The Two Coreys – This is great television folks

In case you don’t know, I was the BIGGEST Corey Haim fan back in the day.  Before he went all druggie and recluse on the world that is.  I’ve talked about my crush on Haim, and how my love for all things “The Coreys” did ran deep on my other blog.  Here’s a sampling, or two.

Last year, when they reunited for a “reality” show about their reunion, I was glued to the set, watching all the drama unfold, and once again saying “Oh Corey, how far you have fallen”.  I watched the show with the morbid fascination one has while seeing a horrific car accident unfold. Unable to take my eyes off it, yet disgusted with myself for being an active participant in the crowd.  I found every episode absolutely delicious in its dramatics.  Definitely highly scripted for a “reality” show, and yet, so real in the fact that these two guys have the sort of love/hate relationship only the closest of friends, or brothers, and worst of enemies can have.  I’ve never been a big Feldman fan, but I have to admit that of the two, he turned out the most well rounded…and that too fascinates me.  And then, there’s Haim.  Such a mess…a bit of a jerk too.  And yet, there’s still a part of me that wants to see him succeed. 

So, imagine my delight (that’s probably the wrong word for it, right?) when I discovered that despite a huge falling out, the two Coreys had decided to give this thing another try.  The Two Coreys was back for a second season.

WIth my trusty Tivo remote in hand, I sat back this afternoon to watch the first episode.  “Showdown”.  The two Coreys meet at a Deli to discuss their falling out, and try to figure out if their friendship can be saved.

I’ll spare you the antics throughout the episode that led up to their big meeting, Haim’s apartment hunting, Feldman’s meeting with his manager, Haim’s rantings about how Feldman has let him down, Feldman’s boasting about how great his life is, Haim’s moaning about how terrible his has been, Feldman’s wife actually being the driving force trying to save the friendship (which is surprising considering she hates Haim).  I’ll just cut to the chase.  Feldman shows up hoodie zipped up, sunglasses on, like a prize fighter ready for a match.  Haim shows up smoking a cigarrete and full of attitude.

Before we even know what hits us, the two are ranting about being 14 years old, and being raped, and molested and letting it happen.  WHAT?  Where the hell did that come from?  But more impotantly, did we just get confirmation that the much rumored molestation of Feldman by Michael Jackson himself is indeed a fact?

And NOW the credits roll?  WHAT???  It was just getting good.

Lucky for us, trusty Tivo gave me two episodes to watch this week, so onto “Couples Therapy” we go.

Seriously, the two Coreys are going to “family counseling”.  They’re going to talk it out, they’re going to yell at each other, and Haim is going to “paint his sadness”.  A lot of bickering later, and I really don’t think the two are even speaking the same language anymore. 

And here’s the thing, this isn’t reality, it’s reality tv, and we all know the whole thing is staged, and scripted, and planned to a certain extent.  But the reality underneath it all is that Haim is a really messed up individual, with all kinds of demons, and dependency issues, and watching this episode went from fascinating to downright depressing.  I think he’s lost, and yes, he’s a grown man, and he’s made the decision to be on this show, but I don’t know that he’s emotionally equipped to make the best decisions for himself, and you almost feel sorry for him, like he’s being used, laughed at, and taken advantage of, while he struggles with those demons.  The best thing for him would probably have been to have stayed away from the whole Hollywood thing forever.

It’s really kind of sad.

Will I keep watching?  Yes, because I really do want to see him get it together and succeed.  Do I think he will?  I’m not so sure. 


2 responses to “The Two Coreys – This is great television folks

  1. Who are you? Haim did more stuff before he was 18 then most people will ever do. So he’s a junkie. Bfd. Junkies can come back. It’s hard but doable. Go for it, Haim dog!

  2. Take a breath smith, and go back and read my second to last sentence…in fact, I’ll even retype it here for you: “I really do want to see him get it together and succeed”. So, in fact, I agree with you…so, breathe easy, I’m not attacking Haim…in fact, had you actually READ the whole post you would have seen that I was feeling bad for him because I think it’s sad that he’s being taken advantage of by this show, because he obviously has problems, and he’s being used due to those problems. If you knew me, and had ever read any of my previous posts on Haim, you’d also know that I was a huge fan, and really do want him to succeed. HOWEVER, that does not mean I can’t have an opinion about how screwed up he is right now. You can like someone and not like everything they do. But then, if you actually read what I wrote you’d know all this already.

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