SYTYCD – Make it a Dozen

It’s results night on So You Think You Can Dance, and after tonight, we’ll be down to 12 dancers.  Who will be going home tonight?

After a group opening number, Kherrington and Twitch and Katee and Joshua hit the stage to find out their fates.  They are both safe.

Next up on stage are Khourtni and Matt, and they are the first couple tonight in the bottom three.  Courtney and Gev and Chelsea and Mark are the next two couples up…and Chelsea and Mark are safe, leaving Courtney and Gev as the next couple in the bottom three.

Finally it’s between Jessica and Will or Comfort and Thayne for the last spot in the bottom three.  Who will it be?  Comfort and Thayne, leaving Jessica and Will safe.

Before their solo performances however, we get a treat guest performance by popper Robert, the guy who can bend his body in completely inhuman ways.  This kid is SICK.  Love him.

Then it was time for the solos.  First up Khourtni Lind doing what she does best.  I love her unique style.  Next is Matt, also doing his best.  I think he’s got beautiful technique, and man, can he jump…he flies!  Then it is Courtney Galiano, and how cute is she?  Gev is next…SICK!  This kid is good.  Last girl up is Comfort, doing her hip hop thing.  As far as “dance for your life” solos, I thought it was eh.  And finally, it is Thayne.  I love this kid too, I think he’s an amazing dancer. 

So, who will the judgest send home this week?  I’m glad I’m not a judge, that’s all I have to say.

After a guest performance by One Republic, it’s results time.  First, the girls.  Courtney Galiano is safe.  Comfort is safe, Khourtni Lind is going home tonight.  It’s a shame, because she is a fantastic dancer, but hey, only one person can win, and it wasn’t going to be her.

Then it’s the guys turn.  Gev is safe.  Thayne is safe.  Matt is going home.  I can’t say I’m completely surprised about either of these two.  As wonderful as they are, they haven’t “nailed” a dance yet.  They haven’t given a “wow” performance yet. 

And then there were twelve.


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