So You Think You Can Heat Things Up?

It’s down to 16 dancers, 8 couples, and wearing what looks suspiciously like a lace doily, Cat Deely kicks off the show, and introduces the guest judges, Mary, Nigel and direcort of the movie Hairspray, Adam Shankman. 

But then it’s on to the dancing, and Kherrington and Twitch with a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  That was a fun routine and I thought they did a great job, but I was actually a little disappointed.  Not with their dancing, but with the actual choreography.  It was a little dull.  I was just hoping for something EXTRA, with Twitch up there, I wanted them to use him more wisely…I just thought it was kind of basic.  It was fun, they did a great job, but…I wanted more.  Still, I love these two, and so, I LOVE Them.  And I can’t fault them that I wanted more choreography, with what they were given, they nailed it.

Next up Courtney and Gev with a Rumba by Melani LaPatin and Tony Meredith.  HOLY HEAT!  SMOKIN’ HOT performance.  Great choreography, great job dancing, and holy smokin’ sexy dress (if you can call that a dress, the half that was there anyway) she was wearing.  STEAMY!  Fantastic job.  Really, hot.

Then it was Comfort and Chris’ turn to tackle a Jazz routine by Tyce Diorio.  Well, that was creepy.  But it was meant to be creepy, the choreography was crazy and nutty, and I thought they pulled it off.  I thought they were really in character, and I disagree with Nigel that Chris was too “soft”, I thought they were both really into it and creepy. It wasn’t a “wow” performance, but I thought it was good.

Taking the stage next are Jessica and Will with a Doriana Sanchez disco routine.   Okay, so here’s what I have to say, why is disco one of the styles on this show?  Does anyone outside of this show dance disco?  I’m just asking.  That said, with the choreographry they had, it was okay.  First of all, I have to be honest, I think Will is an absolutely beautiful dancer, he has the most amazing lines, and movements and holy crap this guy is a beautiful dancer to watch.  So much so that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and actually had to watch this twice so I could watch Jessica, because I missed her completely the first time.  And then, I was sorry I did it, because she screwed up quite a bit in this routine.  Still, they pulled it off, it was fun, some of those moves and tricks were fabulous, and Will is beautiful.

We jump over the half way mark with Kourtni and Matt doing a contemporary routine choreographed by “new to the show” Sonya Tayeh.  Hmm…well.  It was cute, well danced, fun. But it was an odd piece, wasn’t it?  Nigel said quirky and I think that’s true.  But they moved beautifully, and were very much hitting it all.

Showing us what they can do with a quickstep by Heather Smith are Thayne and Chelsie.  Not much I’m afraid.  I know the quickstep is a tough dance to learn in such a short time, and they did learn it, but…eh.  I just didn’t feel a single thing from this one.  It was boring to me.  I’m sorry, but I didn’t like it.

Would Mark and the other Chelsea fare any better with the second Napoleon and Tabitha hip hop routine of the night?  Well hell, I sure thought so.  This was a fantastic routine.  The choreography was great, they were great, the emotion, the moves, they were in sync, their facial expressions, everything.  I LOVED IT.  They rocked it!

Lastly, we have Katee and Josh dancing a samba choreographed by Melanie and Tony.  So, I smiled during that entire routine.  What does that tell you?  I loved it.  Who knew Joshua was so sexy?  And Katee?  Beautiful.  Besides the fact that they were obviously having a two for one sale on “half-dresses”, she looked great, and moved absolutely beautifully.  It was such a fun and sexy and wonderful routine.  Loved it.

So, my favorites tonight?  Definitely Katee and Josh, also Mark and Chelsea, Courtney and Gev and Will…just will though, not Jessica (sorry girl, it wasn’t there for me).

Hot show tonight, loved it.  Come back tomorrow for results night, won’t you?



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