Is American Idol.  It’s back ladies and gents.  The music, the judges, Ryan Seacrest, the vote for the worst websites, the awful auditions, and even a little bit of fantastic talent (we hope)…American Idol is here again.

And I, for one, am looking forward to it.

As with last year, I will be blogging episode recaps each week.  Giving you my top picks, my choices to go home, which voices give me chills, and which ones just gives me the creeps.

But, tonight, for the next week or two, it’s all about the audition process, and as we’ve come to know and love (hate) this process, all the freaks, geeks and those who really shouldn’t have, will show up for their chance at stardom.

These audition shows used to be my favorite when the show first started.  In fact, in the beginning, I would actually only watch the first few audition episodes, and then stop watching the show.  But then it stopped being so funny, and started just being annoying.  There is no way these people actually think they’re any good.  There is no way they’d ever be allowed to even enter the same room as Randy, Paula and Simon if it wasn’t for the shock value, the supposed humor, and the sheer force of embarrassing them.  And I’m sort of sick of it.  It’s all staged and fake at this point, and I no longer find it all that funny.  And I’m not really all that sure I can take Simon’s eye rolling for another season.

But, now and again they actually share with us a few truly talented souls, and it is for these that I watch the auditions, for the glimpse of talent.  Yeah, I know, I’m obviously not in sync with the rest of America…you’re only realizing that now?

Anyway, I won’t be blogging the audition shows…but I will be back to blog once they hit Hollywood.

Until then, lets all sit back, relax, and try to not cringe too much at the auditions.  OH yeah, and lets get to know this new judge they’ve been talking about nonstop.


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  1. I missed it. (can’t watch everything)

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