SYTYCD – Ladies Love Cool Dancers

Two more will go home tonight, LL Cool J will perform, and the dancers open up the show with a freaky, and weird dance number choreographed by Chuck Maldonado.

Without wasting anytime, we get right to the results, and the first dancer up is Katee, and she is told that she is safe.

Next on stage is Will…and he, is in the bottom two guys…WHAT????  WHAT??  America?  What the hell?

Comfort is next and she is in the bottom two girls.  No surprise there.

But Will?  Seriously America??

Mark is next on stage and he…is safe.  Mark looks as shocked as the rest of us are…WHAT?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Mark, but he’s safe and Will is in the bottom?


Next on stage is Chelsie and she is safe. 

Then we have Twitch and he is also in the bottom two.  Seriously, America?  WTF??

This of course means that Joshua is safe, right?  But why the announcements the way they’re being doled out?  Are we in for a “shocker”?  Will there be three bottom boys and only one bottom girl?  What’s the deal here?  And either way, one of my favorite guys is going home tonight…Twitch or Will…This is all kinds of wrong.  So, we know that Joshua is indeed safe.

And this means of course that Courtney is also in the bottom two girls.

Look, I know someone has to go home every week, and that in this show it actually has to be TWO who go, one boy and one girl…but if they send Will home I’m going to be REALLY TICKED OFF.  This guy deserves to win the whole thing.  And I love Twitch, but…WTF America??

So, while we sit and sweat the fate of these four dancers, we get a guest performance by a ballett couple. Simply beautiful…I’ve always loved ballett.

Then we get to watch the four bottom dancers do their solos again.  Comfort is up first, and lets be honest, it’s time for her to go…whether she will or not, is anybody’s guess though.

Next up is Will, breaking my heart with another beautiful solo.  SERIOUSLY?  WTF America??

Then it is Courtney’s turn, and she once again delivers fanastic solo.

And then it is Twitch…Seriously America?  WTF?  It is during his solo tat I realize it is very likely that it will be Will going home tonight…and my heart breaks all over again.

But first, before we can find out who will be going home…it’s Ladies Love Cool James himself on stage…L.L. Cool J. singing his new single “Baby”.  Say what you will, I still think he’s sexy as hell.  Oh, the song?  Eh…it’s alright.

And then it is results time for the girls, and Comfort’s time has come…for the secondtime this season, she is going home.

And then it’s time for my heart to be broken…Twitch and Will…my two favorite dancers in this competition  this season up against each other.

Did you hear that?  Yes, that was me, WTF AMERICA???  Will is going home tonight.  Let me repeat that…WILL is going home tonight.

I have nothing else to say.  I need to go cry now.  See you next week…I guess…I’m going to go watch clips of Will on YouTube.


3 responses to “SYTYCD – Ladies Love Cool Dancers

  1. Hey. I usually don’t comment, but I was like you. I just knew it was Will that would be gone, BUT I think he has nothing to worry about. He has Debbie Allen backing him after all! But it is still sad to see him go. I think this show is harder to watch than AI. I love almost all of these dancers so much!

  2. I was shocked when Mark was safe as he was my pick along with Comfort to go home, and I am just so upset that Will went home, though I am not ready for Twitch to go either. Mark really should have been in the bottom two, and heading home.
    As Heather says though will is a protege of Debbie Allen’s so he has a career that will go many places I am very sure. She has been there watching him, and I am sure she is very proud of her pupil as he did GOOD, actually GREAT!

  3. Heather, I totally agree with you, he has nothing to worry about…still, he was robbed! 😉

    Sassy, I too thought for sure Mark would be going home, but…what can you do?

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