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Is American Idol.  It’s back ladies and gents.  The music, the judges, Ryan Seacrest, the vote for the worst websites, the awful auditions, and even a little bit of fantastic talent (we hope)…American Idol is here again.

And I, for one, am looking forward to it.

As with last year, I will be blogging episode recaps each week.  Giving you my top picks, my choices to go home, which voices give me chills, and which ones just gives me the creeps.

But, tonight, for the next week or two, it’s all about the audition process, and as we’ve come to know and love (hate) this process, all the freaks, geeks and those who really shouldn’t have, will show up for their chance at stardom.

These audition shows used to be my favorite when the show first started.  In fact, in the beginning, I would actually only watch the first few audition episodes, and then stop watching the show.  But then it stopped being so funny, and started just being annoying.  There is no way these people actually think they’re any good.  There is no way they’d ever be allowed to even enter the same room as Randy, Paula and Simon if it wasn’t for the shock value, the supposed humor, and the sheer force of embarrassing them.  And I’m sort of sick of it.  It’s all staged and fake at this point, and I no longer find it all that funny.  And I’m not really all that sure I can take Simon’s eye rolling for another season.

But, now and again they actually share with us a few truly talented souls, and it is for these that I watch the auditions, for the glimpse of talent.  Yeah, I know, I’m obviously not in sync with the rest of America…you’re only realizing that now?

Anyway, I won’t be blogging the audition shows…but I will be back to blog once they hit Hollywood.

Until then, lets all sit back, relax, and try to not cringe too much at the auditions.  OH yeah, and lets get to know this new judge they’ve been talking about nonstop.


Grand Re-Opening

Happy 2009 Everyone!


With a new year here, I figured there was no time like the present to re-open Café Karina.  Things got a little crazy toward the end of 2008, leaving the Café unstaffed and therefore closed for the season, but we are back and ready to serve you.


Come on in, have a seat, let’s get you some coffee and some pop culture, shall we?


What’ll it be?  I’ll show you a quick menu, but please note that we have daily specials, unexpected surprises and now and again, a special house blend.


Starting Monday, January 5th (THAT’S TONIGHT) we’ll be serving up a weekly dose of The Bachelor Recaps.  Shortly thereafter, on January 13th, we’ll begin American Idol recaps as well.


And because there is just so much more on television starting this month that we JUST must discuss, we’ll give you a “Best and Worst of the Week” round-up as well.


But that’s just the TV menu folks.  We’ve got music, we’ve got books, we’ve got movies and we can’t forget about the celebrities themselves.


We’ll pry into Karina’s very own MP3 Player and find out what she’s listening to, from new releases to the obscure or classic hits she just can’t get enough of.


If our ticket hounds are successful, we’ll have a few concert reviews in store for you as well.


Over in the quiet section of the Café, there will be periodic book reviews and suggestions for you bibliophiles.


And every once in a while a celebrity strolls into the Café with a story so juicy we just can’t let it go unnoticed.  We don’t indulge in celebrity gossip here at the Café very often, but now and again, we know you want to know.


So, stay awhile, we think you’ll like it here.


Yours truly,



May the best David win

It’s results night on Idol.  That means two hours of performances, celebrity guests, and all kinds of hoopla before the winner is announced in the last 5 minutes of the two hour show.

We kick off with a performance by the top 12 Idols along with the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance (LOVE THOSE GUYS).

Then it’s the two David’s singing together, in a performance that actually worked really well with the two different styles.

Then it’s time to plug Mike Myers new movie “The Love Guru” with a stupid skit.  Sorry folks, I know a lot of people find this sort of humor funny…it does NOTHING for me.

Another performance, this time by Syesha Mercado, singing with Seal.  I love Seal!  And then it’s Jason Castro singing “Allelluia” which was one of his best performances all season.  I do love this kids voice.

A gift of brand new Ford Escape Hybrids to each of the David’s and the top six girls are “ladies in Red” on stage singing Donna Summer’s hits.  And then Donna Summer herself joins them on stage to sing her new song, and some old ones too.  There was a weird Ryan Seacrest “breakdancing?” moment in there too…but I’m not even sure what that was, so I’m going to just gloss right over that.

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns are next on stage.  All I’m thinking is, who needs to go to the American Idol tour?  We’re getting to watch the whole thing right here, tonight. 

Then there was a bit of Jimmy Kimmel picking on everyone from Simon to Paula to Ryan, and the top six boys take the stage to rock it out a bit to some Bryan Adams songs.  It was during this performance that I decided that David Cook totally threw the contest last night.  I’ve had my suspicions since his second song, but he has been in top form all night tonight again, reminding us why we think he should win it…but last night?  Not so much.  And look, it’s Bryan Adams on stage singing some of his new and old music too.  Hmmm….I think he looks better now than he did when he was younger.

David Cook and ZZ Top singing Sharp Dressed Man?  Really?  That’s just too cool.  I thoght he totally held his own with ZZTop.  How psyched must he have been for that performance?

Then it was Brooke White with…well, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t paying attention at this point, so I’m not sure who she performed with…Graham Nash?  Does that sound right?  It was a very nice “folksy” performance, fitting for Brooke White’s style.

And then it’s the Jonas Brothers (which I’ll admit, I sort of fast forwarded through).  And a skit of some of the “bad” audition moments, (which I’ll admit I totally fast forwarded through).  And then that weirdo kid singing his “Best Friend Forever” song…uh…with a marching band…uh…and cheerleaders?  Uh…right…moving on.

One Republic performing “Apologize” up next.  This I can watch and enjoy.  And little David gets up there to sing it with them, and you know what?  This is kind of the perfect stuff for him to do!  It was great.

Jordan Sparks, the reigning American Idol takes her last “walk”, singing her new single in a very very gold dress.

And the there was this weird, yet, oddly funny skit with Gladys Knight and “the Pips” made up of Ben Stiller, and Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr.

And Carrie Underwood was next in a DANGEROUSLY short dress.  This girl sure likes to show off those legs, doesn’t she?  Then again, if I had legs like hers, I would too. 

And one last performance by the top 12 before the results are announced.  They’re singing George Michael songs, so, the question is, in keeping with the way the show is going tonight, will George Michael himself be coming out to perform?  Sure enough, there he is.  And wow…um…this man used to be sexy right?  Wow. He still sounded amazing though.

And then, finally, it was time for the results and the announcement…who would it be?  David the Rocker, or Little David the crooner?

And the winner is…David Cook!  The rocker took it after all!!

How about that, for once the “unique” guy won the show.  I’m pretty happy to say I was wrong with my prediction.  Love it.

And that’s all folks…I’d say till January, but let’s just jump right into “So You Think You Can Dance” and “The Bachelorette” shall we?  Till tomorrow night, then.



A Tale of Two Davids

Tonight begins the two night Finale of American Idol, and it’ll be a battle of the Davids.  David Cook the rocker and David Archuletta the 17 year old boy wonder. 

In true American Idol fashion, the show was full of extras and special guests.  With a “boxing” theme to the show, kicked off with an “In this corner” type announcement, and three rounds to fight it out, since they’ll be doing three songs each, the final challenge is here.

David Cook kicks off the show with the Clive Davis song choice of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.   Right off the bat Cook has made this song his, and I love it.  As this season has progressed I’ve become more and more a fan of his voice, and with this song he’s done it again.  Regardless of the outcome, his will be a cd that will no doubt be added to my collection.  Loved this performance, I thought he nailed it. 

David Archuletta’s first song, and Clive Davis song choice is “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John.  I though he had a bit of a rough start, but once he got going, he sounded great.  This kid does have a fantastic voice.  That said, he’s just not very exciting to watch or listen to, is he?  He sounded great, no question about it, but it was just…eh for me.

And then to song number two, which is the contestant’s choice from the top ten songs America has written for the winner to sing.

David Cook chose “Dream Big” by William (I think) Shackleton.  This was a rough one for him.  I thought he started rough, and had a hard time connecting with the song.  And the final note was a bit “pitchy dawg”.  But I still love his voice and still enjoyed the performance, it was fun to watch.

David Archuletta chose “In this Moment” by Ryan Gilmore.  Another slow song for the teenage crooner.  Again, he has a beautiful voice and sounded great, and yet, I had to force myself not to press the fast forward button.  He just doesn’t “grab me”, you know?  Still, it was a very beautiful performance from him and pretty much flawless.

And for Round Three it’s “Contestant’s Choice”, they can sing anything they want. 

David Cook picked “The World I know” by Collective Soul, not a very well known song, and not a song he’s performed before, but a beautiful song, and I think, perfect for his voice and style.  I loved it.  Again, I just love the quality of his voice and what he does with it, and can’t wait to see this kid BLOW UP on the music scene.  He was very emotional at the end of this song, and I think he did a beautiful job.

David Archuletta chose to sing “Imagine” once again.  Smart choice for the boy wonder, no doubt, as the first time he did this song it was one of his best performances.  Tonight he was fantastic, and this performance was the first time tongight I wasn’t tempted to reach for my remote to fast forward through it.  It was beautiful…simply beautiful.

So, predictions?  Well, as we’ve always seen with American Idol, it really is anyone’s game, because who knows how the audience will vote?  That said, based on tonight’s performances alone, I think David A. took it.  For me, personally, I still think David Cook has more of the “it” factor, and I’ve wanted to see him win it for weeks now.  Still, I think Little David has this one in the bank.  And really, between the two Davids, they’re both great in their own way, so, let the best man (or boy) win it tomorrow night. 

David Cook will outsell David Archuletta once their albums are out though, I’m calling that one.

Come on back tomorrow night, I’ll recap the star-studded results show.  And then starting Thursday my favorite reality show returns.  Stay tuned for So You Think You Can Dance recaps.  Also, I wasn’t going to watch it or recap it, but I’ve learned that a friend of mine is one of the bachelors on this season’s Bachelorette, so I will be telling you all about which one he is, and I’ll begin recapping the show next week as well.

Till tomorrow!

And then there were two

Keeping the recap short and sweet tonight, because I have lots to do getting ready for a little “get-away” weekend.

Tonight on Idol we find out who the final two will be.  The show opens with the three hopefulls performing “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”…a decent performance considering how different their styles are, and the fact that this song didn’t fit any of them.

Then a pretty powerful and fun performance by a red haired Fantasia Barrino.

And then we took a look at videos of all three and their trips home last week, as well as their “journey” on Idol.  Some of these were pretty moving and sweet, actually.

Finally, it was results time.  Would it be a shocker, or would it be the Two Davids as expected?  David Archuletta is announced as safe first, and then it would be…David Cook.

Indeed, it’ll be a battle of the Davids next week.  Syesha going home tonight.  There you have it.


The Top Three Sing Times Three

Tonight the Idols sing a song of their own choosing, a song chosen for them by the judges and one chosen by the producers.  There are only three left, how will they do?

David Archuletta kicks off the show with Paula Abdul’s choice for him “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel.  This was simply a beautiful performance from Little David.  I just thought he sounded wonderful, and it was just simply beautiful.  Loved it.

Next up was Syesha, who would be singing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, selected for her by Randy Jackson.  Another big song, by another big artist, but she didn’t choose it this time, so the judges can’t crack on her for that at least.  Eh…it was…eh.  I mean, she sounded great, but she didn’t do anything particularly unique with it, and she didn’t “grab me”.  It wasn’t bad, but it was just EH for me.

David Cook’s first song is Roberta Flack’s “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, chosen by Simon.  Okay, let’s just put it out there…this kid is incredible.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED this performance.  He rocked it.  Amazing!

And then it was time for David A. to tell us what his own choice was.  He picked “With You” by Chris Brown.   Something about hearing the word “Boo” coming out of Little David’s mouth was just weird.  And then he fogot the lyrics too.  Not good Little David, not good.  It’s way too late in the game to be forgetting your lyrics.  Other than that, it was an okay performance.  Not great, not very original or all that interesting, but okay.

Syesha chose Peggy Lee’s “Fever” for her second song.  Using a “chair” as a prop, she delivered a steamy performance.  I hate to sound like a broken record but, much like her first performance, I thought it was…EH.  Again, she has a beautiful voice, and she sounded great, but…eh.

David Cook’s own song choice?  “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot.  I thought he had a little bit of a rocky start, but once he picked up, he was fantastic.  The thing about David Cook for me is that he has the type of voice and sound that I just love, so I’m loving this kid and can’t wait until he has his own band and albums out.  This performance?  It was okay.

David Archuletta’s “Producers pick” is “Longer” by Dan Fogelbert.  Snore.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  It could have been the song choice.  It could have been his performance.  Likely it was a combination of both.  Archuletta has a good voice, and like Randy says, he can sing anything, but I was bored.

Syesha’s final song tonight was “Hit Me Up” by Gia Farrell.  UGH.  I have a feeling the producers were trying to tell her it was time to go home, because why else would they have picked a song that A) nobody’s ever heard before and B) isn’t that great to begin with?  That said, I thought she did a pretty decent job with it.  But I didn’t love it.

And finally, David Cook covering Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.  I loved it.  It wasn’t as good as his first one tonight, but I loved it.  I thought he rocked it.  And again, I LOVE this kid.

So, predictions?  I’ve said it all along, and will say it again…it’ll be a battle of the David’s at the end.  Syesha is going home tomorrow night.

And while we’re on the subject of predictions…who do you think will take the whole thing?  In my opinion, it should go to David Cook, but I think either David could take it, because it is all about the fans calling in.  What do you think?

It’s results night, and at the end of tonight, we’ll be down to the top three.  Who will go home tonight?  Will it be Jason, who seemed completely uninterested in any of his own performances last night, and commited the cardinal sin of forgetting his lyrics?  Or will it be Syesha, who although brilliant last night, hasn’t really garnered the love of the American public to date?  Will it be one of the Davids?  No, of course not, who are we kidding.

The show opens with the top four singing one of those medley’s that I just don’t think work all that well with the variety of their voices and style.  It was pretty atrocious if you ask me. 

And then to the results.  David Archuletta is out first, and he is, of course, safe.  Was there ever any doubt?

And then it’s a “filler” video of a trip the contestants took. 

Back to the results and David Cook is out next.  And again, OF COURSE he is safe as well. (for the record, I typed that last sentence before they even announced he was safe, because that’s how sure I was he was).

And so, it is down to Syesha and Jason, as predicted.

I loved the Ford commercial, but that might have had more to do with the Mustang than anything else. ;0)

Then it was time for the “call in” segment.  There was the awkward moment of a listener asking David Cook out on a date.  I honestly didn’t really listen to the rest of this segment.  I was bored by it, so I was distracted doing other things.

Maroon 5 performed next, and I’ve just recently become a Maroon 5 fan, so I was actually looking forward to this performance, but…eh. 

And now it’s back to the results, right.  Oh, no, not yet, we now are going to listen to Bo Bice.  Another performance?  Yep, another performance.  Gotta fill the hour.  Didn’t results night used to be only 30 minutes in the past?  There was a reason for that.  Can’t tell you a thing about this performance, because I fast forwarded through it.  I’d had enough at this point.  Can we just get to the results so I can go blog or something?

Okay, now we really are ready for the results.  AND…well well, America got it right.  Jason Castro is going home, Syesha is safe.  I like Jason, but it was definitely time for him to go home.

There you have it folks.  See you next week for the top 3!