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Grand Re-Opening

Happy 2009 Everyone!


With a new year here, I figured there was no time like the present to re-open Café Karina.  Things got a little crazy toward the end of 2008, leaving the Café unstaffed and therefore closed for the season, but we are back and ready to serve you.


Come on in, have a seat, let’s get you some coffee and some pop culture, shall we?


What’ll it be?  I’ll show you a quick menu, but please note that we have daily specials, unexpected surprises and now and again, a special house blend.


Starting Monday, January 5th (THAT’S TONIGHT) we’ll be serving up a weekly dose of The Bachelor Recaps.  Shortly thereafter, on January 13th, we’ll begin American Idol recaps as well.


And because there is just so much more on television starting this month that we JUST must discuss, we’ll give you a “Best and Worst of the Week” round-up as well.


But that’s just the TV menu folks.  We’ve got music, we’ve got books, we’ve got movies and we can’t forget about the celebrities themselves.


We’ll pry into Karina’s very own MP3 Player and find out what she’s listening to, from new releases to the obscure or classic hits she just can’t get enough of.


If our ticket hounds are successful, we’ll have a few concert reviews in store for you as well.


Over in the quiet section of the Café, there will be periodic book reviews and suggestions for you bibliophiles.


And every once in a while a celebrity strolls into the Café with a story so juicy we just can’t let it go unnoticed.  We don’t indulge in celebrity gossip here at the Café very often, but now and again, we know you want to know.


So, stay awhile, we think you’ll like it here.


Yours truly,




The Bachelorette – And so it ends

The finale was last night.  I know, I know, I’m a day late with my recapl, but we took 17 teenagers to a baseball game last night, give me a break.

So, I’ve avoided the internet and television like the plague today so I wouldn’t find out the results before I had a chance to watch my tivoed show.  And here we are.

This week Deanna takes the two final guys to meet her family.  It is obvious pretty much immediately that Deanna’s family fell just as hard for Jason as I have watching this show.  How could you not, really?  Jesse they were a little slower warming up to, but then eventually I think he won them over as well.  I think after her time with her family and the guys, she’s more confused than ever, because her family made really good arguments for both.  Still, how could Jason NOT be her choice?

But, before we get to that, it’s back to the Bahamas, and Jeremy, who was booted last week, but wants to talk to Deanna one last time, to tell her how he feels about her.  Sorry buddy, she’s just “not that into you”.  And away he goes.

Then it’s time for Deanna to have her last two “solo” dates with each of the guys.  First up is Jesse.  They have a really sweet and romantic date, and I realize that I’m just biased because I’ve liked Jason from day 1, but the truth is, this guy is a pretty good guy too.  He seems pretty sincere and serious about her.  I’m not sure if he’s really “ready” yet for all the commitment and family Deanna seems to want, but then, maybe he is.

And then it’s Jason’s turn for his solo date.  They are going deep sea diving with sharks.  yeah, okay Deanna, maybe Jesse, the snowboarder and daredevil is more your type after all.  Still, Jason jumps right in (quite literally).  God love him!  Then he gives her a board game he created himself, all about their dating process throughout this show.  How freakin’ romantic and sweet is that?  Seriously??  How could you not love this guy? 

This girl has a tough decision ahead of her for sure, but it just seems to me that if she’s really looking for the immediate marriage and kids thing, then Jason is the guy.  If she’s looking for adventure, and a slower process to the altar, then maybe Jesse is the guy.

And then the guys go ring shopping.  Jason is raring to go, Jesse is having a heart attack (panic attack?). 

As they are getting ready for the final decision, they each reflect on their feelings and where they are, and I’m thinking that one of these dudes is going to be CRUSHED.  It’s just a television show, right?  It’s pretty intense.  Why have I never watched any of these Bachelor/Bachelorette shows before?  I’ve been missing out.

So, then it’s time.  The last rose ceremony.  Let me be honest here…thank God for Tivo and fast forwarding through commercials, because the suspense is KILLING me.  So, as much as I’m rooting for Jason, I have this inkling of a feeling that she’s going to choose Jesse.

Jason is first up, and that only solidifies my feeling that he’s about to be given the BOOT.  Can she possibly turn this gem of a guy down?  But, she does.  SERIOUSLY? See, I knew this was coming, but SERIOUSLY?  You’re letting this guy go?  SERIOUSLY????  She’s an idiot.  That’s it, that’s all I have to say.

Oh, no wait, I have one more thing to say:  Jason?  CALL ME.  I’ll totally be your shoulder to cry on.  Where’s that commenter who said she knows Jason…girl, hook a girl up…

Seriously?  That’s just idiotic.  There are a limited number of genuine good guys left in the world, and this girl lets him get away?  That’s just wrong.

Poor Jason leaves in shock, and can you really blame the guy?  I feel for him, all joking aside, it had to come as a shock, all signs pointed to him being her choice.  Well, at least we know for sure who the next Bachelor will be, don’t we?  And no, I will NOT be signing up to go on the show.  Still, my heart broke for him a little bit tonight.  Poor guy!

So, then it’s Jesse’s turn, blah blah blah.  Oh, right, you want to know what happened?  Really?  Okay fine…Brad…uh, I mean Deanna, waits for Jesse and he arrives nervous in a way that makes me wonder if he’s really ready for what he’s about to do.  But do it he will.  Alright, fine, you’ve got to give the guy credit, his proposal was a rockstar moment.  Very sweet. 

Well folks, there you have it.  She chose the snowboarder.

But, if there are questions, there’s an “after the rose ceremony” show, so we can get some answers. 

I have a question, but it’s not one I think will be answered in that hour…How does Jesse feel knowing that she had such strong feelings for these other guys?  How does he not wonder if she’ll always wonder if she made the right choice?  Legitimate questions, right?

About the “after the rose” show…I’ll just say this:  I still love Jason, and I’m pretty sure he will be the next Bachelor, no question about it. 

That’s it, that’s all, I’m done.  I really can’t comment on any more because I’m too crushed for Jason.  I’m protesting on his behalf and ending the post right here. 😉

Good night y’all!

The Bachelorette – Wanna Have a SleepOver?

There are only three Bachelors left, and Deanna now has to decide which one is the man for her.  It is time for the “overnight dates”.  Deanna is feeling a bit heartbroken after having let Graham go last week. 

Her first date is with Jeremy, in the Bahamas.  Jeremy is feeling the pressure, because he’s falling for her, and is feeling that he needs to tell her.  Once he does, I think he pretty much seals the deal.  Is it a sign of the times that we are so cynical now that when a guy seems this perfect we automatically think it can’t be real?  He must be lying about something?  Because I really like this guy, but I keep wanting to not trust him.  It’s not fair is it?

Deanna’s second date is with Jason.  I’m already in love with him, so I don’t know how she can possibly NOT be. haha…  He’s so freakin’ cute.  So, I am not by any means a “sappy” romantic, and yet, these two together?  Are so making me want to fall in love again. 

The final date is with Jesse.  Jesse’s held back but this week, he’s all in, full steam ahead.  After this date, Deanna is pretty seriously into him, and I’m wondering how she’s going to make her mind up about which guy to send home. 

Three overnights in as many days, three romantic dates, three guys confessing their love for you…that’s quite the predicament isn’t it?

Who will she send home?  It’s time for the rose ceremony, and I have to tell you, for the first time since this show started, I have NO idea who she’s going to send home.  I don’t think it’ll be Jason, but I could be wrong.  I’m thinking it’ll be Jeremy…and I don’t know why I think this, but I do.

So, here it goes: First rose goes to Jesse. The final rose?  To Jason.  I sort of saw this coming, but I’m still kind of shocked, and I actually feel for the guy, he looks seriously hurt and heart broken.  And yet…something’s still kind of “off” about him.  What was that whole “stop the car” I need to walk around looking lovelorn thing all about?  Weird, right?

Man, this show has actually pulled me in completely.  Who knew?

Next week the final two meet her family.  In the meantime, the second hour tonight is a “tell all” with the guys.  I’m obviously not going to recap the whole thing…but a few thoughts:

Fist of all, my old college buddy Erik is there tonight…let’s see if he can talk about anything besides being Greek…we will never know, he got exactly ZERO screen time tonight.  Why was he even there?

Also, about Jeremy?  After hearing him speak there, I guess the dude really is genuine, and I’m just being way too hard on him.  Poor guy, he got his heart broken and I’m giving him a hard time.

Graham?  I kind of get him.  He’s not a bad guy, and he wasn’t being false with her, he just isn’t the type of guy to go “all in” overnight.  He just wasn’t right for the type of show this is.  You know?

Well, that’s it for tonight…next week we find out who she chooses.  I have from episode one, and continue to vote for Jason.


The Bachelorette – Meet the Relatives Edition

This week on The Bachelorette, Deanna goes home with each of the final four bachelors to meet their families.  This is the only time since my old college buddy Erik was sent packing that I wish he was still there, because I’d love to see his brother and cousin and some of his othe relatives or friends I knew back in the day.  But, besides that, there really wasn’t much more he could offer but Deanna or the show, so, I’ll just focus on the Final Four and hope Deanna doesn’t pick Jason, so I can track him down for myself.  I kid, I kid.

So, the final four are Jeremy, Jesse, Jason and Graham.  First she heads to Jesse’s world, learning to snowboard and attempting extreme sports in Colorado.  Meeting his parents goes well.  They are just as down to earth as he is, and the whole family seems like a good match for Deanna.  Seeing Jesse with his dad, talking things out was pretty cool, gave a new perspective on the guy.  I like him more now than I did before this episode, and I already liked him quite a bit.

And then it’s to Texas with Jeremy.  Riding in on a motorcycle to pick her up, and then takes her back to his place, which is a pretty nice pad.  After a trip down memory lane, through his photographs, so she can meet his parents, who are no longer alive, they share some really deep and tender moments when discussing their connection due to the loss of their mothers.  Then she gets to meet his two brothers and one sister in law.  And here’s the thing, I kind of fell a little bit for Jeremy tonight too.  All my reservations about him are sort of gone after this.

And she’s still got two more to go through.  I honestly don’t know how in the world this girl will be able to make the decision in the end, because these guys are all great catches, aren’t they?  Maybe I should go on the Bachelorette!

On to Seattle, to meet up with Jason.  How cute was he jumping up and down when he first saw her?  Then it’s time to meet his son, who he hasn’t seen himself in quite a while.  That daddy son reunion brought tears to my eyes, it was so cute!!!  As if I wasn’t already absolutely head over heels for this guy I’ve never met?  Sigh…Oh, right, this is about Deanna, not me.  So then Deanna goes to meet the parents, his brothers and sister-in-law.  Again, I thought this family was such a great fit. 

It’s funny how as I’ve watched this show, it’s gone from being merely a curiosity thing (mostly because someone I knew was in it) to being something where I actually care for this cast of characters and want the best for them.  I want Deanna to find love, I want these guys to find love, and I’m concerned for the ones who won’t be chosen too.  It’s strange, isn’t it?

And then there’s Graham.  Graham the hottie, but the one I’m least sure about of all four.  Will this visit change my mind about him as well?  Let’s head to North Carolina and see.  It’s obvious Deanna is so much more into him than he is into her.  She’s giddy and bubbly and jumpy, he’s “Graham”.   I think she may be a bit caught up in the physical attraction with him, and not seeing that he doesn’t have as much to offer in terms of a long term commitment.  But, maybe I’m being unfair.  So, they head off to meet his parents.  And in her conversation with mom, I think Deanna realizes Graham isn’t quite ready, and his parents know it too.  Then in alone time with Graham, he shuts down completely, and if that’s not all out there on the table for her, then she couldn’t ask for it more plainly.  If she doesn’t realize the uphill battle she’s going to be fighting with this guy, then she’s not nearly as smart as I thought she was.

So, then it’s decision time.  Four guys, three roses…who will she send home?  The first rose goes to Jesse.  The next to Jeremy (and I’ll tell you, I typed his name before she said it, I was that sure).  So now it’s between Jason and Graham, will she follow her libido or her brain…because come on, it’s a no brainer to me.  And Jason it is. 

Graham blew it, he had the chance, and he blew it.  And then with his goodbye, he made it even worse, I thought he was actually a little disrespectful to her.  Good riddance I say.  He couldn’t even look her in the eye, what a chump and a wimp.  See ya!  He leaves her with a letter for what?  So that she can have regrets about letting him go?  I don’t know, the whole thing just smelled bad to me.  That was a cowardly thing for him to do.  I’m mad at him for Deanna!  Really…ugh.

Okay, I’m over it now.

Next week, the guys tell all on a reunion show.





The Bachelorette Tells All

Two hours of The Bachelorette tonight.  The first hour is a sitdown with Deanna and the host, going over the stuff that’s been aired, that she felt, that she saw, and that she didn’t see.  Interesting to see what she was thinking…but I won’t be recapping the recap….I mean, really…that’s a bit of overkill, don’t you think?

I will, however, make a few comments: I really really like Jason.  I really really don’t like Sean.  AT ALL, not even a little bit.  A guy who is THAT MUCH into his own appearance…I don’t know, I’ve always had this rule about the guys I date, if they spend more time getting ready than I do, wear more jewelery than I do, use more beauty products than I do?  I’m just not feeling it.  It’s just not right.

Jeremy and Graham?  I’m still not sure about the two of them.  I think both of them are probably nice guys, but I think both of them are capable of breaking her heart.  But I think after the show tonight, and the “going home with him” portion, I like Jeremy a little bit more than I did before this.

Jesse I still love.  Twillie (or whatever his name is) I STILL DON’T GET.  I mean…at all!

Okay, now onto a recap of the second hour, where she narrows the field down to the four whose homes she will be going to, to meet their families.

So, she takes all six guys to Palm Springs for the week, and her first date is with Sean.  I may not like him, but Deanna sure seems to, so what do I know?  It did seem like a very nice date, and he was very sweet and said all the right things, so maybe I should cut the guy some slack.

Date number two is a group date, with the rest of the guys except Jeremy, but Twilly gets a ride on a helicopter alone with her first. I don’t think he made the greatest impression on that ride.  Then the four guys and Deanna go riding ATV’s in the desert.  On the ATV’s Jesse the daredevil made the best impression, Jason was a bit too straightlaced for Deanna’s taste and Twilly was in his own little world.  Then they head back to the pool to hang out and talk some more.  I don’t know about Deanna, but I fell in love just a little bit more with Jason.  Deanna, on the other hand is falling a little bit for Jesse.  She still has the hots for Graham too…but Twilly?  I think he pretty much got left in the dust on this date.

Deanna then has a one on one date with Jeremy.  I didn’t realize he’d never had a one on one date with her yet.  On this date they go to “Frank Sinatra’s house” and butcher one of his songs.  A little dancing poolside, and some romance, and I think Jeremy has sealed his position in the top four. 

So here’s my question folks, before the rose ceremony…Jeremy is a shoe-in, as is Graham, although, to be honest, I don’t she should choose him.  I think Twilly is out, so that leaves Sean, Jason and Jesse for the other two spots.  Who of those three will she send home?  Up to me, I’d say Sean, but it’s not up to me…I think it might be Jesse, because he didn’t kiss her when she was hoping he would, but it could very well be Jason, though…I’d be surprised.

Before long, it is time for the rose ceremony, and she’s got her mind made up, and is ready to go.  Who will it be then?

The first rose, no surprise goes to Jeremy.  The second, to Jason, and I did a little “yay” for him.  I just love this guy.  The third, again no surprise, to Graham.  And the final rose goes to Jesse.  And at this I am surprised, but glad, because I really think Sean would have been a bad choice for her.  I just don’t see them as a match.  And Twilly?  Well, I’ve never gotten the Twilly thing, so…you know…

So, that’s it…next week she’ll meet the families.

OH, and a little side note here, on a personal tip.  To my lovely commenter “a12”, who said she knows Jason in real life…seriously, if he doesn’t win this show (which I totally think he should)…HOOK A GIRL UP!  I’m not one to fall for people on tv, and all that silly stuff, but man if this guy hasn’t stolen a little bit of my heart! 😉



The Bachelorette – DUDE!

So, the Bachelorette has narrowed it down to the top twelve.  My old college buddy is gone, booted for his lack of a personality outside of being Greek, but hey, there are still twelve hot guys in the house, so who am I to turn off some eye candy?

This week the three guys getting to live in the mansion are Jeremy, who still reminds me of Mr. Vain aka The Bullet, so still rubs me the wrong way, the HOT AS HELL Graham, and the sweet and young Paul.

So, the solo date for tonight is Richard, the “geeky” science teacher.  Love him.  I love geeky guys.  His date with Deanna was one of those storybook moments, for Richard anyway.  Deanna didn’t seem to be feeling it that much.  She dismissed him folks, because there was “no spark”.  I feel you girl, I feel you.  When it ain’t there, it ain’t there.

Brian, Sean, Jesse, Graham, Fred, Robert, Twilly, Ron, Paul and Jeremy, are all going o a group date to a dude ranch.  Jason, the single dad, is not invited, which means he’s getting the other solo date.  But let’s get back to the Dude Ranch.  Jesse, the “wild” guy is winning major points by just being himself.  His comment about not wanting a girl who is “jesse’s girlfriend” but wants instead a girl with her own identity, kind of surprised me, but impressed me.  Nice.

Twilly still freaks me out, I don’t get it.

Ron annoyes the crap out of me…I just don’t like the guy, I think he’s sleazy.  I also think he’s going home tonight.

And Robert, the chef, has kind of rubbed me the wrong way all along too, but tonight he sort of redeemed himself a bit, just by being honest.  And sort of cute.  Like…awww cute.

And I guess Deanna agreed because she gave him a rose.

And then it was time for the one on one date with Jason, the single dad who has yet to tell Deanna he has a son.  What will she think when he tells her tonight?  Well, I don’t know how she feels about him, but I think I fell in love a little bit with him tonight, so if she kicks him to the curb, ladies?  I’m hunting him down.  Just so you know.  Tonight, however, he got a rose. (Smart girl).

The next day Deanna takes them to the Ellen Degeneres show, where she found out she would be the next Bachelorette.  I love Ellen, so this is such a fun thing to see.  Ellen really gave her some food for thought, and you could see that she genuinely cares to see Deanna find her “one”.  It was sweet!  She also gave out a rose and it was Fred, the lawyer, who was the lucky recipient this time.

So then it is time for them to hang out for a bit before the rose ceremony.  Deanna pulls Ron aside to chat with him.  And I don’t know if he thought his little “speech” about getting a case of the “Deannas” was going to win her over, but I just DON’T like him.

And I do like Jeremy.  I don’t know that I trust him 100%, but again, he reminds me of that other guy, so that could play into it…but I think I do like him.

Graham…wel, Graham is HOT.  H-O-T hot.  And obviously Deanna thinks that too, and she really likes him, even if he’s not someone who’s got a lot of experience with commitment, she’s into him.

Oh wow, and I got a little choked up when Deanna gave Jason the certificate with the Star she named after his son.  That is such a sweet touching thing.  And man, if she doesn’t pick him after this, she’s going to break his little heart.  Jason?  I’ll be here to pick it back up, you hear?  😉

So, then it was time for the rose ceremony. And she gives her first rose to Twilly.  Really?  WHY??  The next one goes to Jesse the skater boy.  Then it is Jeremy, of course.  Ryan gets the next one, I don’t really have an opinion on him either way yet.  Graham the hottie gets the next rose.  And it is down to Paul the young one, Sean, and Ron.  And Sean gets the rose, sending Paul and Ron home.  Paul never made much of an impact, and Ron, well, maybe he made too much of an impact…a negative impact.  And I still think he’s a bit of a jerk.

And there we have another week.






The Bachelorette – The first dates

It’s episode two of The Bachelorette, and the boys are moving into their digs.  Most of them are relegated to the “guesthouse” with bunk beds and an outdoor shower.  Three of them will get to live in the mansion with Deanna.

The first date takes place at a “magic show”.  All the boys are jokeying for her attention and for some alone time. 

The second date is a one on one with Graham, a day at the beach.

The third date is at Dodger Stadium, and it is in this group date that my old college buddy Eric is a part of. 

Eric?  Not talking much.  In fact, we’re about an hour into the two hour episode and I don’t think he’s said a word yet.  What a disappointment, how am I supposed to enjoy the fact that one of my old buddies is on the show if he doesn’t say a word?

Well, before we get to the roses, let’s get to some of the feelings about the guys so far.  There’s Graham, the one she went on a one on one date with, and called smokin’ hot.  I’m not quite feelin’ him as much as she is.

Jeremy is adorable but he reminds me of someone I’d rather not remember, so that works against him for me.  However, since Deanna won’t have that issue, I think he actually seems like a really good guy, and I think they could be a good match, possibly.

Eric?  I’m not at the end of the show yet, but he’s SO going home tonight.  Dude, we know you’re greek, get over it.  But then, when I knew him back then, in college, it was also always all about the Greek thing, so it’s no surprise.

Ryan is adorable, love him. 

Robert,the chef, is, in my opinion, a jackass.  He hasn’t done anything specifically bad yet, but just some of the things that have come out of his mouth so far, I think he’s a bit sleazy.

Jason, the single father, is HOT.  I love him.  If she doesn’t want him, I’ll take him.

Richard, the “geek” is a sweetheart.  Twilley bugs me for some reason, he sort of reeks used car salesman to me.

Ron got ugly real fast, getting really mad about Jeremy receiving a rose a second time in a row.  The jealousy is understandable, but getting ugly is not going to win him any pointers.  But he could still redeem himself.

Jesse, the pro-snow boarder, seems fun and laid back.  I didn’t get him at first, but he’s growing on me.  I like how real and down to earth he is.

So, then it is time for the rose ceremony, who’s going home?  Paul, Graham and Jeremy have already received roses from their dates earlier on, so not only are they safe, but they’ll be living in the mansion with Deanna for the next three days.

Also safe for another week?  Ron, who’s jealousy didn’t get the best of him yet.  Jesse, the free spirit.  Robert, the chef, who I think is sleazy.  Bryan, who I don’t really know enough about to comment on yet.  Jason, the single dad.  Fred (who?).  Sean, the martial arts guy. Richard the self-proclaimed “geek”.  And Twilley (really?).

Which means that going home tonight, are Ryan, Chris, and Eric, my old college buddy.  I told you all he wasn’t going to last.  He just didn’t have any personality, and didn’t really show her that he had anything to offer besides his Greek heritage.

Thus ends another episode.  My old friend is gone, but now I’m hooked, so I’ll keep watching and ‘ll keep re-capping.