SYTYCD – And the Winner is…

So, tonight is the night when we find out who wins the title of America”s Favorite Dancer. 

But first, there are two hours of pre-announcement performances, stalling, and fun.  Honestly, I actually really enjoy the “stalling” part of this show, because it just means I get to see more dancing.

There are videos showing us highlights of the season, a group performance with the top 20 (fantastic), an announcement that the winner will get a dance role in the upcoming Step Up 3D movie (which I personally cannot wait to see), and some of the judges favorite performances being performed yet again.

Not that it matters, but the following sequence of events is not exactly in the order it happened on the show (except for the results).

There was Katee and Joshua’s Bollywood performance (Fun), and Courtney and Gev’s Rumba (HOT), Comfort and Twitch’s Hip Hop routine to Chris Brown’s Forever (loved it), and Mark and Chelsie’s “hip hop” piece to Bleeding Love (one of my favorites this season).  There was also Katee and Will’s contemporary piece to Imagine…which, let me tell you, just reminded me of how much Will really is the most amazing dancer out there.  And of the fact that Katee really deserves to be in this top four.  And also, Courtney and Mark’s freaky dance choreographed by Sonja…such a freaky, but great piece. 

Then there was the battle between Philip Chbeeb and Robert Murane, two poppers who made the cuts to Vegas, but both didn’t make it to the top 20 (one had pneumonia and couldn’t go to Vegas, the other, to the shock of everyone, dropped out of the competition voluntarily in Vegas).    KICK ASS battle!  These two really need to go on tour together, seriously.  But, the judges were actually voting to see who won this battle…and the winner was…Robert by a landslide.  Still…both of them are fantastic at what they do.

There was also a surprise performance by Dmitri and Mary Murphy herself (one of the judges). 

But eventually it would be time for the first round of results…someone would find out they were NOT the winner…and that first person was: Courtney.  I have to share here that her dad standing up in the audience and saying “that’s my baby” made me cry real tears.

But folks, we still have an hour of show to go at this point.  Let’s enjoy some more performances, shall we?

First up, the top 5 guys, doing the “Five Guys Named Moe” routine.  I loved this one, it was silly, and goofy, and fun, but also really showcased their talents.

Then a guest performance by the cast of Chris Angel “Believe”, a Cirque Du Soleil show, choreographed by Wade Robson.  UH…yeah, weird.  And yet, I couln’t peel my eyes of the screen…it was hypnotizing. 

And again, it was time for anothe dancer to find out their time on the show was up…the next dancer elimated was…Katee.  Shouts of shock in the studio, understandably so, as Katee is an amazing dancer, but only one dancer can win it all, and I’ve got to tell you, I knew all along one of the guys would take it this year.  America loves the “growth” factor that two untrained hip-hop dancers can be this amazing.  Plus, there’s also the fact that let’s be honest, we know it’s mostly women and gay men voting for this show…not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s a factor, trust you me.  But Katee does not go home empty handed, this year they are awarding a prize to both the top boy and the top girl, so Katee goes home with $50k.  Not a bad take, no?  Good for her, she totally deserves it.

Then there was a performance by students from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, including…is that Nigel Lythgoe?  Yes it is…doing a little tap number himself…pretty good too.  How about that?

Then it was probably my favorite routine of the season (maybe second favorite, I think my favorite was the one with the bed actually), the Twitch and Katie, Mia Michaels choreographed piece with “the door”.  I LOVED this routine.

And then the Jonas Brothers did their thing…which, okay, I’ll admit it, I fast forwarded through it…sorry, don’t hate me, they’re just not for me.

Then Twitch and Kherrington with the beautiful Viennese Waltz took my breath away once again.

And the final routine of the night is the “No Air” performance by Tabitha and Napoleon with Katee and Joshua, another of my favorites. 

The truth is, watching this episode I’m reminded of just how amazing this entire season was…fantastic amazing performance, after fantastic amazing performance.

Before the final results, we are treated to a performance by some of the “best” of So You Think You Can Dance dancers from previous years.  What a fun treat that was.

But it was time for the stalling to end (as much fun as this particular brand of stalling was), and to find out who the winner would be.  Joshua or Twitch?

So, let’s get right to the point…And the winner is…


Well earned without a doubt!!!  He really has been the most amazing, most improved, most consistent dancer throughout the season. 

And there you have it.  I’m going to see if I can finagle some tickets to the tour…see you next season!


One response to “SYTYCD – And the Winner is…

  1. I didn’t watch all of them – but for some reason we figured Twitch would win.

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