So You Think You Can Dance with a New Partner?

Yes, I know, I’m a day late with this post, but last night we took the teens to a women’s pro-softball game.  Thanks to TiVo, however, tonight I get to watch both the performances and the results show.  Ain’t technology grand?

So, we are down to the top dancers, and the couples will be broken up and mixed up starting tonight, and from this point forward, the audience votes will be the only determining factor as to who goes home.  No more “judges”.  They’re still there, they’ll still put in their two cents worth, but they won’t be making any decisions.

The evening starts with a bit of drama, as there are only four girls introduced at the top of the hour.  Turns out that Jessica has broken two ribs and fractured a third, and her doctors have told her she cannot dance for four weeks.  So, she is off the show, but will still be on the tour.  This means, of course, that Comfort is back in.

And then, finally, it was time to get to the dancing.  The first couple are newly matched up Courtney and Joshua, doing a hip-hop number choreographed by Dave Scott.  I really enjoyed this piece, the choreography was great, cute, and kind of funny too.  I thought Joshua was great, and even a little sexy, and Courtney was great…hot, and she nailed it.  Great piece!

Tonight, besides the partner dances, all the dancers will also be doing solos.  The first one of the night is Chelsea’s.  I think she’s adorable, and fun to watch, but her solos never “wow” me.  They’re good, but they’re not “wow” inducing, you know?

The next couple are Mark and Kherrington, doing a two-step.  We’re doing country on the show now too?  Okay, I can get down with that.  They started off pretty sloppy, to be honest, and although it had some good moments (in particular a few of the stunts), for the most part, I just thought they were pretty sloppy throughout.  It also felt really slow to me…like they were thinking every single step through…the beauty of watching these dancers weekly is how they can make the toughest moves seem so effortless…this one?  Seemed like SUCH hard work.  Not good.  Not good.  I do think Mark did better than Kherrington, she fully disapponted me, he at least pulled it off a bit.

The next solo is Gev’s, and even though he screwed up one of the “tricks” at the beginning of his routine, he completely redeemed himself by the end.  His solo I enjoyed.

The next couple are Twitch and Comfort, who is back due to Jessica’s misfortune and broken ribs.  Togethe they are doing a smooth waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson.  OH, they’re dancing to Journey!!!  Beautiful!  It was smooth, and lovely, and pretty…I felt Twitch gave himself over to his “character” more than Comfort did, but I thought it was very pretty.  The judges, however, were pretty hard on them, and looking back on the “replays” I sort of see what they were saying, but I still thought it was pretty.  I guess “pretty” isn’t nearly enough though.

Another solo, and this one is Courtney’s moment.  She, unlike Chelsea, always wows me.  She is a powerful dancer, strong, and always emotionally connected to her moves.  Love her.

The next couple is Katee and Will, doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine.  I always feel that for the most part, Broadway routines, although fun, are not exactly vehicles to showcase the dancers’ better talents.  Not true with this routine, however.  Both of them were really showcased, and it was a great performance.  Loved the characters, loved the jumps and stunts, loved the whole thing.  And hey, any excuse for Will to show us his chest gets my vote.

The next solo belongs to Mark and his unique style.  And it is unique, no doubt, but it’s also creative, and fun to watch, and technically strong.  I love watching him dance.

Next up are Chelsie and Gev, with a contemporary routine, choreographed by Sonya.  Unlike with her solos, when she’s doing a choreographed piece, Chelsia always, ALWAYS wows me.  She is fantastic, and totally commits and delivers.  And Gev?  The hip hop guy?  Is so good.  So good.  I loved this piece.

Dancing solo next,is Comfort, who’s solo, at this point, we’re a bit familiar with, and although good (because she is good), it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to switch it up a bit, do something new.

So, the couples have all performed their first routine, but it’s time for round two.  First up, however, is Twitch with his solo.  He’s one, for me, that I feel always switches it up.  His solo routines are always different, and always entertaining.  Love him.

Courtney and Joshua’s second routine of the night is the Rumba.  Kind of steamy!  Dancing to Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero”, it was sensual and sexy, and beautiful, and “wow”.  Loved it.  THEY? Made it look effortless.  And a side note…I know this isn’t “So You Think You Have a Great Personality”, but these two?  They’re such sweethearts, you just HAVE to love them.

Katee’s is the next solo.  She, to me is the girl with the mot amazing solos.  There is just something so…breathtaking about her moves. 

Mark and Kherrington are tkaing on a Tyce Diorio Jazz piece next.  Eh…it was alright.  They didn’t necessarily do anything wrong…so I don’t know if it was the choreography that was just dull for me, or if it was them?  It was alright…didn’t wow me.

Will’s solo is next, and he can almost bring me to tears, he’s so beautiful to watch.  LOVE HIM!

Comfort and Twitch, the hip hoppers, are doing a Dave Scott hip hop routine.  This one NEEDS to be INSANE!  No excuses.  YES!  Absolutely fantastic, I was smiling the whole way through.  It was INSANE.  LOVED IT.

Kherrington’s solo is ext and is okay…nothing spectacular though.

Katee and Will’s second routie of the night is a Pas de Deux, the first time we’re seeing this dance on the show.  I’m a bit wordless.  I’ll use Cat’s instead…”Some people are just born to do things, you two were born to dance”.  WOW!!!!  Wow…speechless…wordless.  I’m actually a bit emotional about this piece, so I’ll crack a joke and say that the woman doing wardrobe (because it MUST be a woman) is having a freakin’ field day with keeping Will’s body as uncovered as possible.  I’d like to thank her.  The dance? Beautiful.  I think these two should just partner up for life, because they were meant to dance together.

The final solo of the night belongs to Joshua.  I love what this guy does with his body.  He’s so fun to watch.

And the final routine of the night is Chelsia and Gev’s Jive.  There were a few missed connections, and Gev didn’t look completely comfortable with it, but it still was a great, fun performance.  Chelsia was amazing though, completely on point, and just HOT.  She did outdance him, for sure, but they were great.

And that’s it, that’s the show.  The best of the night for me were without question Will and Katee.  The worst?  For me?  Kherrington and Mark are in danger both, and maybe Gev as well, but I feel he’ll do alright this week.  But the best part?  The results show is on AS I type this…so, let’s get to it.

The show opens with a group Bollywood routine tha tis both fun and entertaining.  We then learn that three of the choreographers, Shane Sparks, Wade Robson and Mandy Moore (as well as the make-up team) have all received Emmy nominations.  And then it’s time to get down to business.  Two dancers will go home tonight.

Before we truly get to the results, however, there is yet another group dance, this time the girls, dancing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine.   Beautiful.

While they’re on stage, after that beautiful performance, the bottom two girls are about to be revealed.  Chelsia is safe.  Comfort is next and she is in the bottom two for the girls.  Katee, is, of course, safe.  So, it is now between Kherrington and Courtney and Kherrington for the other spot in the bottom two.  It will be Kherrington, Courtney is safe.

Next the boy peform a group routine, created by a “mystery choreographer”.  A fun routine, but what’s with all the mystery?  The number was choreographed by Nigel Lithgoe, producer, judge, and choreographer.

And then it’s time to find out which two guys will be in the bottom two spots.  First up is Joshua, and he is safe.  Next is Will, and will America do one of it’s “shockers” here?  No, Will is safe.  Mark is next, and he, however, is not.  He’s in the bottom two.  So, it’s Gev and Twitch now, which one is safe, which one is in the bottom two?  Twitch is safe, Gev is in the bottom two.  Well, my bottom picks so far are right.  Who will go home though?

Before the announcement, the bottom four perform their solos each, one last time on stage for two of them.  Comfort steps out and gives me what I asked for last night…something new and different.  Loved this solo!  Mark is next, and it’s another great solo.  I love his style of dance.  Then it’s Kherrington, and this is the solo she should have done last night, when it counted.  And finally, it’s Gev.  Who blows me away each and every time he does a solo!

And then it’s results time.  First, the girls.  Will Comfort’s second chance end tonight, or is she still in the game?  Will Kherrington’s ONE bad night erase all her good ones?  Who will it be?  Kherrington is going home.  I called it.  One bad night, and America kicks you to the curb…no mercy, they show no mercy folks!  Truth is, as good as she is, she’s not the best girl in the competition, so she was bound to go sooner or later…perhaps too soon though. 

Between Mark and Gev, who will it be?  My first disappointment of the competition, Gev is going home.  I do think Mark is a fantastic dancer, and perhaps more deserving to stay then Gev with his lack of training and technique, but still, he was kind of my “in my pocket” pick, so I’m sad to see him go. 

And that’s it folk…show’s over…go home.


2 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance with a New Partner?

  1. I expected Comfort to go home, but I think once Kherrington was not partnered with Twitch her lack of individual talent was far too clear and that is what took her out of the game. It was hard with Mark and Gev because I honestly wasn’t ready for either to go home, so I am still a bit bummed about Gev leaving he was such a little cutie, but I love Mark’s quirkiness too. Looking forward to this week’s show.

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