SYTYCD – And then there were four

Tonight we find out the results, and which four dancers will make it to the finale next week.  But first, we are treated to a beautiful performance by the top six to one of my all time favorite songs, Bette Middler’s “The Rose”.  Beautiful.

It’s almost results time, but first the judges take some time to address the dancers, give them a bit of a pep talk, some reality, and some fantastic praise.  And then we get to see one more solo from each of them.  They all do a great job, of course.

Then we get a great treat with a little bitty thing (a kid about 6 years old) doing some breakdancing.  How cute was he?  And he was good too.

And then it’s time to get down to business.  Starting with the girls, Katee is safe.  Then to the boys, and Joshua is safe.

Then it’s some weird, creepy, and not really good performance by Lady GaGa…uh?  Yeah, right, whatever…I’ll admit it, I gave it about 10 seconds and then hit the fast forward button.

And finally, we get to find out the results.  Back to the girls, and Courtney is safe…Chelsie is going home.  It’s how I would have voted, to be honest, looking back over her highlight tape, I realize that toward the end she lost it for me, but she was one of my favorites for the better part of this competition…she’s fantastic.

And then it’s time for the boys to find out their fate.  And Twitch has made the finale.  Mark is going home.  Once again, how I would have voted, although Mark is a fantastic dancer as well.

And that’s it folks…next week is the finale already.  I can hardly wait, because the performance episode is always JAM packed with fantastic amazing choreography and performances.  See you then!


One response to “SYTYCD – And then there were four

  1. Lady Gaga – Um.. is exactly how I felt about her. I didn’t have the chance to fast forward, I was watching in “real time” I pretty much sat there with my mouth hanging open, thinking what are they thinking with this chick? Just weird and not in a good way at all! BUT the dance by Mandy Moore that the top six did? WOW. LOVED IT! I’m going to miss Mark though.

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