So You Think You Can Make the Tour?

Tonight the top 12 will dance their little hearts out, hoping to make it into the top ten, who get to go on tour after the show.  Once again, they’ll be dancing two pieces each this week.

Without wasting any time, we get into the dancing.  First up are Chelsea and Mark doing a Salsa choreographed by Alex Da Silva.  Fuego was the name of the song, and these two were HOT like FIRE!  I love these two, I think they have great chemistry, and so I love to watch them together.  They did great work with this piece, their footwork was amazing, and it was really pretty great. 

Next up are Comfort and Thayne, doing a hip hop routine.  I enjoyed this.  I thought Comfort was fantastic in her element, and Thayne did a really great job keeping up with her.  I think that her “comfort” in this genre, made him stand out as not hitting as hard.  I did get what the judges were saying about the lack of “chemistry” between them, but I didn’t think it was as bad as they thought.  It also wasn’t a “wow” performance though.

Then it was time for Jessica and Will to tackle a Tyse Diorio contemporary routine.  And there’s that WOW.  Never mind the fact that wardrobe put Will up on stage in basically a speedo…HELLO!  but besides that, this was such a beautiful, deep piece.  I thought Will was great, and strong, and right on point, but Jessica really blew me away.  I thought she was fantastic in this.  There was definte chemistry and passion there, and it was just beautiful.  but Will?  HOT!  Just sayin’.

And next it’s time for Courtney and Gev to take on a Cha Cha routine, being choreographed by two ex competitors, Anya and Pasha.  Yes, I do love these two.  Look at Gev, the hip hopper go.  He’s quite the ballroom dancer, let me tell you.  Courtney is fantastic, sexy, beautiful and just a fantastic dancer.  It was hot too.  I really enjoyed it.

Twitch and Kherrington are next doing a Lil’ C Krump routine.  I don’t know.  I mean, here’s the thing…I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of krump.  I think that’s it, because they were good.  Twitch nailed it, of course, but Kherrington, poor thing, not so much.  Yet, for a white girl (and don’t give me any grief about this, I’m a white girl that can dance, I don’t mean any disrespect), she had some really good moments.  I absolutely loved the “heartbeat” section, and it was pretty impressive.  And the two of them together…I like them.

The final couple take on a Viennese waltz, it’s Katie and Joshua.  Smooth and beautiful.  They were light on their feet, and it was beautiful to watch.  I had a feeling the judges would have something to say about the technicality, because I could tell something was off, but overall, I thought it was beautiful. 

And then it’s Round Two, with Chelsea and Mark and a Broadway routine.  How great are these two?  seriously, they’re so hot and feisty together.  I love them!  HOT HOT HOT.  They killed it.

Comfort and Thayne’s second performance of the night is a Mandy Moore contemporary routine.  With this one I felt that Comfort held Thayne back a bit.  You could see her thinking things through, and almost counting her steps, or what not…I almost agree with what Nigel said, which is that I would have loved this routine done by another couple…they just didn’t do it justice.  But I think that Thayne would have looked a lot better with a different partner, so I’m blaming Comfort for this one failing.  They played equal parts tonight, therefore.

Doing a Quickstep next, it’s Jessica and Will.  Well, I don’t know much about quickstep, but it was a fun routine, for sure.  They’re so cute.  But again, I don’t know much about the quickstep, so I have no idea whether or not they delivered on technicality.  But it was a fun routine to watch.  Good thing they had an amazing first dance, I guess.  And once again, Mia Michaels shows why it is that I don’t like her, with some really unecessary and downright mean comments about Jessica, but leave it to Will to be a class act in his response.

Courtney and Gev take two with a Mandy Moore Jazz routine.  Have I mentioned that I love these two?  What a fun routine…I loved all the little lifts and tricks, and how in sync they were with each other…LOVED IT.

It’s time for the Tango, for Kherrington and Twitch.  Watching this I felt like I was watching a professional couple doing a Tango.  I disagree with Nigel that it “wasn’t honest” or passionate.  I thought it was pretty passionate and even a bit steamy.  Maybe not technically strong, but I thought it was kind of hot.

Last dance of the night is the first ever “Bollywood” routine on this show.  Bollywood you ask?  Well…uh…yeah, that’s what they said.  Tell you what…it worked.  It was kind of cool.  Unique, very different, but really well done.  And Katee and Joshua?  They nailed it.  Very cool.

So, top couples tonight?  Definitely Katee and Joshua, also, Chelsie and Mark, and for me, Courtney and Gev can do no wrong.  And I loved Will and Jessica’s first number.  Which means that Comfort and Thayne, and Twitch and Kherrington (who I kind of forgot about for a minute…and that’s a bad sign) are the danger couples for me this week.

Results tomorrow.


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