The Bachelorette – Wanna Have a SleepOver?

There are only three Bachelors left, and Deanna now has to decide which one is the man for her.  It is time for the “overnight dates”.  Deanna is feeling a bit heartbroken after having let Graham go last week. 

Her first date is with Jeremy, in the Bahamas.  Jeremy is feeling the pressure, because he’s falling for her, and is feeling that he needs to tell her.  Once he does, I think he pretty much seals the deal.  Is it a sign of the times that we are so cynical now that when a guy seems this perfect we automatically think it can’t be real?  He must be lying about something?  Because I really like this guy, but I keep wanting to not trust him.  It’s not fair is it?

Deanna’s second date is with Jason.  I’m already in love with him, so I don’t know how she can possibly NOT be. haha…  He’s so freakin’ cute.  So, I am not by any means a “sappy” romantic, and yet, these two together?  Are so making me want to fall in love again. 

The final date is with Jesse.  Jesse’s held back but this week, he’s all in, full steam ahead.  After this date, Deanna is pretty seriously into him, and I’m wondering how she’s going to make her mind up about which guy to send home. 

Three overnights in as many days, three romantic dates, three guys confessing their love for you…that’s quite the predicament isn’t it?

Who will she send home?  It’s time for the rose ceremony, and I have to tell you, for the first time since this show started, I have NO idea who she’s going to send home.  I don’t think it’ll be Jason, but I could be wrong.  I’m thinking it’ll be Jeremy…and I don’t know why I think this, but I do.

So, here it goes: First rose goes to Jesse. The final rose?  To Jason.  I sort of saw this coming, but I’m still kind of shocked, and I actually feel for the guy, he looks seriously hurt and heart broken.  And yet…something’s still kind of “off” about him.  What was that whole “stop the car” I need to walk around looking lovelorn thing all about?  Weird, right?

Man, this show has actually pulled me in completely.  Who knew?

Next week the final two meet her family.  In the meantime, the second hour tonight is a “tell all” with the guys.  I’m obviously not going to recap the whole thing…but a few thoughts:

Fist of all, my old college buddy Erik is there tonight…let’s see if he can talk about anything besides being Greek…we will never know, he got exactly ZERO screen time tonight.  Why was he even there?

Also, about Jeremy?  After hearing him speak there, I guess the dude really is genuine, and I’m just being way too hard on him.  Poor guy, he got his heart broken and I’m giving him a hard time.

Graham?  I kind of get him.  He’s not a bad guy, and he wasn’t being false with her, he just isn’t the type of guy to go “all in” overnight.  He just wasn’t right for the type of show this is.  You know?

Well, that’s it for tonight…next week we find out who she chooses.  I have from episode one, and continue to vote for Jason.



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