The Bachelorette – And so it ends

The finale was last night.  I know, I know, I’m a day late with my recapl, but we took 17 teenagers to a baseball game last night, give me a break.

So, I’ve avoided the internet and television like the plague today so I wouldn’t find out the results before I had a chance to watch my tivoed show.  And here we are.

This week Deanna takes the two final guys to meet her family.  It is obvious pretty much immediately that Deanna’s family fell just as hard for Jason as I have watching this show.  How could you not, really?  Jesse they were a little slower warming up to, but then eventually I think he won them over as well.  I think after her time with her family and the guys, she’s more confused than ever, because her family made really good arguments for both.  Still, how could Jason NOT be her choice?

But, before we get to that, it’s back to the Bahamas, and Jeremy, who was booted last week, but wants to talk to Deanna one last time, to tell her how he feels about her.  Sorry buddy, she’s just “not that into you”.  And away he goes.

Then it’s time for Deanna to have her last two “solo” dates with each of the guys.  First up is Jesse.  They have a really sweet and romantic date, and I realize that I’m just biased because I’ve liked Jason from day 1, but the truth is, this guy is a pretty good guy too.  He seems pretty sincere and serious about her.  I’m not sure if he’s really “ready” yet for all the commitment and family Deanna seems to want, but then, maybe he is.

And then it’s Jason’s turn for his solo date.  They are going deep sea diving with sharks.  yeah, okay Deanna, maybe Jesse, the snowboarder and daredevil is more your type after all.  Still, Jason jumps right in (quite literally).  God love him!  Then he gives her a board game he created himself, all about their dating process throughout this show.  How freakin’ romantic and sweet is that?  Seriously??  How could you not love this guy? 

This girl has a tough decision ahead of her for sure, but it just seems to me that if she’s really looking for the immediate marriage and kids thing, then Jason is the guy.  If she’s looking for adventure, and a slower process to the altar, then maybe Jesse is the guy.

And then the guys go ring shopping.  Jason is raring to go, Jesse is having a heart attack (panic attack?). 

As they are getting ready for the final decision, they each reflect on their feelings and where they are, and I’m thinking that one of these dudes is going to be CRUSHED.  It’s just a television show, right?  It’s pretty intense.  Why have I never watched any of these Bachelor/Bachelorette shows before?  I’ve been missing out.

So, then it’s time.  The last rose ceremony.  Let me be honest here…thank God for Tivo and fast forwarding through commercials, because the suspense is KILLING me.  So, as much as I’m rooting for Jason, I have this inkling of a feeling that she’s going to choose Jesse.

Jason is first up, and that only solidifies my feeling that he’s about to be given the BOOT.  Can she possibly turn this gem of a guy down?  But, she does.  SERIOUSLY? See, I knew this was coming, but SERIOUSLY?  You’re letting this guy go?  SERIOUSLY????  She’s an idiot.  That’s it, that’s all I have to say.

Oh, no wait, I have one more thing to say:  Jason?  CALL ME.  I’ll totally be your shoulder to cry on.  Where’s that commenter who said she knows Jason…girl, hook a girl up…

Seriously?  That’s just idiotic.  There are a limited number of genuine good guys left in the world, and this girl lets him get away?  That’s just wrong.

Poor Jason leaves in shock, and can you really blame the guy?  I feel for him, all joking aside, it had to come as a shock, all signs pointed to him being her choice.  Well, at least we know for sure who the next Bachelor will be, don’t we?  And no, I will NOT be signing up to go on the show.  Still, my heart broke for him a little bit tonight.  Poor guy!

So, then it’s Jesse’s turn, blah blah blah.  Oh, right, you want to know what happened?  Really?  Okay fine…Brad…uh, I mean Deanna, waits for Jesse and he arrives nervous in a way that makes me wonder if he’s really ready for what he’s about to do.  But do it he will.  Alright, fine, you’ve got to give the guy credit, his proposal was a rockstar moment.  Very sweet. 

Well folks, there you have it.  She chose the snowboarder.

But, if there are questions, there’s an “after the rose ceremony” show, so we can get some answers. 

I have a question, but it’s not one I think will be answered in that hour…How does Jesse feel knowing that she had such strong feelings for these other guys?  How does he not wonder if she’ll always wonder if she made the right choice?  Legitimate questions, right?

About the “after the rose” show…I’ll just say this:  I still love Jason, and I’m pretty sure he will be the next Bachelor, no question about it. 

That’s it, that’s all, I’m done.  I really can’t comment on any more because I’m too crushed for Jason.  I’m protesting on his behalf and ending the post right here. 😉

Good night y’all!


3 responses to “The Bachelorette – And so it ends

  1. I was never on ‘Team Jason”, but I have to say I liked how he came across in the finale. He’s a good guy. His stock shot way, way up after last night. He’ll do okay. Also, word is that Jeremy might be the next “The Bachelor”, but both Js were pretty crushed. It might take some coaxing. Not sure Jason would want to be away from his son again for the length of time.

    Thanks for your recap and pov!

  2. I’ve watched most of the Seasons – and I have to tell you that this one had to be the best.

    As much as she used the same old phrases “The hardest choice ever” etc, I really felt that there was true feelings and real dialogue at times. I was shocked at Jeremy — because he WAS truly in love. I wasn’t shocked at Jason — he wore his feelings like a cloak. So sad for him — Both those guys turned out to be true gentlemen.
    And Jesse — the pink socks – I would have never given him a 2nd look. But, he changed my mind.

    I hope you’re right about the next bachelor. Either Jeremy or Jason would be a fun show.
    (I also noticed the three finalists started with “J’… what was with that?”

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