The Bachelor – Episode One – I called it!

Well, here it is, the Season Premiere of the newest edition of The Bachelor, and the first one I will watch.  In case you missed it, I got sucked into The Bachelorette last season because an old college buddy of mine was one of the Bachelors on there.  He didn’t make it very far, but by then, I was hooked.

However, when the show ended and that silly silly girl didn’t choose Jason, that should have been the end of watching these silly dating shows for me.  Except, I knew Jason would no doubt be picked as the next Bachelor.  In fact, I said, and I quote: Well, at least we know for sure who the next Bachelor will be, don’t we?  (Click on the link if you want to read my recap of that last episode) Yep, I called it.  For the record, I knew it wouldn’t work out with her and Jesse, she definitely made the wrong choice, but hey, it all happens for a reason right?

And, as I fell madly in television love with Jason during that season, I, of course, HAD to tune in tonight.  Yes, I know I”m just setting myself up for heartbreak, because yes, I know he’s already found true love on this show, so of course he won’t be calling me, but well…that’s how much I love him, I want him to be happy and find love.  See?  So unselfish of me.

Right, yeah, okay…moving on.  It’s time for the show to begin.  Jason needs to meet his 25 Bachelorettes and begin the search for his true love.  But can we just say how HOT this man has gotten since last season?  I mean he was always cute, and sweet and loveable, but damn, he’s HOT now.  LOVE.  Also love that he brought his son along with him on the show.  How great is that?

So first we take a quick peak at all the girls.  and uh…well, it’ll be an interesting season, that’s for sure. 

But then it truly begins.  The ladies arrive and introduce themselves to him one by one… I’m not going to go through them all, because well, that’s just a bit much, even Jason has to send 10 women home tonight, so we’ll just focus on the 15 that stay behind.

But, once they introduce themselves, it’s time for the “casual” getting to know you stage.  Shannon, the dental hygienest freaked him out, I think, with her stalkerish “I know everything about you” thing.

Dominique, could get annoying REALLY quick..

Sharon, the teacher who quit her job, kind of freaked me out.  I’m not sure about Jason, but me, yes.  Is that wrong?

Love Jillian’s “hot dog test”…too funny.  Love that Jason is a mustard guy too.

And then it’s time for Jason’s first task of the night, the first impression rose shows up.  The one that guarantees one of the ladies a free pass to the next time.  SO, the competition really heats up, as the girls vie for that rose.

Renee, the “vision board” chick is a little uh…out there. I mean, hey, whatever works, but…hmmm

So, the birthday girl things she’s getting the first impression rose, but instead he’s got cake for her.  psyche!

And then Chris shows up with a twist!  A ballot box, for the ladies to cast a vote as to the first lady they want to send home, right away.  OOH, the first vote and Jason doesn’t even get a vote.  Interesting.

The claws reallycome out here…Some true colors are shown here.  Jackie should have stopped drinking after maybe the first glass.  She’s sort of a sloppy, loud, obnoxious drunk. 

And then Jason takes the first impression rose and gives it to Nikki.  Was it the breasts?  It was, wasn’t it?  I’m bad, aren’t I?

And then Chris is back to announce the ballot votes.  Three women receive the majority of the votes, they are: Jackie, Erica and finally, the one receiving the most votes is Meghan.  But here’s the twist, she gets a rose, she is not going home.

How about them apples?

And then it is finally, officially time for Jason to make his decision and to begin the first rose ceremony.  Who will stay, and who will go? 

The first rose goes to Lauren, the birthday girl.  Next up is Kerri, then Naomi, Natalie and Molly.  Raquel is next, followed by Stephanie, Melissa and Jillian.  Then the camera pans through the girls and I realize there are a handful of them that didn’t even get any screen time tonight…guess we know they’re going home.  His next pick is Shannon, followed by Lisa, Sharon, the girl who quit her job to come meet him, and finally, the last rose goes to Erica.

And that’s it, the rest of the girls are going home.  Not really surprised by some of the choices, a little more by others, but it’s early yet, no real opinions have been formed just yet on any of them.  Well, most of them…vison board girl?  Yeah…right.  Jackie the wedding consultant should really have laid off the liquor.

Watching the previews for the season, it’s definitely going to be an interesting season…yes indeed.  Whoa, there’s a lot of emotion and drama and HELLO? Deanna comes back?  WHAT?

I for one am looking forward to seeing what happens.  What do you think?  Do you have any favorites yet?  Anyone you just don’t like?

Please dish!  Well, it’s well past my bedtime now so I am done for tonight.  Catch you next week.


One response to “The Bachelor – Episode One – I called it!

  1. I liked Jillian, Lauren, and I’m curious about Stephanie

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