or whatever his name is) I STILL DON’T GET.  I mean…at all!

Okay, now onto a recap of the second hour, where she narrows the field down to the four whose homes she will be going to, to meet their families.

So, she takes all six guys to Palm Springs for the week, and her first date is with Sean.  I may not like him, but Deanna sure seems to, so what do I know?  It did seem like a very nice date, and he was very sweet and said all the right things, so maybe I should cut the guy some slack.

Date number two is a group date, with the rest of the guys except Jeremy, but Twilly gets a ride on a helicopter alone with her first. I don’t think he made the greatest impression on that ride.  Then the four guys and Deanna go riding ATV’s in the desert.  On the ATV’s Jesse the daredevil made the best impression, Jason was a bit too straightlaced for Deanna’s taste and Twilly was in his own little world.  Then they head back to the pool to hang out and talk some more.  I don’t know about Deanna, but I fell in love just a little bit more with Jason.  Deanna, on the other hand is falling a little bit for Jesse.  She still has the hots for Graham too…but Twilly?  I think he pretty much got left in the dust on this date.

Deanna then has a one on one date with Jeremy.  I didn’t realize he’d never had a one on one date with her yet.  On this date they go to “Frank Sinatra’s house” and butcher one of his songs.  A little dancing poolside, and some romance, and I think Jeremy has sealed his position in the top four. 

So here’s my question folks, before the rose ceremony…Jeremy is a shoe-in, as is Graham, although, to be honest, I don’t she should choose him.  I think Twilly is out, so that leaves Sean, Jason and Jesse for the other two spots.  Who of those three will she send home?  Up to me, I’d say Sean, but it’s not up to me…I think it might be Jesse, because he didn’t kiss her when she was hoping he would, but it could very well be Jason, though…I’d be surprised.

Before long, it is time for the rose ceremony, and she’s got her mind made up, and is ready to go.  Who will it be then?

The first rose, no surprise goes to Jeremy.  The second, to Jason, and I did a little “yay” for him.  I just love this guy.  The third, again no surprise, to Graham.  And the final rose goes to Jesse.  And at this I am surprised, but glad, because I really think Sean would have been a bad choice for her.  I just don’t see them as a match.  And Twilly?  Well, I’ve never gotten the Twilly thing, so…you know…

So, that’s it…next week she’ll meet the families.

OH, and a little side note here, on a personal tip.  To my lovely commenter “a12”, who said she knows Jason in real life…seriously, if he doesn’t win this show (which I totally think he should)…HOOK A GIRL UP!  I’m not one to fall for people on tv, and all that silly stuff, but man if this guy hasn’t stolen a little bit of my heart! 😉




2 responses to “The Bachelorette Tells All

  1. You’re so funny! Here your life is practically perfect and you want a hook up? 🙂 Yummy Joe. 🙂

  2. I missed this show — I think I may go watch it on abc dot com. I just got distracted.

    But you recapped it well. There is something about Jeremy that just didn’t fit well with me in the beginning. Maybe I let the rest of the guys move me.

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