SYTYCD – Down to Seven

Seven couples that is.  Two more will go home tonight, who will it be?

The show kicks off with a really funky group performance choreographed by Mia Michaels.  You know, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I may not like her personality, but Mia Michaels is an amazing choreographer.

Without wasting any time, Cat gets right to the results, bringing the first three couples out on stage.  First up are Chelsie and Thayne, who are the first couple thrown into the bottom three.  No big surprise there.

Then it is Katee and Joshua, who were HOT HOT HOT with the Samba last night, and they are safe.

And then it’s Chelsea and Mark, who’s routine was one of my other favorites last night…possibly my top pick, actually.  And they too are safe.

After a commercial break we come back to three more couples, Kherrington and Twitch kicking things off.  I love them, but didn’t love their routine last night.  But the judges did, and so did America, because they are safe.

Did America love Courtney and Gev, who Rumba’d like nobody’s business last night.  They did.  They are safe.

And that leaves Comfort and Chris to find out their fate.  Once again, not a big shocker, they are in the bottom three.

There are only two couples left to find out how the votes stacked up for them.  It’s between Kourtni and Matt and Jessica and Will.  Which two will “dance for their life”?  Again, I’m not highly shocked to see Kourtni and Matt be in the bottom three.  It could have gone either way, but Will is so freakin’ brilliant that he managed to save Jessica, I think.

Before the solos begin and the judges make their decision, I’m making a prediction…this week will be the first week where the judges will break up a couple when they send the two dancers home.

But before I can find out whether or not I’m right, it’s time for the guest dancers of the evening, and tonight we get a treat with three previous SYTYCD (Ryan, Dominique and Hawke) and their dance crew Quest.

Onto the solos, and Chelsie Trail is up first.  Beautiful!  Then it’ Thayne.  Again, beautiful.  Next up is Comfort.  Good…she put it all out there.  And then it’s Chris…Nice.   Last girl up is Kourtni Lynd.  LOVED it.  And finally, it’s Matt.  It was good.  Really good.

As the judges go off to deliberate, Jordin Sparks sings for us. 

And then it is results time.  First the girls.  And without wasting any time Nigel tells Chelsie it’s theend of the road for her.  She is a beautiful dancer, but I have to admit, she’s never grabbed me like some of the others.

And for the boys…it’s Chris going home.  Truthfully, it was in the cards, he’s never managed to “shine” in this compteition, I don’t think.

Like I guessed, the judges split a couple up tonight.  How will Thayne and Comfort do together?  Guess we will see next week.


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