So You Think You Can Keep Me Awake?

Well, here in the Boston area, it’s all about the Celtics Championship win last night.  But due to that game being on so late, it’s also all about trying to keep my eyes open long enough to watch this show tonight.  The glass of wine I had earlier probably isn’t helping matters either.  But, no way am I going to bed without watching the top 18 do their thing tonight.  I’ve been waiting all week for this.

First up are Thayne and Chelsie, and they’re doing a Jazz piece choreographed by Mandy Moore.  I loved it.  It was a really fun dance, and I thought they were really good.  I know the judges didn’t love it, and I can hear what they said about it not being “hot” or “connected” enough, and they are probably right, but I don’t know, I liked it, I wasn’t looking for the connection I guess, I just enjoyed the dance.

Next on stage are Mark and Chelsea, who will be dancing an Argentine Tango, choreographed by Alex DaSilva.  I thought this was a pretty hot number, even with her “pinky” toe sticking out of her shoe in what looked like an extremely painful position.  They were fantastic. Beautiful and hot, and sexy and I thought they nailed this dance.  All their little leg flicks and things…wow.

Taking the floor now are Jessica and Will, with a hip hop routine by Cicely and Olisa.  UGH.  I really wanted to love this performance because I love Will, I think he’s amazing and incredible.  But I didn’t love it.  I thought Will was fantastic, but I thought Jessica did him a disservice, because they didn’t even feel like they were in sync, and she didnt’ have the “umph” you need with a hip-hop routine.  It didn’t have that “something” that it should have.  I think the whole thing felt SOFT, but it was because she was soft, which brought his game down a bit.  And it seems the judges agreed with me too.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

With a foxtrot choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux Kourtni Lind and Matt are next.  They were graceful, and classy, and beautiful.  Loved it.  Really, I can’t even think of much else to say, I loved it…elegant, beautiful.

At the half way point we have Gev and Courtney G. doing a contemporary Mandy Moore piece.  My first tear of the night.  I’ve shared how dance can make me cry, this is the type of thing that can bring that emotion out in me.  I saw a few technical “glitches” in there, but I still thought it was absolutely beautiful.  Beautiful and sweet, and lovely and sensual…I loved it.  Easily my favorite of the night so far.

Katee and Joshua are next, my favorite couple last week, this week doing broadway with Tyce Diorio.  They were great.  It ws a cute, fun routine, and they were great.  Nigel was even up dancing around afterwards.  But it was a fun routine and they did it extremely well.  I can’t say I was as crazy about them as the judges were, but I did love it.

Susie and Marquis are the next couple, doing a salsa routine by Alex DaSilva.  They were good, they were very good.  But it looked like work to me.  It just didn’t flow for me.  It wasn’t passionate, and I felt like I could almost see them do the counts in their faces and I don’t know…it just wasn’t there for me.  And considering from last week to this, I forgot these two existed, that doesn’t bode well for them, does it?

One thing I realized as I heard the judges commentary…It seems I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to dance.  They said “labored” I said “looked like work”…they said “no chemistry” I said “no passion”…hmm…

Then it was time for Twitch and Kherrington to tackle a viennese waltz by Jean-Marc Genereaux, inspired by and deidcated to his daughter.  How sexy was this routine?  Wow, Twitch the hip-hopper, is sensual and beautiful and sexy.  And Kherrington was graceful and amazing and beautiful.  I thought it was breathtaking, the whole thing.

And a side note…I really, really don’t like Mia Michaels.  I’m sorry, but I don’t.  I’ll say it again, she’s a fantastic choreographer, but I really don’t like her personality.

And the last couple up are Comfort and Chris.  Tonight they get Krump choreographed by Lil’ C.  I think with this routine it was the reversal of Will and Jessica’s routine.  Comfort was hard hitting and on point, but Chris was soft, and just not up to par with her.  He hit all the steps, but it just didn’t feel like “Krump” to me….it wasn’t hard enough.  I still think he did a better job than Jessica did in her routine, but eh…there was no grit in this routine for me.

And that’s it folks.  My favorites tonight, without a doubt were Gev and Courtney G, and Twitch and Kherrington.  I’m not picking bottoms at this point yet, because it can go in any direction when there are this many dancers involved, especally when they are paired up like this.

And I made it through the show, but man oh man, is my pillow calling my name…good night folks!




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