SYTYCD Results Night (I think I was sleepwatching last night)

What an opening number!  This is the kind of stuff I watch this show for.  KICK ASS!!!!

So, after a good night’s sleep (man, did I sleep DEEP last night), I’m ready to watch the results and see how out of it I really was last night as I watched.

Without much fanfare, the first three couples hit the stage to hear their results.  Joshua and Katee, who’s broadway routine made Nigel get up and dance are of course, safe.

Kherrington and Twitch, who danced a beautiful, breathtaking Viennese Waltz, and Chelsie and Thayne, who danced a funky Jazz routine, which I enjoyed, but the judges tore apart are next to find out what will happen to them.  Safe are Twitch and Kherrington.  Chelsie and Thayne are the first couple in the bottom three, and will be performing solos.

Next up, Chelsea and Mark, who did a fun and kind of hot Tango routine and they are safe. 

Matt and Kourtni, who did a foxtrot that was cute but “eh”, and Will and Jessica, who did a fun, but not hot enough hip hop routine are the next two couples.  They are both safe.

Then it’s to Susie and Marquis, who did a not so saucy salsa last night.  And not surprisingly, they are in the bottom three.

Left to find out their fate are Chris and Comfort who sort of Krumped last night, and Courtney and Gev who did my favorite routine of the night, a contemporary piece that I thought was lovely, even if the judges weren’t as crazy about it as I was.

And thankfully, the American audience agreed with me, because they are safe, Chris and Comfort are in the bottom three.

Then it was time for a guest performance by flamenco dancer Tino Nunez.  So, here’s the thing…you know I love dance, and you know I love men…but it turns out flamenco?  Not so much.  And hairless chested, greased up, sultry men?  Not really, no.

Now it’s time for the solos, and Chelsie Trail is up first.  These solos have to be tough things to do, no doubt.  I thought she moved beautifully. 

Thayne is next, and this kid have beautiful lines.  LOVED IT.

Susie is next, and here’s where I admit that I haven’t really liked this girl from the beginning.  Nothing specific, she just doesn’t do anything for me.  She can dance, but there’s nothing exceptional about her moves.

Marquis is next, and again, beautiful lines, and this kid gets some HEIGHT on his jumps.  I loved some of his moves, the jumps, the spins…he’s pretty great.

Then it’s Comfort’s turn to do her thing.  LOVE HER.  ‘Nough said.

And finally, it’s Chris.  He’s good, but compared to the other two…I think he’s in trouble.

And while the judges decide, we are treated to a performance by Flo-Rida.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really outgrown the “hip-hop thing” pretty much.  But I like this guy.  His stuff is catchy, dancy and fun, and let’s be honest, he’s H-O-T HOT! (well, at least until he takes his sunglasses off, then he’s just aiight).

And then it’s results time.  First with the girls.  Chelsie is safe, but warned that she needs to step up.  Between Susie and Comfort, for me, it’s a no brainer, Comfort should stay, Susie should go.  The judges agree, Comfort is safe.

Then on to the boys.  And big shocker for me, Marquis gets sent home.  I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that one.

Such is the nature of the game, however.

More dancing next week folks!



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