The Bachelorette – Meet the Relatives Edition

This week on The Bachelorette, Deanna goes home with each of the final four bachelors to meet their families.  This is the only time since my old college buddy Erik was sent packing that I wish he was still there, because I’d love to see his brother and cousin and some of his othe relatives or friends I knew back in the day.  But, besides that, there really wasn’t much more he could offer but Deanna or the show, so, I’ll just focus on the Final Four and hope Deanna doesn’t pick Jason, so I can track him down for myself.  I kid, I kid.

So, the final four are Jeremy, Jesse, Jason and Graham.  First she heads to Jesse’s world, learning to snowboard and attempting extreme sports in Colorado.  Meeting his parents goes well.  They are just as down to earth as he is, and the whole family seems like a good match for Deanna.  Seeing Jesse with his dad, talking things out was pretty cool, gave a new perspective on the guy.  I like him more now than I did before this episode, and I already liked him quite a bit.

And then it’s to Texas with Jeremy.  Riding in on a motorcycle to pick her up, and then takes her back to his place, which is a pretty nice pad.  After a trip down memory lane, through his photographs, so she can meet his parents, who are no longer alive, they share some really deep and tender moments when discussing their connection due to the loss of their mothers.  Then she gets to meet his two brothers and one sister in law.  And here’s the thing, I kind of fell a little bit for Jeremy tonight too.  All my reservations about him are sort of gone after this.

And she’s still got two more to go through.  I honestly don’t know how in the world this girl will be able to make the decision in the end, because these guys are all great catches, aren’t they?  Maybe I should go on the Bachelorette!

On to Seattle, to meet up with Jason.  How cute was he jumping up and down when he first saw her?  Then it’s time to meet his son, who he hasn’t seen himself in quite a while.  That daddy son reunion brought tears to my eyes, it was so cute!!!  As if I wasn’t already absolutely head over heels for this guy I’ve never met?  Sigh…Oh, right, this is about Deanna, not me.  So then Deanna goes to meet the parents, his brothers and sister-in-law.  Again, I thought this family was such a great fit. 

It’s funny how as I’ve watched this show, it’s gone from being merely a curiosity thing (mostly because someone I knew was in it) to being something where I actually care for this cast of characters and want the best for them.  I want Deanna to find love, I want these guys to find love, and I’m concerned for the ones who won’t be chosen too.  It’s strange, isn’t it?

And then there’s Graham.  Graham the hottie, but the one I’m least sure about of all four.  Will this visit change my mind about him as well?  Let’s head to North Carolina and see.  It’s obvious Deanna is so much more into him than he is into her.  She’s giddy and bubbly and jumpy, he’s “Graham”.   I think she may be a bit caught up in the physical attraction with him, and not seeing that he doesn’t have as much to offer in terms of a long term commitment.  But, maybe I’m being unfair.  So, they head off to meet his parents.  And in her conversation with mom, I think Deanna realizes Graham isn’t quite ready, and his parents know it too.  Then in alone time with Graham, he shuts down completely, and if that’s not all out there on the table for her, then she couldn’t ask for it more plainly.  If she doesn’t realize the uphill battle she’s going to be fighting with this guy, then she’s not nearly as smart as I thought she was.

So, then it’s decision time.  Four guys, three roses…who will she send home?  The first rose goes to Jesse.  The next to Jeremy (and I’ll tell you, I typed his name before she said it, I was that sure).  So now it’s between Jason and Graham, will she follow her libido or her brain…because come on, it’s a no brainer to me.  And Jason it is. 

Graham blew it, he had the chance, and he blew it.  And then with his goodbye, he made it even worse, I thought he was actually a little disrespectful to her.  Good riddance I say.  He couldn’t even look her in the eye, what a chump and a wimp.  See ya!  He leaves her with a letter for what?  So that she can have regrets about letting him go?  I don’t know, the whole thing just smelled bad to me.  That was a cowardly thing for him to do.  I’m mad at him for Deanna!  Really…ugh.

Okay, I’m over it now.

Next week, the guys tell all on a reunion show.






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  1. I’m going to catch it on abc dot com
    My TV was just off all week

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