SYTYCD – The Judges last say

It’s results night on So You Think You Can Dance, and this is the last week the judges will have a say about who stays and who goes.  From here on out, it’s all up to the audience votes.  So, who will go home, and which 10 dancers will be hitting the tour?

The show kicks off with a hot dance number to Ne-Yo’s “Closer”, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha.  I like these two, they’re a great new addition to this show this season.

But it was immediately onto the results, no time to waste.  The first two couples up are Thayne and Comfort and Joshua and Katee.  One is safe, the other is not…any questions who it could be?  Not really, Comfort and Thayne are in the bottom three.

The next two couples up on stage are Jessica and Will and Chelsie and Mark.  Tougher call here, since they are both pretty amazing couples.  However, Chelsie and Mark had a fantastic night, while Jessica and Will’s second performance fell a bit flat.  And yet, their first was AMAZING…so, who will it be? It is Jessica and Will in the bottom three.

 Ant then it’s time for the final two couples, and they are Gev and Courtney and Twitch and Kherrington.  Again, who will it be?  I’m thinking Kherrington and Twitch…and I am right.

Then a performance from dancers from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre (or something like that).  Wow…pretty amazing stuff.

And then it’s time for the solos.  First up, Comfort, and good as she is, I just have a feeling she’s going home tonight.  Next it’s Thayne, and he is an amazing technical dancer, but again, I have a feeling this is the end for him.  Next it is Jessica’s turn.  I loved this solo performance.  Loved it.  And it’s Will’s turn…as far as I’m concerned, Will never needs to wear a shirt again…EVER.  But, all kidding aside, I also loved his solo…he is just fantastic.

After the break, it’s Kherrington.  Another beautiful solo.  She left it ALL out on that stage.  And finally, it is Twitch’s turn.  And again, a great solo.  He also left it all out there.  Great!

The it’s time for the judges to go deliberate, while we watch a performance by Katie Perry, singing “I Kissed a Girl”.  I love this song…it’s so freakin’ catchy.

Quick side note…what in the world crawled into Cat’s hair and formed a nest in it?  Yikes!

Okay, enought with my “Cat”tiness…onto the results.  Will tonight be a shocker?  Who will the judges send home?  Let’s find out…

The girls are first.  Kherrington is safe.  After a bit of a “talking to” from Nigel, Jessica is safe, and Comfort is going home. 

Then it is time for the boys.  Twitch is safe.  Now, here’s the question…will it be shocker of shockers, and will they send Will home?  Not a chance…Will is compared to the Alvin Ailey “boys” who were the guest performers tonight, and told he is safe.  Thayne is going home, but not before he is told by the judges that they wish they could keep him, and send a girl home instead.

So there you have it…the top 10 have been chosen, and from here on out, it is up to America’s votes.  Maybe I’ll even start voting…who knows?


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