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SYTYCD – And then there were four

Tonight we find out the results, and which four dancers will make it to the finale next week.  But first, we are treated to a beautiful performance by the top six to one of my all time favorite songs, Bette Middler’s “The Rose”.  Beautiful.

It’s almost results time, but first the judges take some time to address the dancers, give them a bit of a pep talk, some reality, and some fantastic praise.  And then we get to see one more solo from each of them.  They all do a great job, of course.

Then we get a great treat with a little bitty thing (a kid about 6 years old) doing some breakdancing.  How cute was he?  And he was good too.

And then it’s time to get down to business.  Starting with the girls, Katee is safe.  Then to the boys, and Joshua is safe.

Then it’s some weird, creepy, and not really good performance by Lady GaGa…uh?  Yeah, right, whatever…I’ll admit it, I gave it about 10 seconds and then hit the fast forward button.

And finally, we get to find out the results.  Back to the girls, and Courtney is safe…Chelsie is going home.  It’s how I would have voted, to be honest, looking back over her highlight tape, I realize that toward the end she lost it for me, but she was one of my favorites for the better part of this competition…she’s fantastic.

And then it’s time for the boys to find out their fate.  And Twitch has made the finale.  Mark is going home.  Once again, how I would have voted, although Mark is a fantastic dancer as well.

And that’s it folks…next week is the finale already.  I can hardly wait, because the performance episode is always JAM packed with fantastic amazing choreography and performances.  See you then!


So You Think You Can Make The Finale?

It’s the top six dancers, vying for a spot in the final four next week.  No time to waste, and lots to do.  I’m still thinking that Will was completely robbed last week, but, as Heather said in a comment to my post, he has nothing to worry about, he has a wild career ahead of him.  So, moving on:

The first couple is Courtney and Mark doing a Viennese Waltz.  They are absolutely beautiful.  They look like they’re gliding and walking on air, and smooth, and gorgeous.

The first solo of the evening belongs to Chelsie, and once again, she shows us that she can shake her hips and twirl around in circles.  There was a bit more spice in this routine at least.  But I just feel that her solos are always the same.

Next up is Twitch with his solo, and unlike Chelsie, he switches it up every single week.  I LOVED his solo, with the gold teeth and the Midas touch…very creative.

Side note, loved that Cat put on the gold teeth…too funny.

The next couple are Joshua and Katee, paired up again and doing a contemporary routine.  These two are just the most amazing couple together.  Breath takingly beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  They need to go on and work together professionally, because they are THAT good.

Next up are Twitch and Chelsie doing a Mambo number.  Well, chelsie got to do what she does best, which is shake those hips and twirl in circles, and I thought Twitch did a respectable job himself, but…it was just alright for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I wasn’t wowed.

The next solo is Katee’s and I think that it just must be really hard for these contemporary dancers to come up with something new week after week and therefore I’m being too hard on both Katee and Chelsie, so I’m going to cut it out, and say that she was good.  They are both beautiful dancers.

Then it is Joshua’s turn to do his solo.  LOVED IT!  He does thinks that make you go “WHAT?”  LOVE HIM.

And it’s time for round two, with Courtney and Mark doing a contemporary routine by new to the show (this season) choreographer Sonya.  Well Mark was fully in his element with this quirky and creepy piece, and Courtney ROCKED IT as always.  I LOVED THIS. It was so freakin’ cool.  LOVED. IT.

Katee and Joshua’s second number is the Paso Doble.  Wow!  FREAKIN’ WOW!!!  Talk about a power number.  Seriously, these two are…a-fucking-mazing.  Just…holy shit.  BEST. ROUTINE. EVER.

Can I just say for a minute too that I love that this show is all about equal opportunity objectification?  Not only do they put the girls in tiny little half-dresses, but they sure love to take the shirts off the men too.  Fair is fair.

Coutney has the nextsolo…I really just think she puts her heart and soul into her solos…when she dances, you FEEL IT.

The final solo of the evening is Mark’s.  I love him, I think he’s fun, and quirky and a great dancer too.

An the final routine of the night is Chelsie and Twitch’s hip hop routine.  Another fantastic routine.  Definitely better than their first one tonight, and so much fun to watch.  I loved it.

And there you have it, the top six.  Obviously, as evidenced by the results last week, it is anybody’s game still…what will happen?  Check in tomorrow to find out.

And a quick shameless plug…I have a great post over at Candid Karina, about the one I called my Soulmate…won’t you visit?

SYTYCD – Ladies Love Cool Dancers

Two more will go home tonight, LL Cool J will perform, and the dancers open up the show with a freaky, and weird dance number choreographed by Chuck Maldonado.

Without wasting anytime, we get right to the results, and the first dancer up is Katee, and she is told that she is safe.

Next on stage is Will…and he, is in the bottom two guys…WHAT????  WHAT??  America?  What the hell?

Comfort is next and she is in the bottom two girls.  No surprise there.

But Will?  Seriously America??

Mark is next on stage and he…is safe.  Mark looks as shocked as the rest of us are…WHAT?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Mark, but he’s safe and Will is in the bottom?


Next on stage is Chelsie and she is safe. 

Then we have Twitch and he is also in the bottom two.  Seriously, America?  WTF??

This of course means that Joshua is safe, right?  But why the announcements the way they’re being doled out?  Are we in for a “shocker”?  Will there be three bottom boys and only one bottom girl?  What’s the deal here?  And either way, one of my favorite guys is going home tonight…Twitch or Will…This is all kinds of wrong.  So, we know that Joshua is indeed safe.

And this means of course that Courtney is also in the bottom two girls.

Look, I know someone has to go home every week, and that in this show it actually has to be TWO who go, one boy and one girl…but if they send Will home I’m going to be REALLY TICKED OFF.  This guy deserves to win the whole thing.  And I love Twitch, but…WTF America??

So, while we sit and sweat the fate of these four dancers, we get a guest performance by a ballett couple. Simply beautiful…I’ve always loved ballett.

Then we get to watch the four bottom dancers do their solos again.  Comfort is up first, and lets be honest, it’s time for her to go…whether she will or not, is anybody’s guess though.

Next up is Will, breaking my heart with another beautiful solo.  SERIOUSLY?  WTF America??

Then it is Courtney’s turn, and she once again delivers fanastic solo.

And then it is Twitch…Seriously America?  WTF?  It is during his solo tat I realize it is very likely that it will be Will going home tonight…and my heart breaks all over again.

But first, before we can find out who will be going home…it’s Ladies Love Cool James himself on stage…L.L. Cool J. singing his new single “Baby”.  Say what you will, I still think he’s sexy as hell.  Oh, the song?  Eh…it’s alright.

And then it is results time for the girls, and Comfort’s time has come…for the secondtime this season, she is going home.

And then it’s time for my heart to be broken…Twitch and Will…my two favorite dancers in this competition  this season up against each other.

Did you hear that?  Yes, that was me, WTF AMERICA???  Will is going home tonight.  Let me repeat that…WILL is going home tonight.

I have nothing else to say.  I need to go cry now.  See you next week…I guess…I’m going to go watch clips of Will on YouTube.

So You Think You Can Tell Me what the heck IV Real stands for?

There are only 8 dancers left, and we’re two weeks away from the finale.  Holy Crap…two weeks?  Did this season go by fast or what?  And seriously, what exactly does the IV Real we keep seeing on all their shirts, and hearing them talk about stand for anyway?  Anyone?

Once again, this week the couples are all mixed up.  The first couple of the night is going to be Will and Courtney, doing a samba.  And it was HOT HOT HOT.  I loved it.  I do have to say that Courtney’s outfit was actually distracting and annoyed me, but other than that, I thought it was a great perfomance.  They had great chemistry, and made it look fun and steamy.

Then it was time for the first solo of the night, and it belonged to Comfort.  I’m still not the biggest fan of her solos, but it was good.  It just didn’t blow me away.

The next couple of the night would be Twitch and Katee, doing a contemporary routine, choreographed by Mia Michaels.  Wow.  No doubt that Mia Michaels is a freakin’ amazing choreographer.  Seriously!  From the full-on liplock to the serious fighting, to the door slamming it was crazy.  Crazy good.  Their performance was fantastic.  They were in it 110%, and the dancing was great…they moved so seamlessly and it was just great!  LOVED IT!

So far this night is shaping up as my favorite this season.

The next solo is Will’s.  And I LOVED IT!  Loved it because he took the opportunit to have fun with it, don a costume and a wig) get into character and STILL blow us away.  Without a doubt he is THE ONE to beat!

The next couple is Mark and Comfort with a hip-hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon.  Another great, fun performance.  Comfort definitely had the upper hand in this routine, and I was about to type the words “she is such a better dancer when she has choreography”, which I believe I’ve said before, but then Nigel said that same exact thing.  Mark wasn’t as “hard” but I still thought he was fantastic…both of them were…I loved this one as well.

What a great night this is.

The next solo is Katee’s, and she always has beautiful solos.  She has great lines, and always shows such emotion in her solos.  Love her.

The final couple is Joshua and Chelsie,doing an Argentine Tango choreographed by former contestant Dimitri. Wow!  Once again…another great performance.  Chelsie is just amazing, and I would say she stole the show, but Joshua totally rocked it too…so it was fantastic.

Mark’s is the next solo.  He is unique, he is quirky, but he is also good and a pleasure to watch.

For their second dance of the evening, Courtney and Will are doing a “slow” hip-hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Will.  And again, the song ended and I heard myself saying “Wow”.  I really enjoyed this one too.  It was just a very emotional piece and they totally had it and it was powerful and beautiful and I loved it.  LOVED IT!!!

Chelsie takes on the next solo.  I usually love her solos, but tonight’s I wasn’t all that impressed by it…we know you can shake your hips and twirl around…but is that all you’ve got?  It was sort of redundant.

Katee and Twitch’s second routine is a Broadway piece by Tyce Diorio.  I’ve said before that Broadway routines are not my favorite, and they are not.  However, I really enjoyed this one.  I thought it was fun, but it also had some great moves and a fun story line.  And I thought they did a fantastic job.  Twitch, the “hip hop” guy, is so good at all these styles.  And Katee is just fantastic.  LOVE IT.

What a night!

Next doing his solo is Joshua.  His solos are always entertaining.  He’s such a cutie, don’t you always want to just pinch his cheeks?  But, I do love to watch his solos.

Then it was time for Courtney’s solo…she’s my favorite female soloist tonight.  Again it’s the emotion she puts into her solos…

One more solo, and it’s Twitch.  Not my favorite Twitch solo by far, I think he winged it tonight, didn’t choreograph it at all, and it wasn’t his best.  Still good, but not his best.

Next to a Jean-Marc choreographed Foxtrot for Comfort and Mark.  Not bad, not bad at all.  They didn’t blow me away, but they were pretty good.  The first routine of the niht that didn’t “wow” me, but it was good.

The final performance of the night is Joshua and Chelsie’s Disco routine.  I’ve questioned before why there are disco routines on this show, since NOBODY does disco anymore, but this could have actually been a fantastic routine. But in all honesty, as much as I love Joshua and Chelsie, I thought this routine was a bit sloppy.  Some of the tricks and lifts were amazing, but some of the basic steps were just a little sloppy, and Joshua even had a mistep that was almost a “fall”.  Still, it was fun, and I think that the amazing lifts saved it, because they were CRAZY good.

Overall, tonight was definitely the best night of the season.  FANTASTIC!!!!

Who will go home?  I think Comfort and Mark are in danger again, but then, America is voting, so anything can happen.  Tune in and stop on by tomorrow for the results.

And anyone…IV Real??

So You Think You Can Dance with a New Partner?

Yes, I know, I’m a day late with this post, but last night we took the teens to a women’s pro-softball game.  Thanks to TiVo, however, tonight I get to watch both the performances and the results show.  Ain’t technology grand?

So, we are down to the top dancers, and the couples will be broken up and mixed up starting tonight, and from this point forward, the audience votes will be the only determining factor as to who goes home.  No more “judges”.  They’re still there, they’ll still put in their two cents worth, but they won’t be making any decisions.

The evening starts with a bit of drama, as there are only four girls introduced at the top of the hour.  Turns out that Jessica has broken two ribs and fractured a third, and her doctors have told her she cannot dance for four weeks.  So, she is off the show, but will still be on the tour.  This means, of course, that Comfort is back in.

And then, finally, it was time to get to the dancing.  The first couple are newly matched up Courtney and Joshua, doing a hip-hop number choreographed by Dave Scott.  I really enjoyed this piece, the choreography was great, cute, and kind of funny too.  I thought Joshua was great, and even a little sexy, and Courtney was great…hot, and she nailed it.  Great piece!

Tonight, besides the partner dances, all the dancers will also be doing solos.  The first one of the night is Chelsea’s.  I think she’s adorable, and fun to watch, but her solos never “wow” me.  They’re good, but they’re not “wow” inducing, you know?

The next couple are Mark and Kherrington, doing a two-step.  We’re doing country on the show now too?  Okay, I can get down with that.  They started off pretty sloppy, to be honest, and although it had some good moments (in particular a few of the stunts), for the most part, I just thought they were pretty sloppy throughout.  It also felt really slow to me…like they were thinking every single step through…the beauty of watching these dancers weekly is how they can make the toughest moves seem so effortless…this one?  Seemed like SUCH hard work.  Not good.  Not good.  I do think Mark did better than Kherrington, she fully disapponted me, he at least pulled it off a bit.

The next solo is Gev’s, and even though he screwed up one of the “tricks” at the beginning of his routine, he completely redeemed himself by the end.  His solo I enjoyed.

The next couple are Twitch and Comfort, who is back due to Jessica’s misfortune and broken ribs.  Togethe they are doing a smooth waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson.  OH, they’re dancing to Journey!!!  Beautiful!  It was smooth, and lovely, and pretty…I felt Twitch gave himself over to his “character” more than Comfort did, but I thought it was very pretty.  The judges, however, were pretty hard on them, and looking back on the “replays” I sort of see what they were saying, but I still thought it was pretty.  I guess “pretty” isn’t nearly enough though.

Another solo, and this one is Courtney’s moment.  She, unlike Chelsea, always wows me.  She is a powerful dancer, strong, and always emotionally connected to her moves.  Love her.

The next couple is Katee and Will, doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine.  I always feel that for the most part, Broadway routines, although fun, are not exactly vehicles to showcase the dancers’ better talents.  Not true with this routine, however.  Both of them were really showcased, and it was a great performance.  Loved the characters, loved the jumps and stunts, loved the whole thing.  And hey, any excuse for Will to show us his chest gets my vote.

The next solo belongs to Mark and his unique style.  And it is unique, no doubt, but it’s also creative, and fun to watch, and technically strong.  I love watching him dance.

Next up are Chelsie and Gev, with a contemporary routine, choreographed by Sonya.  Unlike with her solos, when she’s doing a choreographed piece, Chelsia always, ALWAYS wows me.  She is fantastic, and totally commits and delivers.  And Gev?  The hip hop guy?  Is so good.  So good.  I loved this piece.

Dancing solo next,is Comfort, who’s solo, at this point, we’re a bit familiar with, and although good (because she is good), it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to switch it up a bit, do something new.

So, the couples have all performed their first routine, but it’s time for round two.  First up, however, is Twitch with his solo.  He’s one, for me, that I feel always switches it up.  His solo routines are always different, and always entertaining.  Love him.

Courtney and Joshua’s second routine of the night is the Rumba.  Kind of steamy!  Dancing to Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero”, it was sensual and sexy, and beautiful, and “wow”.  Loved it.  THEY? Made it look effortless.  And a side note…I know this isn’t “So You Think You Have a Great Personality”, but these two?  They’re such sweethearts, you just HAVE to love them.

Katee’s is the next solo.  She, to me is the girl with the mot amazing solos.  There is just something so…breathtaking about her moves. 

Mark and Kherrington are tkaing on a Tyce Diorio Jazz piece next.  Eh…it was alright.  They didn’t necessarily do anything wrong…so I don’t know if it was the choreography that was just dull for me, or if it was them?  It was alright…didn’t wow me.

Will’s solo is next, and he can almost bring me to tears, he’s so beautiful to watch.  LOVE HIM!

Comfort and Twitch, the hip hoppers, are doing a Dave Scott hip hop routine.  This one NEEDS to be INSANE!  No excuses.  YES!  Absolutely fantastic, I was smiling the whole way through.  It was INSANE.  LOVED IT.

Kherrington’s solo is ext and is okay…nothing spectacular though.

Katee and Will’s second routie of the night is a Pas de Deux, the first time we’re seeing this dance on the show.  I’m a bit wordless.  I’ll use Cat’s instead…”Some people are just born to do things, you two were born to dance”.  WOW!!!!  Wow…speechless…wordless.  I’m actually a bit emotional about this piece, so I’ll crack a joke and say that the woman doing wardrobe (because it MUST be a woman) is having a freakin’ field day with keeping Will’s body as uncovered as possible.  I’d like to thank her.  The dance? Beautiful.  I think these two should just partner up for life, because they were meant to dance together.

The final solo of the night belongs to Joshua.  I love what this guy does with his body.  He’s so fun to watch.

And the final routine of the night is Chelsia and Gev’s Jive.  There were a few missed connections, and Gev didn’t look completely comfortable with it, but it still was a great, fun performance.  Chelsia was amazing though, completely on point, and just HOT.  She did outdance him, for sure, but they were great.

And that’s it, that’s the show.  The best of the night for me were without question Will and Katee.  The worst?  For me?  Kherrington and Mark are in danger both, and maybe Gev as well, but I feel he’ll do alright this week.  But the best part?  The results show is on AS I type this…so, let’s get to it.

The show opens with a group Bollywood routine tha tis both fun and entertaining.  We then learn that three of the choreographers, Shane Sparks, Wade Robson and Mandy Moore (as well as the make-up team) have all received Emmy nominations.  And then it’s time to get down to business.  Two dancers will go home tonight.

Before we truly get to the results, however, there is yet another group dance, this time the girls, dancing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine.   Beautiful.

While they’re on stage, after that beautiful performance, the bottom two girls are about to be revealed.  Chelsia is safe.  Comfort is next and she is in the bottom two for the girls.  Katee, is, of course, safe.  So, it is now between Kherrington and Courtney and Kherrington for the other spot in the bottom two.  It will be Kherrington, Courtney is safe.

Next the boy peform a group routine, created by a “mystery choreographer”.  A fun routine, but what’s with all the mystery?  The number was choreographed by Nigel Lithgoe, producer, judge, and choreographer.

And then it’s time to find out which two guys will be in the bottom two spots.  First up is Joshua, and he is safe.  Next is Will, and will America do one of it’s “shockers” here?  No, Will is safe.  Mark is next, and he, however, is not.  He’s in the bottom two.  So, it’s Gev and Twitch now, which one is safe, which one is in the bottom two?  Twitch is safe, Gev is in the bottom two.  Well, my bottom picks so far are right.  Who will go home though?

Before the announcement, the bottom four perform their solos each, one last time on stage for two of them.  Comfort steps out and gives me what I asked for last night…something new and different.  Loved this solo!  Mark is next, and it’s another great solo.  I love his style of dance.  Then it’s Kherrington, and this is the solo she should have done last night, when it counted.  And finally, it’s Gev.  Who blows me away each and every time he does a solo!

And then it’s results time.  First, the girls.  Will Comfort’s second chance end tonight, or is she still in the game?  Will Kherrington’s ONE bad night erase all her good ones?  Who will it be?  Kherrington is going home.  I called it.  One bad night, and America kicks you to the curb…no mercy, they show no mercy folks!  Truth is, as good as she is, she’s not the best girl in the competition, so she was bound to go sooner or later…perhaps too soon though. 

Between Mark and Gev, who will it be?  My first disappointment of the competition, Gev is going home.  I do think Mark is a fantastic dancer, and perhaps more deserving to stay then Gev with his lack of training and technique, but still, he was kind of my “in my pocket” pick, so I’m sad to see him go. 

And that’s it folk…show’s over…go home.

SYTYCD – The Judges last say

It’s results night on So You Think You Can Dance, and this is the last week the judges will have a say about who stays and who goes.  From here on out, it’s all up to the audience votes.  So, who will go home, and which 10 dancers will be hitting the tour?

The show kicks off with a hot dance number to Ne-Yo’s “Closer”, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha.  I like these two, they’re a great new addition to this show this season.

But it was immediately onto the results, no time to waste.  The first two couples up are Thayne and Comfort and Joshua and Katee.  One is safe, the other is not…any questions who it could be?  Not really, Comfort and Thayne are in the bottom three.

The next two couples up on stage are Jessica and Will and Chelsie and Mark.  Tougher call here, since they are both pretty amazing couples.  However, Chelsie and Mark had a fantastic night, while Jessica and Will’s second performance fell a bit flat.  And yet, their first was AMAZING…so, who will it be? It is Jessica and Will in the bottom three.

 Ant then it’s time for the final two couples, and they are Gev and Courtney and Twitch and Kherrington.  Again, who will it be?  I’m thinking Kherrington and Twitch…and I am right.

Then a performance from dancers from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre (or something like that).  Wow…pretty amazing stuff.

And then it’s time for the solos.  First up, Comfort, and good as she is, I just have a feeling she’s going home tonight.  Next it’s Thayne, and he is an amazing technical dancer, but again, I have a feeling this is the end for him.  Next it is Jessica’s turn.  I loved this solo performance.  Loved it.  And it’s Will’s turn…as far as I’m concerned, Will never needs to wear a shirt again…EVER.  But, all kidding aside, I also loved his solo…he is just fantastic.

After the break, it’s Kherrington.  Another beautiful solo.  She left it ALL out on that stage.  And finally, it is Twitch’s turn.  And again, a great solo.  He also left it all out there.  Great!

The it’s time for the judges to go deliberate, while we watch a performance by Katie Perry, singing “I Kissed a Girl”.  I love this song…it’s so freakin’ catchy.

Quick side note…what in the world crawled into Cat’s hair and formed a nest in it?  Yikes!

Okay, enought with my “Cat”tiness…onto the results.  Will tonight be a shocker?  Who will the judges send home?  Let’s find out…

The girls are first.  Kherrington is safe.  After a bit of a “talking to” from Nigel, Jessica is safe, and Comfort is going home. 

Then it is time for the boys.  Twitch is safe.  Now, here’s the question…will it be shocker of shockers, and will they send Will home?  Not a chance…Will is compared to the Alvin Ailey “boys” who were the guest performers tonight, and told he is safe.  Thayne is going home, but not before he is told by the judges that they wish they could keep him, and send a girl home instead.

So there you have it…the top 10 have been chosen, and from here on out, it is up to America’s votes.  Maybe I’ll even start voting…who knows?

So You Think You Can Make the Tour?

Tonight the top 12 will dance their little hearts out, hoping to make it into the top ten, who get to go on tour after the show.  Once again, they’ll be dancing two pieces each this week.

Without wasting any time, we get into the dancing.  First up are Chelsea and Mark doing a Salsa choreographed by Alex Da Silva.  Fuego was the name of the song, and these two were HOT like FIRE!  I love these two, I think they have great chemistry, and so I love to watch them together.  They did great work with this piece, their footwork was amazing, and it was really pretty great. 

Next up are Comfort and Thayne, doing a hip hop routine.  I enjoyed this.  I thought Comfort was fantastic in her element, and Thayne did a really great job keeping up with her.  I think that her “comfort” in this genre, made him stand out as not hitting as hard.  I did get what the judges were saying about the lack of “chemistry” between them, but I didn’t think it was as bad as they thought.  It also wasn’t a “wow” performance though.

Then it was time for Jessica and Will to tackle a Tyse Diorio contemporary routine.  And there’s that WOW.  Never mind the fact that wardrobe put Will up on stage in basically a speedo…HELLO!  but besides that, this was such a beautiful, deep piece.  I thought Will was great, and strong, and right on point, but Jessica really blew me away.  I thought she was fantastic in this.  There was definte chemistry and passion there, and it was just beautiful.  but Will?  HOT!  Just sayin’.

And next it’s time for Courtney and Gev to take on a Cha Cha routine, being choreographed by two ex competitors, Anya and Pasha.  Yes, I do love these two.  Look at Gev, the hip hopper go.  He’s quite the ballroom dancer, let me tell you.  Courtney is fantastic, sexy, beautiful and just a fantastic dancer.  It was hot too.  I really enjoyed it.

Twitch and Kherrington are next doing a Lil’ C Krump routine.  I don’t know.  I mean, here’s the thing…I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of krump.  I think that’s it, because they were good.  Twitch nailed it, of course, but Kherrington, poor thing, not so much.  Yet, for a white girl (and don’t give me any grief about this, I’m a white girl that can dance, I don’t mean any disrespect), she had some really good moments.  I absolutely loved the “heartbeat” section, and it was pretty impressive.  And the two of them together…I like them.

The final couple take on a Viennese waltz, it’s Katie and Joshua.  Smooth and beautiful.  They were light on their feet, and it was beautiful to watch.  I had a feeling the judges would have something to say about the technicality, because I could tell something was off, but overall, I thought it was beautiful. 

And then it’s Round Two, with Chelsea and Mark and a Broadway routine.  How great are these two?  seriously, they’re so hot and feisty together.  I love them!  HOT HOT HOT.  They killed it.

Comfort and Thayne’s second performance of the night is a Mandy Moore contemporary routine.  With this one I felt that Comfort held Thayne back a bit.  You could see her thinking things through, and almost counting her steps, or what not…I almost agree with what Nigel said, which is that I would have loved this routine done by another couple…they just didn’t do it justice.  But I think that Thayne would have looked a lot better with a different partner, so I’m blaming Comfort for this one failing.  They played equal parts tonight, therefore.

Doing a Quickstep next, it’s Jessica and Will.  Well, I don’t know much about quickstep, but it was a fun routine, for sure.  They’re so cute.  But again, I don’t know much about the quickstep, so I have no idea whether or not they delivered on technicality.  But it was a fun routine to watch.  Good thing they had an amazing first dance, I guess.  And once again, Mia Michaels shows why it is that I don’t like her, with some really unecessary and downright mean comments about Jessica, but leave it to Will to be a class act in his response.

Courtney and Gev take two with a Mandy Moore Jazz routine.  Have I mentioned that I love these two?  What a fun routine…I loved all the little lifts and tricks, and how in sync they were with each other…LOVED IT.

It’s time for the Tango, for Kherrington and Twitch.  Watching this I felt like I was watching a professional couple doing a Tango.  I disagree with Nigel that it “wasn’t honest” or passionate.  I thought it was pretty passionate and even a bit steamy.  Maybe not technically strong, but I thought it was kind of hot.

Last dance of the night is the first ever “Bollywood” routine on this show.  Bollywood you ask?  Well…uh…yeah, that’s what they said.  Tell you what…it worked.  It was kind of cool.  Unique, very different, but really well done.  And Katee and Joshua?  They nailed it.  Very cool.

So, top couples tonight?  Definitely Katee and Joshua, also, Chelsie and Mark, and for me, Courtney and Gev can do no wrong.  And I loved Will and Jessica’s first number.  Which means that Comfort and Thayne, and Twitch and Kherrington (who I kind of forgot about for a minute…and that’s a bad sign) are the danger couples for me this week.

Results tomorrow.