So You Think You Can Win

Well, this is it…the Final Four perform tonight.  The finale performance show is usually my favorite episode of the season because the performances are usually insanely good.  Will today be just as good as we’ve gotten used to?  Can Katee, Courtney, Twitch and Joshua deliver?

Let’s get to it and see.

The first couple is Courtney and Twitch, with a Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine.  I don’t know…it was alright, it was a fun routine, and they were full of energy, but…something was lacking for me.  I really loved how they got into character, especially Twitch, he’s so good at taking on these characters, but I wasn’t blown away. 

After a very sweet interview with Cat and Courtney, Courtney does her final solo.  I always love her solos, and think she puts so much of herself into them.  Beautiful.

Then it was time for Joshua and Katee to join together again and tackle a Wade Robson contemporary piece.  This one, however, blew me away.  Wow, what a beautiful fantastic amazing performance.  It was just beautiful.  I’m only sad that there can’t be two winners, because I really think these two deserve to win it as a couple.  They are so perfect together.

And then it was time for Katee and Courtney to dance together for the first time ever, doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine.  Very cute routine.  It definitely had that Broadway feel to it.  But I think that’s where my problem with it lies…I’m really not a fan of Broadway routines.  There was nothing exceptional about it…it was fun and cute…and kind of boring…eh

Then it was time for Twitch’s interview and retrospective.  I have to tell you, I couldn’t do these interviews justice, so I’m just glazing over them, but these four kids are all amazing not just with their dancing, but with their personalities too. 

And then Twitch takes on his fnal solo, and KILLS IT. He’s so good.

 The next routine is Joshua and Twitch’s partnering debut, with a Russian…uh…yeah, I’m not really sure what it was called…we’ll call it a battle instead.    This was a great fun routine too.  I enjoyed the battle, got a total kick out of the big balloon pants, and was blown away by all the tricks and flips, and things.  GREAT routine.

Katee’s interview and retrospective was next, followed by her solo.  Her solos I also always love as well.  She’s fantastic.

Halfway through the show and Twitch and Katee are up next with a FoxTrot.  Very steamy and beautiful.  I don’t know about the “technical” stuff when it comes to a FoxTrot, but it was a really romantic and well dance piece.  I loved it.  Twitch really blew me away doing this particular ballroom dance.  Very impressed.  And Katee?  Well, she’s just fantastic.

The final solo of the night, of the season, in fact, is Joshua’s…after his interview piece, of course.  The routine was so great he even lost his shoe.  Loved it.

The last couple’s routine is Joshua and Courtney’s doing a Jive.  It was a pretty intense, fast, crazy routine.  I am exhausted just watching it.  Crazy good.  These kids are crazy good.  But I did see the “issues” that Nigel pointed out, it wasn’t perfect…but it was still amazing to watch.

And the final dance of the competition puts all four of the finalists together doing a Mia Michaels contemporary piece.  Okay, I totally and completely did not get this piece.  It was strange and…I didn’t love it.  There were some really cool tricks in there, and they really are fantastic dancers, but the choreography itself?  I didn’t get it.  At ALL.

That said, I really think that these four dancers are amazing, and to be honest with you, I don’t really care who wins this season, becasue they are all worthy of the title.  Tomorrow we shall who walks away with it.


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