So You Think You Can Make The Finale?

It’s the top six dancers, vying for a spot in the final four next week.  No time to waste, and lots to do.  I’m still thinking that Will was completely robbed last week, but, as Heather said in a comment to my post, he has nothing to worry about, he has a wild career ahead of him.  So, moving on:

The first couple is Courtney and Mark doing a Viennese Waltz.  They are absolutely beautiful.  They look like they’re gliding and walking on air, and smooth, and gorgeous.

The first solo of the evening belongs to Chelsie, and once again, she shows us that she can shake her hips and twirl around in circles.  There was a bit more spice in this routine at least.  But I just feel that her solos are always the same.

Next up is Twitch with his solo, and unlike Chelsie, he switches it up every single week.  I LOVED his solo, with the gold teeth and the Midas touch…very creative.

Side note, loved that Cat put on the gold teeth…too funny.

The next couple are Joshua and Katee, paired up again and doing a contemporary routine.  These two are just the most amazing couple together.  Breath takingly beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  They need to go on and work together professionally, because they are THAT good.

Next up are Twitch and Chelsie doing a Mambo number.  Well, chelsie got to do what she does best, which is shake those hips and twirl in circles, and I thought Twitch did a respectable job himself, but…it was just alright for me.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I wasn’t wowed.

The next solo is Katee’s and I think that it just must be really hard for these contemporary dancers to come up with something new week after week and therefore I’m being too hard on both Katee and Chelsie, so I’m going to cut it out, and say that she was good.  They are both beautiful dancers.

Then it is Joshua’s turn to do his solo.  LOVED IT!  He does thinks that make you go “WHAT?”  LOVE HIM.

And it’s time for round two, with Courtney and Mark doing a contemporary routine by new to the show (this season) choreographer Sonya.  Well Mark was fully in his element with this quirky and creepy piece, and Courtney ROCKED IT as always.  I LOVED THIS. It was so freakin’ cool.  LOVED. IT.

Katee and Joshua’s second number is the Paso Doble.  Wow!  FREAKIN’ WOW!!!  Talk about a power number.  Seriously, these two are…a-fucking-mazing.  Just…holy shit.  BEST. ROUTINE. EVER.

Can I just say for a minute too that I love that this show is all about equal opportunity objectification?  Not only do they put the girls in tiny little half-dresses, but they sure love to take the shirts off the men too.  Fair is fair.

Coutney has the nextsolo…I really just think she puts her heart and soul into her solos…when she dances, you FEEL IT.

The final solo of the evening is Mark’s.  I love him, I think he’s fun, and quirky and a great dancer too.

An the final routine of the night is Chelsie and Twitch’s hip hop routine.  Another fantastic routine.  Definitely better than their first one tonight, and so much fun to watch.  I loved it.

And there you have it, the top six.  Obviously, as evidenced by the results last week, it is anybody’s game still…what will happen?  Check in tomorrow to find out.

And a quick shameless plug…I have a great post over at Candid Karina, about the one I called my Soulmate…won’t you visit?


One response to “So You Think You Can Make The Finale?

  1. Agree with you on all the dances. I do not know who will make the finale, my hopes are that Joshua is there for sure, he deserves it the most, and Katee. I love Mark and Twitch and Courtney, too. Chelsie I am going to say I would not be too distressed to see her go home.

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