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Back in Boston

When I was 13 years old I fell in love with a boy from Boston.  For the next 5 years or so I would follow him and his four friends in all they did.  The boy was Donnie Wahlberg, his friends were Jordan, Joey, Jonathan and Danny…collectively, they were The New Kids on the Block.  At that time my walls were wallpapered with their faces, my two cousins and I started a “fan club” out of my bedroom, and we would exchange letters and photographs with hundreds of girls all over the world.  In each we would profess our love and adoration of the five hardest working guys in showbiz.  It was not easy to be a “Blockhead” in those days.  The New Kids were not taken seriously by the music industry or by mainstream media, and they were certainly the butt of many teen boys’ jokes.  To be a New Kids fan was to be constantly defending yourself, and your boys.  But it was probably because of that constant abuse that New Kids on the Block fans are a breed to be reckoned with.


15 years ago, it all came to an end.  An unsatisfactory and some would say all too abrupt end.  The New Kids disbanded, went their separate ways, and talk of a reunion was always immediately shot down.  But like a volcano waiting to erupt, the New Kids fan base didn’t die, it just went into hibernation.  As fans, we kept following the careers of our boys, Joey’s turn at Broadway, Jordan’s solo album, Donnie’s success in movies and television…we never stopped following our boys from Boston.


And then it was announced…The New Kids WOULD be reuniting, releasing a new album and going on tour.  The volcano erupted.  The fans came crawling back out of the woodwork en masse.  Major concert arenas sold out immediately, the album shot to number one on the pop charts its first week of release, the fansites popped back up, and 30 something year old women, married and with kids, updated their freebie lists.  The boys were back, and so were we.


Friday night, September 26, 2008, the boys returned to Boston for their first performance in their hometown in 15 years.  Performing to a sold out crowd of 13,000 plus mostly female fans, at the Garden, they were home again.


And this 30something year old, along with the rest of the ladies in the crowd, was on her feet, screaming at the top of her lungs, feeling like she was a 13 year old star-struck little girl all over again.  We were ready.  And the boys…now men…delivered.


With a combination of their old hits, and some of the new songs, they delivered a non-stop performance for a solid 2 ½ hours.  Whether bringing fans back to the good old days with songs like Please Don’t Go Girl, Tonight, Favorite Girl and Covergirl, or introducing a sexier, dirtier side with new hits like Grown Man and Dirty Dancing, they did not disappoint.  For a bunch of men in their late 30’s, who were all rumored to be suffering ill effects of a pretty nasty flu that night, they evoked nothing but professionalism and energy.  They gave the audience a bit of the throwback dance moves in “The Right Stuff” and “Step By Step”, and incorporated a whole new catalogue of choreography throughout.  Joey McIntyre showed off the skills learned during his stint on Dancing With The Stars, and Jordan Knight shared one of his solo hits with the screaming fans.  Danny Wood, 39, took to the stage in a break dancing routine that made him look 19 all over again, and Donnie Wahlberg never lost his mischievous grin the whole night through, except for the moment when he found himself at a loss for words and choked up at the response he received from his home town, which he deemed “This beautiful city”.


The looks on the fans faces as they exited the arena said it all.  The boys are back, and better than ever.  And this girl?  I fell in love with a  boy from Boston all over again.


Tonight’s the Night!

If you have followed this blog (or Candid Karina) at all, then you know that I am a huge New Kids on The Block fan, and am unashamed to admit it.

A while back I blogged my excitement at their announced reunion tour and new cd to be realeased, but I’ve been sort of quiet about any follow up.  The reason for this is simply because well…I’ve been pretty much quiet blogging here at all all summer long. 

But should that make you think I haven’t followed this reunion very closely, let me set the record straight.  I have watched every interview and television special in the last few months.  I have visited their website on several different occasions.  I did go out and buy their new CD the day it was released, and yes, I do like it. AND yes, I bought tickets to their concert.

I have not sold my belongings to travel around the country following their tour.  I have not gone out and bought a t-shirt, and I can’t bring back out my old memorabilia, because, unfortunately, most of it died in a flood in 2005.  I did not camp out in New York City for the big Today show (but I was in town that day), and I really have no interest in stalking the boys at every visit in town.

I realize I’m in my 30’s and some semblance of control is therefore required.  In all honesty, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the youthful and silly feelings this reunion has brought out in me, and my friends and I are having a blast both reminiscing and planning our night out to the concert.  But that’s where it ends for me.  Most days I’m still a mature adult, who is enjoying the fun this is bringing, but at the end of the day, my feet are still firmly planted in reality. 

Except for tonight.  Because tonight, ladies and gents, is THE night.  Tonight, along with my friends BFF, M&M and The Cat, I am going to see the boys in concert, in their hometown, my college town, Boston, MA.

Tonight, I (along with my friends) will unabashedly act like star struck 13 year olds, all the while hoping our hoochie momma outfits will score us some attention so we can sneak our way backstage.  Tonight, all the rules of maturity and adulthood are firmly thrown out the window, and we indulge our inner teenie bopper aka groupie mentallity. 

TONIGHT, for one night, I get to fantasize all over again about how Donnie Wahlberg is going to see me from the stage, and fall madly deeply in love with me and want to marry me and have babies with me.  Just for tonight.

Tomorrow, well…tomorrow I upload the pictures to my computer and give you a concert review, and let my self slowly drift back down from the clouds, to reality.

But tonight?  OH MAN, you don’t want to stand in my way tonight…


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