So You Think You Can Double Up?

There are 14 dancers left, that’s seven performances tonight, right?  WRONG, the couples are doing two performances each, that’s FOURTEEN performances in two hours, so let’s get to it.

First up, with a Jive are Jessica and Will.  Fantastic.  Will really is a beautiful dancer, and he makes it look simply effortless, Jessica looked beautiful and did a great job.  That lift through the legs trick?  Holy crap!  Fantastic, it was a really fun performance.

Next are the newly partnered Comfort and Thayne, after their partners were sent home last week.  They are doing a Broadway routine, how will they click?  Who knew hip hop grl Comfort was a little Vixen?  I absolutely loved her in this piece.  Thayne, not as much, but still pretty damn great.  Loved the little tricks, love acting, loved the dancing. Great!

Then it was time for Kourtni and Matt with a hip-hop routine.  Two contemporary dancers, nervous about a hip hop routine, and although Matt joked that he was going to “practice his solo”, I thought he actually pulled it off really well.  Kourtni was WAY too soft.  They both were, but she really lagged behind.  It wasn’t great, I was impressed with Matt, but it wasn’t great.

Chelsea and Mark tackle a Jazz routine next.  I loved it.  They were the first couple tonight to make me smile. They are so great together, have fantastic chemistry, and completely nail it.  I LOVE THEM.

Kherrington and Twitch are now going to tackle a Passo Doble.  HOT!  There was passion and fire and heat in this one.  I did notice that Twitch’s footwork was a bit off, but it was almost not noticeable, because it was so hot.  Kherrington was awesome.

Doing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine are Katee and Joshua.  Once again, I have to say this…Mia Michaels, incredible choreographer.  I thought they were fantastic.  Beatiful, amazing, completely in character, strong…they were amazing.  LOVED IT!!!

One more couple to go in the first round of peformances, and it is Courtney and Gev.  Well…I blame this one on the choreographers, because there was just not much to he actual choreography here.  I thought Courtney was pretty gangsta, and nailed what she was given.  Gev actually lagged behind, and he’s the hip hop guy, right?  But Courtney killed it, so she stole the show.  But really, I didn’t see “competition level” choreography in this, and that’s not their fault.

Time for Round two, and Jessica and Will are doing a lyrical jazz piece.  Well then.  I don’t know about you, but I was just hoping that Will wouldn’t have to put that shirt on at all.  HOT!  Oh, right, the dancing…Will is an absolutely fantastic beautiful dancer.  The beginnig of this routine, when he’s dancing almost solo as she’s sitting at the top of the stage alone…he could have done all of alone and I still would have loved it.  He’s top dog for me.  Jessica I thought was beautiful in this performance though, I really thought she stepped up.  She’s got a tough job to do here, because she keeps being compared to Will and that’s got to be tough for her.  Loved this number.

Comfort and Thayne’s second performance ever together is a Smooth Waltz.  Yikes, way to get acquainted.  Well, it’s official.  I think the best thing that could have happened to these two was for their former partners to get kicked off.  They are a beautiful couple together with great chemistry.  Comfort?  So NOT a hip hop dancer anymore.  Thayne was beatiful and a strong partner and lovely.  I just loved this.

Khourtni and Matt’s second dance is the Mambo.  It was good.  They hit the tricks, they had the steps…it was good.  It wasn’t great.  It wasn’t hot and passionate.  It wasn’t “wow”…it was good.

With a foxtrot, it’s Chelsea and Mark up next.  Perfect.  That’s it, that’s all I can say…they are just perfect.  I really love this couple.

With another Mia Michaels routine, it’s Kherrington and Twitch, dancing on a bed?  Dancing on a bed.  HOLY SHIT.  Pardon my language, as I don’t normally curse on this blog…but Mia Michaels?  Fucking GENIUS.  I’m going to have to just let go of the fact that I don’t like her personality because she sure as hell makes up for it with talent.  THIS was by far the best routine of the night, if not of the competition so far.  Twitch and Kherrington?  Amazing.  From the dancing, to the emotion to the passion.  They blew me away.  Twitch?  So NOT a hip hop guy anymore.  He was…I’m not even sure I have the words for how incredible he was tonight.  Also, side note…I wouldn’t kick him out of bed in the morning.  Just sayin’…

Katee and Joshua are shaking it with an East Coast Swing number next.  Besides Katees glow in the dark, hot pink outfit, I thought the routine was actually kind of bland, until the last few moments.  It wasn’t that it was bad, it just didn’t really grab me as much as it did the judges.  I thought they did a great job with it, and there were some great lifts and tricks, but I wasn’t “wowed”.  Until the last few moments, I loved those.

Courtney and Gev have a Broadway routine to close out the show with.  It was cute.  I’m thinking I’m just not much of a Broadway fan, in terms of dance competitions anyway.  I love a good broadway show, but I don’t know…it just doesn’t translate for me in the dance competition world.  Still, all that said, I thought they were great.

So, my top three couples tonight?  It’s tough this week because of the “two numbers each”, but I’m going with Will and Jessica (mostly due to Will), Twitch and Kherrington because of their second number, and Chelsie and Mark, because I just think they’re always on.  I will, however, also say that Comfort was fantastic tonight.  Oh wait…Hoshua and Katee’s first number as amazing too.  Crap!  It’s a good thing I don’t vote in these things.

Tomorrow is results night. Come on back.


One response to “So You Think You Can Double Up?

  1. I’m glad to read someone who actually doesn’t hate Jessica. I don’t know why, but I really like her. Her dancing is okay, but I really like her personality. And paired with Will? Great. Regardless, I imagine they might be in the bottom 3.

    My absolute favorites are Chelsie and Mark. They are just so much fun to watch!

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