The Claws Come Out- The Bachelor Recap – Ep. 2

It’s the second episode, and there are 15 girls left.  Tonight Jason will send someone else home.  But first, he needs to get to know the girls a little bit.

First it’s a pool party and all the girls are hanging out, when Jason stops by for a visit.  A little getting to know this one and that one and then Jason gets a rose to hand out to te one girl he wants to have his first one on one date with that night.

He chooses Jillian, the hotdog girl.  I like her.  She’s cute, and she’s sweet and a little dorky, but not phony or too barbie”ish” as some of the other girls come across.  She just seems real and down to earth, which is sort of fitting for for Jason, no?  On their solo date they are treated to an intimate performance by Robin Thicke…nice.

While they are out on their date, Melissa gets a note from Jason letting her know they have a one on one date the next day.

But, back to the date…I’m wondering, how awkard is it for Robin Thicke to be singing his heart out while Jason and Jillian are making out mere feet away from him and paying zero attention to him?  Awkward??

So, the next morning Melissa heads out for her solo date with Jason.  Her first date in 3 years, she tells us.  I like Melissa too.  She is also cute and fun, and also seems pretty down to earth, although maybe a bit more high strung than Jillian.

While their date is going on, another envelope shows up at the house for the girls.  This one lets a group of ladies know they’ll be going on a group date with Jason.  A few of the ladies will not be going, however, on a date at all, it seems.

Back to the date and we find Jason and Melissa making out on the beach.  And then the two of them get to go for a ride on a goodyear blimp.  That’s pretty damn cool.

Now, about all the making out…seriously…these guys must just LOVE being the bachelor, because, hello?    Yeah…but how awkward is it to be one of the girls?  I’m really thinking there’s just no way I could ever do this show.

And then it’s time for the group date.  The girls are taken by Jason on a shopping trip, to pick out an outfit for their date.  And then they are all hanging out poolside and getting to know one another.  There is some drama, some kissing, some more kissing…and a bit more drama, backstabbing and scheming.  These girls are in it to win it, that’s for sure.

Jason has a rose to hand out on this date, and he chooses Molly.

And then after he drops the girls off at home, Raquel sneaks into his limo to attempt a sneaky conversation with him.  UH…this is definitely going to be my favorite word for this show…AWKWARD.  Did she just say that she wants someone who will love her to death, meaning that if she dies, she wants him to love her so much that he’ll never want to remarry?  Wow…okay.

Then it is the night of the rose ceremony, and Jason has a chance to chat with some of the girls, including some of the girls who haven’t yet had a chance for one on one time with him. 

Three girls will be going home tonight, so he has a decision to make.

So, Shannon the dental hygienist still freaks me out.  She’s weird, slightly annoying and well…I don’t really like her for him, to be honest.

Then it’s on to Stephanie, the widowed mom.  She’s sweet, and I think she has the right intentions, and I like her…I’m just not loving the eyebrows.  Okay, I know, I’m sorry.  But…really?

Jason also has another chat with Nikki, the one who seems most concerned that some of the girls are on the show for all the wrong reasons.  I’m still not sure if I fall on the plus or negative side about her.  I don’t know whether I like her or not…I’m still forming an opinion.

And then a shocker…Lisa tells Jason that she has to leave because her grandmother is terminally ill and she’s decided to go home to be with her family at this time.  I gotta give the girl credit, because odds are against her in this house anyway, and family is family.

Jason then sits down to chat with the other mother, Megan.  But she is interrupted by Molly, who actually already has a rose.  I actually don’t like Megan, she rubs me the wrong way, but at the same time, I have to agree with her that it was pretty selfish of Molly to do that.  This also leads to a bit more drama between the girls, a bit of that she said she said crazyness.  Fun to watch, but some of these girls are definitely not mature enough to be here to find “love and marriage”.

Erica comes down really hard on Megan, making her out to be the “bad guy” in the situation about the Molly situation, but again, as much as I don’t like Megan, Erica just came out looking like a catty bitch.  Two of them that could go home as far as I’m concerned.

Now because Lisa chose to go home on her own, there are only two girls who will not get roses tonight.  So who will they be?

Jillian, Melissa and Molly are already safe.  Jason’s first rose of the night goes to Megan, drawing an eye roll and dirty looks form Erica.  The next one goest to Nikki, who is growing on me (and also, by the way, totally reminds me of Sandra Bullock).  And then it’s Lauren, who I think is too high maintenance for Jason, and then Naomi.  Stephanie is next, followed by Kerri.  Natalie gets the next rose, and Shannon the one after that.  And then there was one…the final rose of the night goes to…Erica.

That means Raquel and…well damn, I don’t even know the name of the other girl…Sharon, the teacher who quit her job to come on the show, are going home tonight.

And that’s the show tonight. Now there are 12.  What drama is in store for next week?  OOH, this will be a fun season to watch, but I’m sure glad I’m not living in that hen house!


One response to “The Claws Come Out- The Bachelor Recap – Ep. 2

  1. we got in late — (long story) and missed half of it.
    so i need to watch the rest on ABC eoisode player
    so far, I pretty much agree with you, tho

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